1. Connor says

    Beautiful sentiments from a beautiful man but obviously not shocking news to anyone. For those requiring stars officially come out, box is checked off, they can now all sleep better at night and adore him like the rest of the world.

  2. Rowan says


    I HATE gay men! He was OUT!!!!! Hello, what planet do people live on??

    Anyway, I knew he’d do it this way. Not via the press which he hates but via one of his charitable events.

  3. HadenoughBS says

    Congrats to Matt for outting himself “his way”. Perhaps we can all sleep more soundly at night unless….let’s see….who’s next on the “is-s/he-or-isn’t s/he” celebrity outting list? Pass me another Xanax, please! :)

  4. Rowan says

    @ CONNOR

    Exactly. What I love is that these a$$holes will NEVER admit that they got it wrong when they insinuated he would do it when he was finished in his career.

    I may be wrong but he’s doing at the PINNACLE of his career.

    What will bully David E do???!!

  5. Tarc says

    @Rowan – No, Bomwer was NOT out. Everyone has seen him with his partner and their kids for a couple years now, but he refused to discuss his personal life (which is fine, and he’s been quoted as saying he’s felt responsible for the jobs of everyone at White Collar). With all the insane fundy BS in the US right now, trying to avoid controversy was admirable, in it’s own way. But now Bomer is officially out, and we can all move on. Three cheers to Bomer and his family!

  6. anon says

    This might help his TV career. I guess his current role has leading man potential for romantic situations, but it’s really a classic cop buddy show with a Beverly Hills Cop twist. As such, it not particularly sexed up.

  7. Connor says

    @Rowan: with signing his 3rd movie deal with a big director in 9 months we are just seeing the beginning of his real career which will be in film, his talent wasted on tv. David is a joke, now he can just chase Cooper.

  8. QJ201 says

    @Rowan. I don’t hate gay men like you do. I feel sorry for gay men like you that take their disapproval of one gay man’s behavior and then turn it into some self hating diatribe.

  9. Rowan says

    Oh please QJ201

    You know what I mean. Of course I am generalising but I won’t lie that I don’t loathe the kind of gay of Queerty and here who are so aggressively mean to certain gay celebs who they deem not out but give nasty mean Diva’s a pass or blatant closeted gay guys like Gyllenhaal some hero status.

    The relentless bullying of Bomer was depressing and spiteful. The irony was that none of you even liked the guy NOR knew anything about him, yet out you were assuming why he was doing what he was doing. Crazy.


    I don’t want to argue with your point but I am curious on what evidence you are basing that on? YOUR opinion or actually a little bit of research on fangurl sites like Tumblr and Twitter? Because I am not basing this on my opinion but on social media sites frequented by girls.

    NO ONE bar straight guys see White Collar as a buddy show. It might be but every other second on Twitter is filled with ‘Oh my god, his eyes in WC! He’s so HOT! Take me Bomer! Why are gay!!? What a waste! Sex on legs! Man of my dreams! Sexiest man alive!’

    Lol, a bunch of 18 year old girls or housewives are hardly sitting there watching WC and thinking ‘oh was a good buddy cup show and that man is rather sweet looking’…

    Oh don’t get me started on the shipping! Alex & Neal, Neal & Sara.

    Dude you really don’t understand how women work huh? ūüėČ

  10. Matt26 says

    Good for him.
    @Tac, saw the partner and the kids, he was out. WE can ALL move on means you can move on, because I didn’t need these official announcement.

  11. Rowan says

    One typical Twitter post…

    Faith Moaven
    Nooooo matt bomer why are you gay. You are too attractive. #mylifeisdone”

  12. irisgirl says

    I’m glad that he found the right forum for officially coming out. From everything I’ve read and seen, he is a beautiful, talented man, devoted to his family and many charitable causes. I hope the world embraces him even more now, and that more closeted gay celebrities who would really like to live openly but are rightfully scared, might find the confidence to follow in Matt’s footsteps!

  13. A says

    Please, no, don’t think his fans are bothered about him being gay. We aren’t. And neither this is news to us. The speech brought a lot of happiness to a lot of fans.

