1. metroptomist says

    This is sweet, but why, during what seems to be such an important conversation, is he standing there with his nose buried in his phone the entire time she is talking to him? Rude.

  2. MikeBoston says

    Can’t anything remain private anymore?

    If I was the mother, I’d be pissed for two reasons: that my son hid a camera to film what should have been a very private conversation; and that my bonehead son couldn’t stop checking messages during what should have been a very private conversation.

  3. Wes says

    Hate to be a downer on a video with such a nice message, but can that guy PLEASE stop touching his phone while you’re having a life-changing moment with your mother? I would slap that kid.

  4. K says

    In any other situation, the phone thing would be unforgivable. But he was nervous! It’s less intimidating when you’re not making eye contact. I was holding an entire bag, ready to leave.

  5. Grench says

    Hey, this guy has an awesome mother. Show some respect by putting the phone down. I realize it’s a nervous tick, but maybe the video will make him self-aware enough to ditch the device during a heartfelt conversation. As for the video itself… no qualms as long as his mother was fine with him posting it.

  6. says

    I agree that texting during one of the most important conversations of your life is poor form. And zero points for the “might be bi” cop-out.

    The best part, though, is when she insists that “it’s a choice” but she’s talking about his being stubborn.

  7. Jay Hollon says

    I agree with “K’. When I came out to my dad, I looked at him maybe once, my eyes were fixated on the floor, on his shoes, tapping away as he asked horrendous questions like, “Are you the pitcher or the catcher”. Nervousness is all he was feeling.

    And I agree with Mom, I to think it would be great that we didn’t have to just “announce” it. Parents should just expect that their child will eventually find a partner and think nothing of the gender of that partner.

    Sigh, wishful thinking?

  8. Paul in Charleston says

    Forget the prejudice he may face as a gay teen…PUT DOWN THE DAMN PHONE when you are having a face to face conversation with another person. So he was nervous and apprehensive, texting was rude, period! I sincerely hope this kid reads many, many comments like this so that he can understand just how impolite it is to constantly check your phone like that. To paraphrase Judge Judy..Are you the important CEO of a big company making sure your multi-billion dollar business doesn’t go bust while you have an eight minute conversation with your mother? There was NOTHING so important that could not have waited 8 minutes.

  9. Joey says

    Funny video… Boy just announces it…. Mom who has shown she is way too inquisitive and talkative even before he announces… goes on and on… boy spaces out and turns to his phone… as he does whenever she starts yakking… LOL I can relate. Although the posing seems a bit of a set-up

  10. Dan says

    This is a super video of a mother who is truely trying to reach out to her son and accept him. Either I am too old to get the whole texting thing or this guy is just too nervous not to be texting. I hope this guy really loves his mother…she is a great parent that I would have loved to have had support me in such a huge step.

  11. Michaelandfred says

    Get over the phone bit people, he’s a teen and nervous. Why not Dis his pacing or sweating or mumbling? He wasn’t texting, just fiddling with his phone because he was scared as hell. Jesus, a beautiful moment, one that can be shared by millions of scared teens worried about their parents and you all go on and on….. Put the claws back in. If it wasn’t a phone it would be a pencil or a spoon or anything else to hand in the kitchen.

    Amazing, heart warming video and an amazing mom!

  12. Paul R says

    OK, so I came out to my mother and she asked if I wanted her to tell me father. I said no, but I waited 3 days and she ended up doing so. I was putting on eyeliner one night before going to a club in DC (I was 17) and he said, We have something to talk about. And he knew that I was going to a gay bar because I was an idiot and the year before had asked him how to get to the Pride parade. Not by name, but by address. Then I had a car and went to the same gay bar (Tracks!) that I’d been going to since I was 13. And I somehow thought it would be a secret.

    Anyway. He’s not a moron and figured it out quickly. But I would never broadcast such moments.

  13. JD says

    Well that covered alot of emotions! The beginning was funny the way he cleaned the house so she thought something was wrong. Her reaction brought tears to my eyes, so supportive. But then she went on-and-on too much, and while I think he was totally disrespectful with the texting, I can see why he was tuning her out! lol

    That said, I am concerned about the boy – he seems scared and unhappy. He needed another hug from mom. I hope this is the start of better days for him.

