1. jamesintoronto says

    I too thought WTF at the beginning but then totally gave in to the song. I love that that the Sisters have refused to simply rehash the first album but choose instead to challenge their fans. I’m a believer.

  2. Gary says

    Made me think of Sparkle Motion from Donnie Darko too. Watched the video waiting for the payoff that never came, and the song wasn’t particularly interesting. Bummer.

  3. Thomas says

    Replace the word Shadey with Sweet, and the chorus sounds exactly like Anita Baker. Anita Baker and LMFAO mashup.

    Listened to it three times and…damn, I hate it. First time the Scissor Sisters have turned me off completely.

  4. Lee says

    That was absolutely awful. There was simply NO redeeming quality about it. The audience in the video looked just as excited as I did.

    I LOVE the Scissor Sisters. That was not anything related to them.

  5. starpeople88 says


    If it was just actual “singing” then it wouldn’t be quite as bad – but as soon as any artist “raps” they lose all credibility.

    Rap is a talentless, disease-ridden corpse that should be banned from existence.

  6. Tonic says

    Aggh! After there phenomenal previous album, this is the first time I’ve not jived with their output. Let’s hope it’s not indicative of the entire album’s trajectory.

  7. Bob says

    this is kiddy porn. I love Scissor Sisters and raised my kids on ’em. But this video is just plain wrong. Did you run this by your lawyers before publishing it?

  8. RandySF says

    @STARPEOPLE88: Rap is not a talentless artform. It’s, in fact, incredibly challenging to do well and there are quite a few amazing rap and hip-hop artists out there.

    This isn’t a particularly good rap song, though.

  9. James says

    I LOVED IT! A bit disappointed with the video – especially with the exceptional videos that were made for the singles from Night Work. I can’t wait to get Shady Love on iTunes or Amazon!

  10. says

    I haven’t my mind up yet whether this song is made out of desperation to get some chart hit or out of creativity to create something fresh and different. It should have been a Jake solo project rather because I have no idea what contribution Babydaddy, Del and Ana have made in this thing. But it is sort of authentic, just remember the fabulous MAKING LADIES in which Jake raps, or ELECTROBIX. Well, I reckon this will be a dismal flop, and they will return to Elton for their next single.

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