1. Paul R says

    So, two gay guys and stuffed animals. Never seen that before.

    A major reason I got a massive dog. I got too good at winning bizarre stuffed animals from the “raise the animal” claw arcade game at a bar. It became embarrassing to have 40 stuffed animals in a spare room. Instead we got The Beast and she destroyed them in minutes. Then their heads were posted on the kitchen corner. Scout’s Wall of Terror. It amused only us.

  2. says

    Hubba Hubba. I love them both. I watch Anderson every day and won’t miss this upcoming show just to catch a glimpse of the two together.

    Eventually Anderson is going to have to break down and admit to being gay. He is such a prominent personality now and has been able to avoid any reference to his own lifestyle for quite some time. All it is going to take is one Courtney Cox, Elton John or Barney Frank to ask him bluntly when a guest on the show. I wonder if they sign an agreement prior to an appearance on his show NOT to ask or mention Andy’s personal life or if these guests are just being kind by not outing him.

    I’m one of those people who doesn’t believe in hiding in the closet out of fear or embarassment. If you’re gay, you are gay. Admit it and get on with life.

  3. ChadSF says

    That photo of Adam Levine covered with all those stuffed animals is making my imagination run wild today. Waking up next to Adam Levine naked in bed covered with all that stuffed animals. I uncover him under all those stuffed animals and find the real animal. Okay, break’s over. 😉

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