1. Steve says

    For god so loved the world that he created humans who couldn’t tell right from wrong and then punished them for something he knew would happen. He so loved the world that he drowned 99.9% of all life on it. He so loved the world that the only way he could think to fix it is to sacrifice himself to himself so he can appease himself to cure an invisible sickness that he placed there himself. And if you’re intelligent enough to see that this doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, he loves you so much that he will torture you for eternity in a lake of fire.

  2. Jerry says

    Oh, and on top of that, Tom Brady:
    Knocked up girlfriend Bridget Moynihan, dumped her, and took up with Gisele Bündchen, eventually marrying and knocking her up (in that order, at least).

    God loves Tom Brady more!!!

  3. Jose S says

    I don’t get this whole Tm Tebow BS… he has an ability to throw a ball… wow.

    People today are so brainwashed and zombified…

    Just ignore… the adults in the room are not interested in little kids playing ball.

  4. Tim NC says

    Is CBS the station that a few years ago refused to air the ad from the United Church of Christ because it was affirming of gay couples attending their church?

  5. Dearcomrade says

    I think it is a good move for the folks at FOTF to have a child spouting such nonsense. You get the cuteness factor that would be missing when an adult utters such BS. I’m sure she still believes in Santa as well.

  6. Aulton says

    I guess they had to do something to draw attention away from the utter trouncing served to their nooblet hero.

    I suppose the most disturbing thing about this article is that garbage like manipulating children into doing this does not faze me in the slightest. I suppose it could either be that I was one of them once (brainwashed into saying whatever the Christian fearmongers told me to say) or that such contemptible deeds from these contemptible…people are so common that they cease to be shocking.

  7. ormedic says

    So glad to see I was not alone in being deeply offended by this ad. One has to wonder how they Christian right would feel if an ad was placed by a Muslim group quoting scripture from their religious book.

    I did find it ironic that Mr. Christianity Tebow didn’t Tebow and drop to one knee after the game and than God for giving his teammates an injury free game. Makes me question how strong his faith is when he can not thank his God for both the losses and the gains.

    I do have to say I was not rooting for Denver to begin with but once this commercial aired I was definitely rooting for Tebow to lose. It was nice to see my prayers answered and I am an agnostic….lol

  8. Pete says

    Grady — It would have been much better if Brady had actually pissed all over Tebow. At least that way we would have known whether the man with the speech impediment and the loose wrists was into watersports.

  9. say what says


    every news outlet is picking up on it and showing it at least once nation wide soooooooooooooo

    who was brilliant vs who says “big deal”


  10. Javier says

    Awesome ad about one of my favorite Bible verses. Great ad that has so many people talking about Christ. It has been one of the top Trending topics on Twitter since the ad ran, and the majority of responses on Twitter have been very positive, even effusive.

  11. craig fox says

    he so loved the world that he made sure tebow won while 35,000 people starved at the same time. Somehow, I am not very impressed with such a god- – pretty pathetic.

  12. Mitch says

    Wow, looks like the bigots are doing a bit of recruiting in schools. (Interesting that they’re always accusing us of recruiting children.) The children should be protected from the haters.

  13. jack says

    Tom Brady is the greatest QB in world history. He defeated Tim Tebow and Jesus. Someone should have told Tebow that a 33 year old Jewish man would not be a great football player. Don’t tell me that you don’t believe that the creator of the billion galaxies universe isn’t interested in american football. Heathens.

  14. Courtney says

    Amusing that the Christianity peddlers think people will adopt their religion based on a group of third-graders parroting Bible verses.

    Do these Christian fundies really think the rest of the world is as simple-minded as they are?

  15. Todd says

    I think it’s a bit dangerous to start censoring people. The message of the ad isn’t hate, but the responses here are pretty hateful. Perhaps if we all tried to “get along” things might go a bit better.

  16. Aulton says

    I’m afraid that is impossible Todd. They’ve made it clear that they will accept nothing short of recriminalization, and–drawn to the logical conclusion–making it OK to torture and/or kill us again.

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