1. Gus says

    In their private lives many Republicans don’t care, in the political life they have to be anti-gay…even the rich ones. Read the party platform Ms McCain. Your husband does.

  2. say what says

    I think she honestly belives that because she and the $ elites (the minority) of the repubs have no real contact with the vast majority of their party/ base/ foot soldiers for the 1%

  3. LiamB says

    And yet, the bulk of voting Republicans keep electing vociferously antigay people while ignoring the progay choices. Maybe all those progay Rebulicans need to get out and vote more.

  4. The Realist says

    Could we please stop portraying Cindy and meghan as “gay supportive”. As long as they defend and support a party and candidates that aren’t even “pretending” to be for “some” human rights, they cannot claim to advocate equality for LGBT.

    Appearing in a white t-shirt with duct tape on your mouth does not make you an advocate.

  5. Michaelandfred says

    Well, technically she is correct. Without the media we wouldn’t know about even a tenth of the republican party’s obsession to deny us equality…Do they live most of the year on a totally different planet than real, thinking people? I couldn’t actually hear her whole interview because I was watching her husband on tv reruns blasting the repeal of DADT and reading about the republican house defending DOMA, southern politicians trying to re criminalize gay sex….. Damn that media for bringing us the news!!

  6. Paul R says

    I’ve always thought that she was mildly nuts and that’s why she was medicated and largely hidden from the 2008 campaign. She should ditch his sorry self and become the liberal that she and her daughter have clearly become. She’s the one with the money, after all.

  7. Chadd says

    The Republican Party is not anti-gay?? LOLOLOL

    There are admittedly a few Republicans that are not anti-gay (I’ve even met a few), but the bulk of the Vocal Voting Republicans ARE anti-gay and no amount of duct tape and white t-shirts can change that.

    I suppose she thinks that her husbands staunch support of DADT was not “anti-gay” but was “pro-military”. Deluded!!

  8. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    So the media, by quoting GOPers, is painting the picture that Republicans are anti-gay?

    Um, folks, if you hadn’t slung the sh*t in the first place, no one would have been able to record it and play it back.

    Stop blaming others for your own bigotry. Own it and fix it.

  9. Stephen says

    She doesn’t live in the same Arizona I live in. The state legislature here gives the words “full of nuts” a whole new meaning. They are anti-gay, racist, anti-education, anti-woman.

  10. Jim says

    Has she read the official Republican platforms in the last few elections? Has she heard the current Republican candidates speak about gay issues? She’s in denial, or completely out of touch.

  11. John Normile says

    Whenever there’s an equality vote, usually ALL Republicans vote against…. What the hell is she trying to say here, they love us but in a secret kind of way?

  12. Matt says

    Oh my. I didn’t know that if you asked questions and got truthful answers, you were maliciously painting an untrue image of a party. Yes, we’ll all try harder to cover up that nasty little inconvenient part for you. No, it’s okay, you can reinstate DADT, and bring back sodomy laws, and tell us we can’t work anywhere of rent anyplace or buy a home just because we’re queers, and OF COURSE that doesn’t make you anti-gay.

    My god, Republicans act like those in the 1600s, trying to keep the serfs ignorant so that they may continue their reign supreme.
    This solidifies the fact that Cindy McCain is certainly no friend to us.

  13. says

    Yes, when I think of progressive political agendas, I think Arizona. D’oh!

    Did anyone take her seriously when she stumbled into the NOH8 campaign to sell America on the idea that a “McCain White House” would not be entirely anti-gay? I sure hope not.

    We already have all the proof we need of what a crackpot she is by virtue of standing behind THAT man. Dumb ass.

  14. Disgusted American says

    Hey Cindy – maybe you should inform your old codger know- the one with loads of money – thats been living OFF the Gov’t Teet since the late 60’s…..and WHy are you and your family getting 100% FREE TAX PAYER FUNDED A+++ HEALTH CARE when you have millions $$$?

  15. Bart says

    Cindy, dear heart, did you actually watch ANY of the Republican debates. Did you hear ANY of the statements by Rick Santorum. Michelle Bachmann (and her twinkie, self-loathing husband), Rick Perry, and on and on and on? Do you not read anything?

    To blame the media for the message of the Republican party is so gut bustingly hilarious, it makes you look completely out of touch and quite honestly, stupid.