    Yes, the “why is he gay” is always there but not see that as the majority and assume it’s how all his female fans feel, because it’s not true.

    Most of us love Matt and his family and don’t care if he is gay or straight. Also, even if he is gay, he is still hot for us, one thing has nothing to do with the other.

  14. Hue-Man says

    “The actor shares three kids with his partner, Simon Halls.” What a grotesque description of a family! Can you imagine if someone said “Rick Santorum shares seven kids with his partner, Mrs. Rick.” Silence of the Lambs anyone?

    As a fan, I can say I enjoy watching him on-screen and applaud the charitable work he has done for the LGBT community. On his personal life, I can only wish him the best and ignore whatever comes out of the publicity mill.

  15. Rowan says


    I know that most are really nice but there are some who refuse to watch WC because he is gay. But you are right that they are in the minority.

  16. Rowan says

    This is pretty rude…

    Matt bomer from white collar is gay… I think ima be sick… #comeonson”

  17. Deej says

    Oh my god, you people. He’s always been out, he just never made a big deal about it or splashed it on a People cover like some have. This is a good example of why he keeps his private life private: He was given an awesome award for all his charity work and all anybody can talk about is that he’s gay, something anyone that can google already knew. Being gay isn’t what defines him or his life, gay is simply a different way of loving.

  18. David in Houston says

    When people say “He was already out.” Do they mean to the internet savvy gay community, or the general public. Because I don’t recall him EVER mentioning his husband on The Today Show, or Regis and Kelly when he guest hosted. At least be honest about it. He WAS living life as a gay man, but he was never out publicly. Ask 100 straight people if they knew that Matt was gay, and I’m guessing only a few would have known that.

    Even here he didn’t say partner or husband. As far as I know (if I weren’t internet savvy), Matt just mentioned his four children. In any case, I’m glad he’s gotten to the point where he can be open about his life. Now we all can put our focus back on Anderson Cooper.

  19. poof says

    He said his beautiful family, Simon, Kit, Walker and Henry not his partner Simon and children Kit, Walker and Henry. Did he really out himself?

  20. Steve says

    The “glass closet” thing is really ridiculous about Hollywood. There are tons of actors and actresses who are out behind the scenes with everyone around them knowing. But they are told that their career will be damaged once they go public.

  21. SG says

    From the article: “Matt Bomer, who has up till now lived in a glass closet (most industry people knew)…”

    Most industry people knew, along with all of his remotely serious fans, and anyone who bothered to google him. This was no big secret.

    That said, he’s handled his gradual coming out in the classy way with which he lives his life. I expect he’ll mention his husband in an interview or two this year now – and probably address being gay directly when he talks about “The Normal Heart” – but I’m sure he hopes not to be defined by his gayness.

    As a big fan of his, I also hope the roles he’s offered won’t be limited by this, but I am immensely proud of him.

  22. Rowan says


    Who is Simon? His pet dog?! Sheez! Man has issuessss!!

    He’s out now, Twitter’s gone crazy and all news blogs are reporting it! Doh! And to think he was thanking his pet rabbit Simon, as a partner, along as well as his three children!

  23. Rowan says


    But he publicly mentioned that his three kids were Kit, Walker and Henry….on the Today show.

    Was he lying publicly and added a fourth, Simon?

    Okay David.

    You must be such a hoot to go for a drink with. Bitter party of one.

  24. anon says

    His agent is going to land him roles that fit his career prospects. He has those dreamy leading man looks but his major TV role has one aspect that they’ll look at above all others: ratings. The primary audience for leading man action movies is teenage boys. RomComs are somewhat of an iffy genre right now. Superhero roles need superstars to fill them. Aptow style rude comedies require comedic talent and usually feature shlubby guys. Where does he fit?

  25. Rowan says


    Well he is doing an bullying event in 2 days…so…

    Like I’ve said before. This has been the most calculated coming out, supported and helped by his husband, super publicist extra-ordinaire.

  26. Erik says

    This was very reminiscent of when Jodie Foster thanked Sydney at an event that gets no television press and has little impact outside of the gay community. It’s not like he brought them to the Emmy Awards and introduced them on the red carpet. As Poof said, he lumped his partner in with his children as his ‘family.’