  14. AJ says

    Teens are like this. They mumble and fiddle with their phones. He was hanging on her every word. And I loved the bit about how “Stubbornness is a choice.”. She’s a great mom with such a pure heart.

  15. Kevin says

    I don’t understand why there’s so many people complaining that this is a private moment that shouldn’t be broadcast. Every gay or lesbian who considers themselves out to everyone has gone through this step. By sharing this step with the world, he’s sharing it with a lot of kids and adults who haven’t yet found the courage to come out. Witnessing this can only be a good thing for them. (And stop texting!)

  16. Bob says

    This is like Scream 4. What an obnoxious, fame hungry kid. Of course he didn’t get a real job. It’s a generation of kids who don’t want to actually work. They just want YouTube fame. How can he be on his phone texting? WHAT A trashy narcissist.

  17. Mitch says

    I’m laughing at the texting comments. Soooo out of touch with the kids today. A teenager wouldn’t stop texting if his life depended on it and asking them to do so would be equivalent to shaking your walker at them and yelling about your lawn … in short you sound like old coots!

    Great video and a cute Mom!!

  18. Pedigru says

    The mom went on and on because the kid didn’t show any interest in the impact of this conversation. The kid could have either stopped his mother by actually talking to her, telling her he was aware of every point she was making or whatever.

    This was more of an ‘event’ for youtube views then a serious thing. Sadly, it worked. His channel will blow up with views and comments, be them hateful or supportive. So the kid, who shows such little respect for his mother and for the entire coming-out process gets rewarded for being a tool.

  19. Marko says

    Dude, your mom is being so progressive and listening to your hard content. At least TRY to LIMIT your texting. Just be with her. I’m sure she’d like to have your UNDIVIDED attention as she so generously gave it to you. How would you have felt if she was listening while putting groceries away, or cleaning the kitchen or cooking? She stopped and was just WITH you. Try to be with her too. She’s an awesome Mom.

  20. NorthoftheBorder says

    so many haters. He’s a teen. Kids today have phones when they’re 5. They grow up texting. Its the new normal. he’s a lucky guy to have a mom who realizes that being gay has challenges and accepts her son for who he is and is proud of him.

    Have to say.. when I came out to my folks.. it was the first time I’d hugged my father in 10 years. All he said to me was that it didn’t make a difference, that I was still his son and that he loved me no matter what and only wanted me to be happy.

    We should all be so lucky to have parents this supportive and understanding.

  21. good4them says

    This is why he is on his phone, per his video description on Youtube. “Also, I know I am on my phone the whole time. My phone is my comfort blanket. I literally cannot put it down when I’m anxious. I do not mean any disrespect to the content or conversation.”

  22. Bart says

    You guys, he’s just a teenager. Give him a break. You think you were perfect when (if) you came out to your parents when you were that young?

    My only thing is, the mother is talking really loud like she knows she’s being filmed, and she keeps looking at the camera. Did he tell her he was filming? If so it seems like that would effect her reaction, especially if she knows he posts his videos on YouTube. And if not, how is that even possible? She doesn’t know there is something different in the kitchen right where she keeps looking?

  23. JD says

    If you check out the boys youtube links, he has a ton of fashion and beauty tip videos. Amusing how the mom mentioned knowing he was gay after she saw his yt videos. LOL

  24. kathy says

    I agree-why didn’t this kid stand still at SOME point and why didn’t he ditch the stupid texting? Couldn’t he have just stood there with his arms folded or something? SO disappointing. He goes to all this trouble, only to barely look his Mom in the face for more than a few seconds and his big brave moment? Muttering, “I’m gay” nearly under his breath? Then the big bang cop out, that he’s “Bi”.
    I know how scary it is to tell your Mom, I did it too. For the love of God, fella…grow up and grow a set.

  25. says

    Yeah , individually for me too.

    It was death by a thousand cuts.