    But I’d issue Ms. McCain this challenge, if what she’s saying is true, then she and all those many Republicans that are gay-friendly should get busy and stick one — just one — candidate up for national office that will actually say that. I would like Ms. McCain to march into the evanglical meetings and tell them that they are not real Republicans, that they are haters and do not represent the views of most Republicans.

    Now of course, we know this won’t happen because, well it’s simply not true. But if it’s true, Ms. McCain then you and the rest of the silent Republicans who do nothing to truly counter the hateful, bigotted statements made by REPUBLICAN LEADERS reminds me of the people that remained silent while the Jews were carted off in Nazi Germany. And you are just as guilty.

  16. candideinnc says

    The constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in North Carolina has been supported unanimously by the Rethugs here. She thinks we misunderstand the homophobic character of the GOOPERs? She is delusional!

  17. Rick says

    Totally predictable responses that miss her point entirely.

    The point is that there is a very vocal homophobic minority within the Republican Party in the form of the Religious Right–who are also very vocal when it comes to abortion, school prayer, and other issues. And because they are very vocal and because they tend to be very intense in their views, they tend to be the foot soldiers of Republican campaigns…..and for this reason, the Republican leadership has to cater to them, even though a large proportion of that leadership does not share their extremist views and wishes they would just go away. The fact that they virtually never get any of their issues legislated on favorably just demonstrates that the Republican Establishment tends to view them as a group to give lip service to come election time and then ignore when it comes to real substance.

    This small group has driven the Republican Party much father to the right than it otherwise would be–and opinion polls demonstrate that with regard to gay rights issues, with a majority of rank-and-file Republicans favoring anti-discrimination laws–a majority were in favor of DADT repeal and a surprisingly large minority are even in favor of same-sex marriage, especially those in the Northeast and on the West Coast… fact they are more in favor of gay rights percentage-wise than some core Democratic constituencies such as blacks.

    The Democratic Party has had the same problem with elements of its base that push the party much father leftward than the rank-and-file or the Establishment would like for it to be on many issues. A good example of this is its constant support of affirmative action programs that are hugely unpopular with the public (every time they have been on the ballot in blue states like California, Washington, and Michigan, they have lost by wide margins)….because they don’t want to alienate black voters…..even though continuing to favor them has cost the party enormous support with many middle-class whites…..which is why the Republican Party manages to remain viable despite its attachment to the economic elite at the expense of the middle class.

    I realize that this kind of nuance is way beyond most of the people who will read this, but I always think intelligent analysis is useful, so there it is.

    A party’s official positions do not always reflect what the majority of its members really think.

  18. TJ says

    Pitiful creature of Darkness,
    What kind of life have you known?
    God give me courage to show you
    You are not alone…

    Nah, you’re totally alone.
    RICK – STILL, reliably, inexorably, an IDIOT!

  19. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I swear, Rick, if you have such contempt for the people who post here, why do you spend so much time here? It is a rare post of yours that doesn’t bash the intellect or awareness of other posters.

    If what you and Cindy claim is true, that a very vocal minority has hijacked the Republican Party, specifically in regards to gay rights, then the silent, complacent majority is complicit for allowing it to occur.

  20. sara says

    Ok Rick, got it. If only Democrats hated blacks as much as you did, all would be right with the world & they’d attract that better class of white people. What a bigot!

    What nuance? Who cares if Repubs are nice to gay people in the privacy of their home. It’s what legislature they support that counts. The Don’t Say Gay Laws, the fighting to keep discriminating against LGBT laws, the vetoes against marriage equality (Christie) are very much enacted by Repubs. Stop being so clueless.

  21. MikeH says

    Well, the fricken media NEVER EVER asks the followup question… which is Why then does the GOP continuously block equality legislation? Why is they House GOP paying for a lawyer to defend DOMA when the President and the Justice Department say it is unconstitutional?

  22. MikeH says

    @Sara … good point. @Scott… There is a difference to what Clinton did vs. the GOP. Clinton approached things from a strategic point of view with the goal of equality. If you take the time to examine his record in it’s entirety and the effects of what he did, you’ll see that. If the GOP had it’s way we would all be living in a theocracy.

  23. TJ says

    I stand corrected. RICK is not alone. He has SCOTT. Because what people think in private is so much more important than what they DO, which is to vote FOR candidates who vote FOR discrimination and inequality. They elect people who oppose anti-bullying legislation. They elect people who promote anti-equality legislation. They elect people who won’t let gay people adopt.