    Yes, he is eeking himself out publicly, which is great. But sometimes we live in our own gay bubble where information that may be common knowledge to us isn’t for the population at large.

    With The Normal Heart and the Prop 8 play, Bomer is making a very clear move in the direction of being more visibly open and I think that’s worth applauding, for sure.

  27. Steve says

    Well, he has proven that he can play the flirtatious ladies’ man despite being gay.

    Ironically, in the “White Collar” pilot he flirts with a lesbian character and is disappointed that she isn’t in available

  28. Rin says


    first…there are as many gay guys who secretly wish for a straight guy to be gay as girls/women who wish outwardly and secretly for a gay guy to be straight. Just like people “wish” married men/women were unmarried. It is the allure of the intangible.

    second…those are unfortunately the breaks to being an entertainer and the constraints. People want what they want and will pay to get it. They want skinny, beautiful women and strong, straight seeming men. Women must diet until they are malnurished and must have lip injections and hair extensions, men must not only be straight but unmarried and with washboard abs or else they lose their appeal in Hollyweird.

    No one is forcing people to choose go into acting–especially television and movie acting where the constraints on your individuality and life are so severe. I really believe that anyone who wants to make it in Tinseltown must sell their soul in the process or else limit how powerful they will become.

    Neil Patrick Harris found his balance. There are women who know he’s gay and accept him as a lead because there’s that “wink” and mischief, that knowing he’s gay but asking you to come along for the ride.

    And they do.

    His comfortability with himself shines through and is sexy across the board…like TJs. No one here has actually seen him but everyone wants to marry him.

    Stars like Jake Gyllanhal –this is wrong to say because no one knows for sure never having seen him have sex with a guy–but he is closeted and this lends an air of suspicion.

    Brad Pitt, Tatum Channing, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downy Jr. These men are stars, heartthrobs to straight women…because they are married and fulfill this dream that some women have by seeing them with their wives and children and imagining them in Angie’s place. They fulfill the fantasy, ergo they will buy tickets.

    Women by and large go see Rom Coms or Epic romances and want a level of suspension of disbelief just as men see action movies and need the same. No one wants to see an Action star who spends the rest of his year lookling like he could blow over with a strong gust of wind. I don’t like Tom Cruise, but I can see where straight guys like him because he feeds them the idea that he’s capable of doing the same stuff behind the scenes.

    This is why I like what Leo DiCaprio had to say about not being seen in Hollywood and staying private. It enables people to just see you in a role without knowing you’re a hot mess (ala Lohan) and only thinking about that while you’re on screen.

    Hollywood actors need to be a blank slate or give up being a star and settling for that middle ground…and there’s nothing wrong with the middle ground–look what it did for Neil Patrick Harris’s and Portia di Rossi.

    I applaud Matt Bomer taking that step, accepting what it might cost him…that right there is integrity. He is saying, my family is more important than money.

    Bravo. Bravo.

  29. Clem says

    The news is now on the front page of the Huffington Post and it’s all over Yahoo too. You really can’t say it’s just gay people who are in the know.

  30. Chuck Mielke says

    Ever since Rudolph Valentino there’s been the just-below-the-surface prejudice that men in theater/movies were gay (part jealousy at their exaggerated masculinity and prominence, part derision at their use of make-up and constume). Really, it would be better for more sports figures to come out, along with politicians, clergy, and business moguls.

  31. Rowan says

    Andrew W

    That he would buck down to warped pressure from mental gay media and community by deciding to publicly talk about being gay, at a charitable event.

    Well, that’s a lie.

    Jodie Forster DID NOT have social media. This has been trending on twitter for hours.

    Lastly, this was NOT a gay event. And the Desert people spent most of eve tweeting hot pics of Bomer to his straight fan gurls.

    You live in a bubble if you think ANY gay blog reports about Bomer. They don’t. Toweleroad NEVER does. Neither does Queerty.

    In fact Simon and Bomer hodted the Family Equality Council dinner this saturday as well. It’s for gay familes.

    Where is Andy’s blog post about this?

