WATCH: Focus On The Family’s Appeal To NFL Fans

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During yesterday's Broncos-Patriots NFL match, Focus On The Family ran a treacly ad in which a parade of children said:

John 3:16: For God so loved the world -- the whole world -- everyone -- anyone! -- that's a lot of people! -- that He gave His one and only son -- His only son -- that whoever believs in Him will not perish, but have life eternal. Life! Wow!

Presumably, the notable hate group chose to build its ad around John 3:16 because that's the favorite verse of Broncos quarterback and SuperChristian Tim Tebow, who famously used to write "John 3:16" in the antiglare greasepaint beneath his eyes. The PR value of the citation is questionable in light of yesterday's game, in which The Lord God Almighty -- with whom Tim Tebow likes to credit his team's victories -- abandoned the Broncos entirely. Verily, the Patriots did whip them like dogs.

Regardless, there's a petition going around at politely requesting that CBS cease airing ads by hate groups like Focus On The Family. And you can watch a detourned version of the Focus ad designed by Adam Mordecai AFTER THE JUMP ...