    I could go on and on, but it would be a waste of my time. RICK and SCOTT are in their walk-in closet, playing dress-up in gladiator costumes while putting their hands over their ears and shouting, “LALALALALALALA!”

  24. Scott says

    So it’s ok if a politician passes legislation which violates your civil rights if it is part of a cryptic master plan to advance our rights? My opinion is all politicians will do whatever it takes to get elected and then do what it take to keep their jobs. Obama in 1996 was for gay marriage, then to get elected in 2008 was for civil unions because of his religious beliefs, now to get reelected his position is “evolving.”. Who knows what he really believes. You can’t trust a politician!

  25. Rick says

    “… There is a difference to what Clinton did vs. the GOP. Clinton approached things from a strategic point of view with the goal of equality”

    No, actually he just stuck his finger up in the air to see which way the political wind was blowing and decided his position accordingly……as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both have done when it comes to same-sex marriage. They are about political expediency rather than principle, much as their GOP counterparts are.

  26. Alex says

    TX GOP platform bans sodomy and criminalizes gay marriage – other states also awful. Last (2008) National GOP platform says gay military service is “incompatible”, calls for a(nother) constitutional amendment against gay marriage, and opposes any mention of sexual orientation in non-discrimination laws.

  27. TJ says

    SCOTT – I know, right? Thanks for the acknowledgement!

    >He probably doesn’t know RICK’s history here. Or maybe he truly is a fan! In which case, the snark stays.<

  28. Alex says

    Scott, Yes – I was upset and continue to be with President Clinton regarding DOMA. I think DADT was an ill-conceived measure with the intent of progress, DOMA was strategic but just toward being re-elected – a shameful chapter in Democratic politics. However, it is tough to argue that gay rights are more likely to be advanced under GOP leadership.

  29. Rick says

    @TJ Actually, how people conduct themselves in their behavior towards others matters far more than passing laws that are either unenforceable or irrelevant.

    It is so ludicrous how so many of you have become so obsessed with the passage of legislation as the key to progress when it really is nothing but a side show.

    The real key to social change lies in changing the culture and people’s attitudes….and those are changing, not because laws are being passed, but because men are beginning to realize at long last that their natural bonds are with each other, not with women. That cultural change will render the whole idea of “gay” meaningless within a generation.

    Of course, the hard-core effeminate “gay” such as yourself is deeply threatened by this, since it will ultimately make obsolete your little niche of pink triangles, rainbow flags, Lady Gaga videos and the objectification of men….but that’s just too bad.

    Time marches on and progress is occurring, mostly outside the political realm.

  30. Scott says

    I truly do not understand why being unsatisfied with either party is such a horrible thing. I prefer a libertarian view where social issues are not a concern. Less government is the answer. I also believe name calling is not necessary and counter productive.

  31. Scott says

    Alex. I agree with you. I just wish each candidate were judged by their views and actions, not just by their political party. There are bad actors in each party.

  32. TJ says

    Passing laws banning marriage equality is unenforceable and irrevalent? Oh, goodie! My partner and I will run down to get the marriage license today! Whoops! Wait – Prop 8. Reading all of the anti-gay republican posts on his work’s listserv from people he works side by side with days before that election and the panic attack it caused my partner – so unnececessary, because in their hearts, they’re really pro-gay and really didn’t mean to write that homosexuality was an abomination akin to beastiality and pedophilia (that’s one of the milder things they openly wrote).

    Sigh. Sadly, still an idiot.

  33. Rick says

    @TJ By your own admission, the only reason you want “marriage” to be legalized is so that your relationship will be acknowledged as legitimate by the majority of the population–

    In other words, you want society to approve of you.

    But the nullification of Prop 8 will not accomplish that, any more than any law ever will.

    And society is never going to approve of the culture of effeminacy that you seem to advocate. It WILL ultimately decide that love and sex between men is legitimate, but as an extension of masculinity and masculine values, not as a rejection of them.

    And that is the only battle that I think really matters in the long run.

  34. TJ says

    Attitudes follow behavior (and vice versa). When one must behave, changing one’s attitude just makes things easier. Rights shouldn’t depend on waiting for attitudes to change before expecting fair and just behavior.