    So trust. As a fan of Bomer. You guys know NOTHING about him. I get all my news from straight blogs, so get off your high horse, the gay community know nothing about the guy nor have they ever supported him.


    Well, I know people who have hooked up with him….the problem is, unless you’re an ass, you don’t take pictures, esp if you are also partying with them. You will get ousted from the group.

    You can gossip among friends but you don’t blab to the media.

    Trust, it’s really easy to meet or catch these guys if you a) Live in a major b) Like partying.

    I’ve done both.

  32. Natalie Alicia Norment says

    Frankly, I care about Matt Boemer’s happiness. I would rather he never be worried about what others would say about him instead of letting his fear of losing his jobs get the best of him. Then again, Hollywood tends to be a bit difficult to understand these days. In my opinion, gay men and women have the right to be happy with themselves and of course they have the right to marry and be as miserable as straight married couples do anyway. I am a result of what my mom tried to teach me about life, shame I couldn’t say the same thing about my father who doesn’t really accept the gays as a whole. I wish he did.

    Reality check, we are all part of God’s divine plan. So why hate the gays and lesbians at all? We are special because we seek the best in ourselves. Frankly, I want to try my hand at writing an GLBT story because I want to.

  33. Nat says

    “Ask 100 straight people if they knew that Matt was gay, and I’m guessing only a few would have known that.”

    I would first ask 100 straight people if they even knew who Matt Bomer was. I never registered him until the blogosphere started harping on him.

  34. Rowan says

    I really didn’t know Bomer from gay blogs.

    It was straight news. Texas Chainsaw Massacre anyone? HOT.

  35. Paul R says

    I cannot believe that people are criticizing him for outing himself. No wonder most of my friends are straight. He’s a great guy. What do you want of him?

  36. Gregv says

    @DavidInHouston and @Poof:
    I agree with you two. I would have no idea from that speech whether he is gay, straight or bi without having background info about who these people he named are. Kit could be his FEMALE partner for all I know. Simon could be his Bassett Hound. Jodie Foster’s “beautiful Sydney” could be her favorite city in Australia or her male publicist or her son or her husband for all the viewers know.
    When Jane Lynch thanks “my wife Lara,” there’s no ambiguity.

    @HueMan: I disagree that the description is “grotesque.”. Let’s try:
    “Barack Obama shares two daughters with his partner Michelle.”. Sounds more or less reasonable to me.
    I’d agree though that the wording in the press does, unfortunately, tend to get adjusted around gay people’s families to sound a little less like family. To say that “he and his husband are raising three kids” sounds more clear and conventional.

  37. Connor says

    It’s is all over the media. It is done, he is out. Anyone still debating likely has an axe to grind or just can’t get beyond how he seems to do it all so perfectly.

  38. nope says

    @Rowan–“You live in a bubble if you think ANY gay blog reports about Bomer. They don’t. Toweleroad NEVER does.”

    If you want evidence that Rowan doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about just click on Bomer’s name in yellow underneath the post above.

    There are 13 Towleroad articles posted on Matt Bomer. So if Rowan equates NEVER with 13 times…. he needs some help with math.

  39. Lynda says

    @GregV: But the speech wasn’t made for you, nor was it made for the press. He made that speech in a room full of people there to honor him and others for their charity work. He attended the event WITH his husband. Everyone there would have known exactly who he was referring to. What do you need, show and tell??

  40. SG says

    To the people complaining that he didn’t specifically use the words “my husband” in his speech, neither he nor Simon are stupid. They knew exactly what the result of him mentioning Simon by name on that stage would be: the avalanche of articles that we are now seeing confirming that Matt is gay.

    There was no attempt to “hide” anything, he was just giving his speech in a natural, non-showy way, but with the knowledge that he was outing himself to anyone not already privy to the information.

    Class, people. Get some.

  41. Mike says

    Wait. It’s not official unless he throws a big parade with 100 drag queens & at least 50 go go boys. Or gets on a national magazine cover read by the mainstream. Because THAT is the only acceptable way for anyone to come out. And yes, I am being sarcastic.

