Mark Ruffalo’s ‘The Incredible Hulk’ Makes His Debut: Photo


Here's the first motion-capture shot of Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk in Joss Whedon's upcoming The Avengers.

In a discussion last April about his prodigious chest hair, Mark Ruffalo said of his role as the Hulk:

"No one’s asked me to shave my chest yet, thank God. They want this Hulk to be as close to me as possible. I’ll be playing him in motion-capture, so this Hulk will just be a bigger avatar version of me. As they’re modeling him, they’re using many of my own features, down to my scars and wrinkles. He will have body hair, but I don’t know to what extent."

Can't see much there, so it looks like Hulk got waxed!

(more Avengers shots at Screen Rant)


  1. Stefan says

    I can get behind the idea of the character as a human (it’s just a Jekyll and Hyde riff, more or less), and think Ruffalo will probably portray Bruce Banner well. But, Hulk is more or less a green bodybuilder in cutoffs. I think the problem with making him seem real has always been less about CGI and more about him being a protagonist who basically seems insane or constipated.

  2. Brad says

    Oh God not this CRAP again. They rehash this every decade or so, it flops and then they wonder why. It’s never been an interesting story or character. Leave it in the comics of our youth and move on. And for goodness sake, can’t these entertainment creatives come up with something NEW?!

  3. InscrutableTed says

    Hmmm, I like Mark Ruffalo’s concept of the character better than what we ended up with. It’d be neat to see a Hulk that had normal-guy proportions, but just greener (or greyer) and bigger.

  4. jaragon says

    This is the third time they have tried to do a big screen Hulk- the first with Eric Bana was depressing, the second with Ed Norton was bit better but still bombed- now we get this- for some reason a CGI Hulk does not work.

  5. JAMES says

    I love a man with hair, even lots of hair. And I don’t like a shaven man… but a hairy Hulk would just be weird. Hulk should have little to no hair.

  6. says

    Looks way overdone, the whole Hollywood can only go MORE rather than finesse. Wish it weren’t Ruffalo getting this shameful treatment. I should watch Kids Are Alright now to get this image out of my brain.