  35. says

    well, then she’s not very bright.

    you cant’ blame the media for INFORMING the populace about the continuing legacy of anti-gay prejudice and bigotry that are, let’s be honest, the GOP’s best tool.

    the GOP counts on anti-gay bigotry. without it they’d be forced to prove that they have no job creation plans whatsoever.

  36. says

    guys, just ignore rock and his MANY aliases.

    he’s one more black-hating, “i wish i wasn’t gay” coward who comes on here every day to vent his anger because he’s still leading a Closeted Existence in the non-internet world.

    every day, another chance for him to explain how much he hates “effeminate gays” – all because his own father resented having him for a son.

    it’s tired, it’s trite, it’s obvious, IGNORE HIM.

    if you wanna challenge him, ask him for the URL to his own page or video where he SHOWS the strong empowered masculine example he claims to live.

    truly. try it.

  37. Rich says

    Erin seemed reluctant to suggest anything to challenge Cindy’s delusion, as if she was embarrassed to even ask. What, did Cindy’s publicist have approval over the list of questions? Way to hit ’em hard CNN! What a joke! I can only hope there was some sort of follow-up after the clip cut off.

  38. says

    RICK – prove what a “real man” you are – post the URL to your own page/video where you show this manly-example of a Gay Role Model you claim to be.

    truly. you’re here every day complaining about “femme guys” – time to put up or shut; you are what you claim? prove it, wimp.


  39. Ricco says

    And who does Cindy McCain think is behind all the referendums putting marriage equality on the ballots every time a state legalizes gay marriage through their respective legislatures . . . the democrats?

    There would be nothing for the media to report if the GOP was not constantly opposing bills intended to establish the same rights to gay American’s as straight marriages,and if the GOP, them selves, were not so proactive in submitting bills such as “Don’t Say Gay” and too many other to numerate here.

  40. GeorgeM says

    Wait is Rick and Rich different people??

    I think it was Rick who said this, if not sorry
    You said the majority of rank and file republicans support anti discrimination laws and the repeal of DADT. You are talking about everyday people like you and me and Not the republicans that vote, right??

    The majority of voters continue to put anti gay politicians in congress. I also blame them. Both sides. If what cindy said is true when is the party going to tell the vocal few to STFU? Why doesnt she say it. They continue to allow themselves to be pulled along with these a$$ holes. Tea party is really messing them up and the libertarians will never have enough pull to do anything. The dems have it to, we have anti gay local dems voting against us all the time. If we go by the number of votes, by pro gay republicans on DADT or hate crimes law it’s not very many, but we’ll take it with a thank you!!! I would have been ok if they got rid of all protections including religion, but that will never happen…I got in to it with my brother not to long ago. He’s liking mittens, him and I are going to have a problem if he voted that way. I can feel it…

    Scott I trust the president, it’s your right not to.

    You have every right to believe that masculine men will “save” the day. The problem is that it’s not going to happen. Our community (one you said you helped fight for) is about our right to be us. We can’t start dropping groups because people don’t like them. If we as a community fault a group because of the way they are, we are No better then our oppressors. The scale of masculinity is not new and it runs in the str8 community as well.
    Bottom line Rick, it’s not going to change, repeating it isn’t going to change minds. I think you said it before, it’s about us making connections and building relationships, that’s what’s going to change minds. We all have a part in that, you and me.

  41. mododavidmododavid says

    You stupid stupid person. The why did you pose for the No Hate campaign in favor of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, then after speaking to your husband (or after he ordered you to retract your position) you flip-flopped. WTF? THAT IS ANTI-GAY, YOU STUPID STUPID FOOL!!! And since both you and your husband are from arizona, then arizona retardlicans are ANTI-GAY LIKE THE PEOPLE THEY ELECT TO REPRESENT THEM!!! DUH!!!

  42. RyanInSacto says

    Rick constantly makes the assertion that masculinity is somehow the key to societal acceptance of homosexuality. However, as this is an empirical assertion, it requires empirical proof. For example, Rick could perhaps point us to a peer-reviewed study that shows that people are more accepting of male homosexual couples who are masculine and less accepting of male homosexual couples who are feminine. However, he has not – and cannot – point us to such empirical support of his claim because such support does not exist. The dude is into masculine dudes, has a thing against effeminate dudes, and thinks that these two pieces of information somehow prove that the key to equality is masculinity. I suggest that he deserves our pity – look at the mental maze he has constructed for himself. Would anyone actually want to live in there??