  42. ratbastard says

    That a very good looking Hollywood actor is gay is Earth shattering how? He works and lives in a rarefied world and he has numerous big advantages aside from his sexuality. I don’t hate Mr. Bomer, but am a lot more impressed when someone in a more humble and average life situation [especially those who don’t fir a stereotype] ‘come out’.

  43. Gregv says

    “What do you need, show and tell?”

    I don’t know what you mean asking what I “need.”. Keep in mind, I didn’t judge what he should or shouldn’t have said.
    If you mean what would I need in order to know that someone is referring to their spouse when they say thanks to a list of names? I’d need them to tell me who the names refer to.
    There were 1500 people there and I don’t know why you’d think everyone would know which family member matches which name. I’ve been to weddings with a tenth as many people and didn’t know who the Best Man was thanking when he said something like: “Thanks to Jo, Pat and Ali.” would those be his three frat brothers? His three daughters? His step-dad, step-mother and his boyfriend?
    In a crowd as big as 1500 at a charity event, I think it’s naive to think everyone could match random names with the people they refer to.

    I’ve seen people use the technique (using no pronouns or a list of names without being specific or specifically a partner’s name when the gender of the name is not gender-specific) when someone wants to stay “vague” and not come out to anyone who doesn’t know, and I’ve even used it myself at times.
    I don’t consider this speech to be anything like a coming out. If he followed it up with s detailed interview in which he talks for the first time about who Simon is (I’m not clear on whether that happened) then THAT interview would be his coming out to the public.

  44. Michael says

    Pathetic. Squibb he came out implies he was in the closet which he was not. Since when did being out mean you have to carry a gay flag around with you? Maybe his orientation and personal life is NOYFB.

    EVERYONE knew he was gay. IMHO, coming out means you’ve been either in denial or were in the closet which he was neither.

  45. uffda says

    I love watching him even more now that I Know he’s gay. Same reason a woman enjoys watching a male actor whom she knows is straight. It means that either tomorrow or in a parallel universe I could someday meet a man like that and live happily ever after. Thus his appeal is a comfort as I take pleasure in his company.

  46. TJ says

    Never good enough for the some. But good enough for me. He’s done more than have many. It’s his life, and his timetable. If you don’t understand that very simple and fundamental concept, I don’t know what else to say.

  47. says

    Perfect. That’s the way it should be — no big deal about his “partner,” just an acknowledgement of how important his family is to his life and his work.

  48. Rowan says

    @ Nope

    WOW 13 articles! Now YOU go to Just Jared or better still, and actually see how many articles are around about him. Go on. You can do it…

    Considering if Darren Criss so much as farts, the gay blogs are all over that asap.

    Did Andy even post the Elvis GQ photoshoot? I think not. Rest. My. Case.

  49. Joe says

    Well he’s got his hewishaca. yes! he wish a carrot inserted in his rear orifice, i won’t see the series no more.

  50. TJ says

    GREGV – please google “Matt Bomer gay.” See how many current news articles talk about his coming out. He may have avoided a pronoun or otherwise did not use specific enough language to satisfy you, but the message is out there, loud, proud, and clear.

    JOE – no great loss. In fact, it is likely you are the type of person one reads about after the discovery of your years-rotted corpse.

  51. Really? says

    I cannot believe people are even still debating this. He’s out, move on! He’s such a wonderful guy to have on our team and now offically so, please embrace him and all of his great charity work that seems lost in the debate.

  52. Rowan says

    Nice guy!

    “Liz D. @urstruly_bebet Reply Retweet Favorite ¬∑ Open
    Matt Bomer is a cutie indeed @DesirexBoobskey. Sucks he is gay yuck”

  53. Tez Anderson says

    Good for you, Mr. Bomer! Thank you for your honesty. You have a beautiful voice and now it can be fully celebrated. I hope other closeted celebrities follow your lead.

  54. jack says

    The single most important thing that any LGBT person can do for the cause of equal rights and responsibilities for all is to come OUT. It is even more helpful when talented celebrities like Matt Bomer come OUT.

  55. Shawn says

    I think he just didn’t want his career defined by his sexuality. He never denied it just brushed the question away. Look at Chad Allen and tell me he was wrong to obfuscate his sexuality.