1. says

    It is good to see more and more gay country singers come out to the world. Country singers have, for the longest time, been seen as redneck Republicans or right wingers. I have no idea what his political leanings are but assume, because he is openly gay, that they are fair and promote equality for all. Nice video.

  2. uffda says

    Never heard of this man before and now I admire him. Those who have not included Canada in their lives (BC and Alberta for me) are missing more than can be told, our own Little Kiwi knows for sure.

    Of course by Kiwi’s own strenuous and unrelenting preachments Drake Jenson can only be found acceptable if he loves drag shows, goes to all the pride parades, and is politically active. Since he seems awfully macho though he probably has serious issues around never having had the respect or love of his father. …rrrright!

  3. Xavi says

    What an amazing man, with such a beautiful heart. I had never heard of him, but I can say he has won a fan in me!

    I am thrilled to learn artists in the country music genre are coming out and expressing their full lives with their work.

  4. Talisman says

    I’m going to go against the grain a bit, but I can take the heat (I’m wearing asbestos pants).

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the attempt and sentiment behind the song, and I think this video is worthwhile. But my reaction to it is tepid.

    The primary issues I have are:
    1) The song just doesn’t really feel personal. It’s just standard country fare: take a “hook” (in this case, the metaphor of going on a visit) and turn it into allegory for love/relationship.

    2) The ending of the video is a big let down. If you didn’t know the two guys were married, the video certainly didn’t give you much of a clue – for all the reaction, they could have been long-lost brothers or friends meeting up. There was nothing that screamed that these two guys were in love.

    Now, I understand that it has been ingrained in men of a certain age (including my generation, and I’m 41) to avoid displaying affection outside their community of friends and family. But I also think that if you want to make a statement – make a big statement. The video didn’t have to end with a porn shoot, but a tepid, friendly hug? No matter how much Drake lit up, there just wasn’t enough to support the “it gets better” message.

    It’s a positive step, but Drake just needs to put himself out there more to make it more than a baby step.

  5. Dback says

    Best music video I’ve seen on this site in quite awhile–musically lovely, strong lyrics, professional-level video quality. Winner all around. (Yeah, OK, he could’ve carried his partner over the threshold at the end, but I like the quiet dignity and message nonetheless.)

  6. SeanR says

    Nicely done video. Talisman: give credit where it’s due ffs,nobody thinks asbestos pants are sexy, and don’t analyse *everything* ad infinitum, this is a good thing!

  7. Kenny says

    Has a wonderful heart bravo.I only hope more can be honest with themselves.I really wish country music stars would get over offending their bigoted fanbase also.For instance ive read that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are very gay supportive and gay friendly yet you never see anything about either of them in that area.So in all honesty unless there is proof these are just assumptions period.

  8. Regan DuCasse says

    I love country music! I’m going to look up this guy’s lexicon and download his recordings. kd lang was one of Canada’s first out internationally popular entertainers. I LOVE her!

    I still can’t get over the kind of willful stupidity and fearmongering that keeps gay teens from reaching their full potential.
    With all the talented gay people out there, writers…artists, sports stars…the list goes on.
    But most important of all, gay people have waged their defense of themselves, lives and loves extraordinarily without violence.
    Even when any one of the tenderest of their number is brutally murdered, the response is compassion, reaching out, due process of law.
    I can see so easily that God expects his children to be strong ALLIES together. So much could be accomplished were that so.

  9. Shelly says

    This was so sweet, made my eyes well up.Both from his bravery and because of the poor little boy that took his own life.

    I was brought up in the church, the dancing is a sin and anything with a drum beat is the devil music kind of church. To give you an idea of where I come from. I’m 42.

    I’ve come a long way over the years in my beliefs, I’ve come to change my thinking over a lot of issues. I was force fed so many things I’m STILL sifting through what are my own beliefs and what I was brain washed into believing.

    When I was in my 30’s I pretty much stopped going to church, and I went a couple times a week up until then, When I took one of my friends from work who was interested in joining a church with me one Sunday.
    The church I was going to was much more liberal and larger (about 700 people)than the one i grew up in.

    They liked to put forth that we love and accept everyone, we’re all children of God, hate the sin but love the sinner….

    Oh… unless your gay, then your not welcome.

    My friend was gay, open about it if asked, but not flaming obvious. But from the looks I got he may as well have been a baby raper.

    The church was normally very friendly and open about hugging and saying hello, to people you didn’t know and of course to people you did know.
    I got totally froze out that day, and those of you in the church know what I mean.

    That day was the end of me putting up with organized religion. So much for Love. Not only was my friend not welcomed as a person, but it came to be obvious to me that he never would be and that they didn’t even want gay people there to “save” at all.

    One of the assistant pastors was banging half his sunday school class, but that was forgivable and forgiven because the ones he was banging were women I guess.

    Now here I am a mom of 2 boys, one 6 and one 16. Last year my 16 year old told me he liked boys as well as girls and that he kissed a boy.

    What made me feel good and was so sweet was that he didn’t even think twice about telling me about it. He asked me what I thought his step dad and his dad would say but he never worried about me.
    His Dad and Step Dad (my husband) had no problem with it btw.

    What is kind of a problem is that my son is so innocent in a way and not afraid of being who he is, he was very taken aback when I warned him that he may want to hold off chatting with my parents about it until he has a boyfriend he wants them to meet. My mom would for sure preach at him and tell him he’s going to go to hell, and would be disgusted by him. My poor little baby didn’t have a clue it could be like that.

    I did tell him to be careful at school, because I don’t want him to get the crap kicked out of him. I told him he better tell me immediately if there is a problem so I can go make waves in the school office and I’ll pay some Senior(s)to protect him at school.

    It makes me cry to think of boys like Jamie suffering and alone and dying just because of who they love.

  10. TJ says

    SHELLY – While it’s way too late to adopt you as my mom, I’m glad your sons have you. Advice to be careful is very wise. As idealistic as young people can be, they may not always have all the tools to fight for their point of view, especially at school, where others might not yet have developed the tools to understand. There is a reason why we don’t send children into battle. It is up to adults to guide, help, fight the good fight, and protect when necessary. No more sacrificial lambs.

    Sending you a cyber hug…

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