  43. says

    Cindy, dear delusional Cindy. It is not the media that portrays Republicans as anti-gay, it is the Republicans themselves via their public statements, policy positions, and their voting records. You can’t make voting records ex-anti-gay; they are what they are.

    And it’s no surprise that no legislative progress on gay rights has EVER been made via a Republican majority or that Boehner & his rabidly anti-gay brethren have jumped in to defend DOMA now that Obama’s DOJ is siding with the gay folks or that a central feature of the Repub presidential nominee fight has been to see if they can out anti-gay each other.

    If anything, the media gives right-wing homophobia a pass too often and is too lazy or ignorant to challenge the John McCains of the world. Cindy may honestly wish that her husband and his colleagues were less anti-gay, but wishes don’t make it so.

  44. GeorgeM says

    This is from the new civil right movement, it’s a blog that started after prop 8. I get highlights everyday.

    The fact is that Mrs. McCain is flat-out wrong. In May of last year, Gallup found a majority, 53% of Americans supported same-sex marriage equality. 69% of Democrats support equality but only 28% of Republicans. The poll also found a substantial increase in support among Democrats ferom just one year earlier, when 56% of Democrats supported marriage equality, and no change whatsoever in Republican support

  45. GeorgeM says

    Ahh another outspoken republican, VA governor states gays not good parents, should always be last with adoption.

    “Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, fresh from his transvaginal ultrasound pre-abortion mandate battle, now is turning hid attention to marriage equality, gay rights, and the ability to gay parents to properly raise children. McDonnell, as seen in this video below, says that gay parents threaten the ability of their children to achieve the American dream, and that only straight parents can give children the right start in life. McDonnell, whose words sound remarkably like those of Maggie Gallagher, claims that most of the data he’s read from both sides support his false information, bigotry and ignorance”

    Igor Volsky at Think Progress reports, “when O’Malley responded by suggesting that the well-being of children informed his own evolution towards marriage equality — ‘we concluded that it was not right and not just that the children of gay parents should homes that are protected in a lesser way under the law than other children,’ he said — McDonnell remained unconvinced, insisting that gays and lesbians make worse parents than heterosexual couples and should thus be the last to adopt children.”

    Ok Cindy here you go, take him down!!

  46. Armando says

    When a person starts off by saying that some gay people are more valuable than others, it’s hard to believe anything else they say. I’m not effeminate, but it would be a mistake to believe that I am more than anyone who is. If you believe that most republicans are in favor of equal rights, then they are cowards for letting a minority speak for them.

  47. Boone68 says

    The Respect for Marriage Act, which would repeal DOMA, has zero Republican supporters in the Senate and only one of 435 Republicans in the House of Representatives. In all the states that have passed marriage equality laws, the number of Republican supporters can be counted on two hands. As a whole, they look anti-gay because the ARE anti-gay. How is the media responsible for this?!

  48. FunMe says

    OMG she’s a mess! What’s up with that hair?

    Guess the gay hairdressers aren’t taking anymore. She probably thinks she looks good … but then again those “dolls” keep her in cloud nine instead of reality.

    What a Stepford wife!

  49. FunMe says

    OK, this post was ruined. I kept paging down every time I saw the name of the TROLL or whatever he is. I always ignore but this time it was hard since many were responding to that TROLL (I didn’t even read what he or she said)

  50. Boone68 says

    Rick, you make some reasonable points but then you lose all credibility by insulting people’s intelligence, many of whom are likely more intelligent than you. While it is true that “times are a changing” and even Republican attitudes regarding gay rights legislation are opening up, the fact remains that politics are lagging behind public opinion. Contrary to the impression that you assert with your public policy link, the majority of Republicans in the US do not support equality under the law. Equality in your neighborhood may be another matter, and if your Republican neighbors smile at you as you leave home in the morning and you define that as equality, well then goodie for you. That is not the experience of most people. For me, and many others, this issue is simple. My government does not treat me equally UNDER THE LAW, and it is absolutely the REPUBLICAN party that stands in the way. Just my un-nuanced, uneducated and inexperienced opinion (as a gay, married, father of three).

  51. Peter M. says

    Cindy is right, of course the GOP isn’t anti-gay. They LOVE gay people, don’t you know? They just don’t think that they deserve the same rights than everybody else.

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