    This kid was doing his best, and whether his best was holding the Pass at Thermopylae
    or just being shy and scared and texting, doesn’t matter.
    It’s him, his life, his effort.
    I think he is brave and the times and place he lives in have helped him.So bon voyage, it’s going to be a long journey.

  26. says

    I get how people could think this is “over sharing” and I don’t necessarily agree with that, but here’s how I see it:

    1. This was a very positive coming out experience which could help other young, gay teens in similar situations. Mark my words, this video will probably help more than one kid come out to their parent(s).

    2. Maybe rolling the camera was how he was able to force himself to go and do it. I can’t say how long I waited to “come out,” when I knew I was gay and felt ready before I could feel good enough about the situations and circumstances to actually go out and do it.

    Eventually, my way of dealing with that … shall we say, stage fright? … was to just write a darn letter to my Mom and diary post on Myspace for friends (ah, Myspace…).

    I could see how someone in this generation would feel the similarly about youtube as I did Myspace or snail mail.

    3. Being a gay teen, never mind a teen, isn’t easy and sometimes our “friends” at that age (or any age) these days are often people we know and chat with online. So, in a lot of ways, this is sharing something intimate with his friends as much as it’s “over sharing.” Having friends at school or work or anything like that is great, but when those aren’t always available, having them on youtube, or social networks or online games is a horrible alternative, especially when sometimes — especially under anonymous handles — it can be easier to be open about yourself in those circumstances.

    So, yeah… it’s over sharing, but that over sharing helps people (including the poster) and is happening within the context of new communities that leave us little choice but to over share, if we want to be a part of them. I don’t think we should have any problem with it and, moreover, this is neither the first nor the last time we’ll see something like this posted again.

    It’s a new frontier we’re living in, gentlemen. We’re just going to have to living in a smaller, bigger world.

  27. says

    Whoops — a couple of typos in that above.

    Just wanted to correct two of them. In the beginning, I meant to say how I could see it as over sharing, not that I disagreed with that. Over sharing is just a part of our culture now.

    The second typo I wanted to correct was toward the end. I said, “Having friends at school or work or anything like that is great, but when those aren’t always available, having them on youtube, or social networks or online games is a horrible alternative.”

    I meant to say it *isn’t* a horrible alternative.

  28. ratbastard says

    Nice kid, nice, decent mom.

    Some stuff should be private. We’re as a society getting too third person voyeuristic.

    Put away the damn phone, make eye contact, fully engage with the person you’re having a serious conversation with.

  29. Charles Lemos says

    Daniel is a lucky guy and I’m not quite sure he realizes how lucky he is to have a mom like that. She’s right about Daniel being stubborn too. He’s a kid still and that’s evident in his inability to focus. Nonetheless, one comes away happy for both of them and wishes them much happiness.

  30. jeff says

    I don’t get why people are on him on being on his phone. I laughed when I told my sister, it was a defense mechanism. I’m sure it was his to be on his phone. It was hard to look at people’s eyes directly for me because I didn’t really know what they would say or do. Give him a break. He filmed this because he has a youtube channel, I’m sure this will give at least one guy/girl the courage to come out. When I decided to come out, I watch many youtube videos about coming out.

  31. Paul R says

    Umm, it’s not like he’s 13. He’s 18 or 19. And his mother clearly knew already, as she states. This seems likely to have been staged and done for promotion.

  32. Mike says

    This was a very touching video. And while it would be better if he wasn’t playing with his phone I understand that. This is one of the most difficult things a gay person will ever have to do. At least it is for most, and it was for me. I tried telling my mom for a month before I could finally say “I’m gay.” I tried to have her guess what I wanted to say but that didn’t work. It’s very awkward and scary and I get that’s why he was playing with the phone.

  33. ThomT says

    If ever there was a time to put down your phone this would certainly seem to qualify. Maybe I’m just pissed because I just paid $130 for a theatre ticket only to have the show interrupted by some jackass whose phone not only rang four times but he answered it in addition to making two additional calls. People there is life beyond your freakin’ cellphone – honest.

  34. I wont grow up says

    Is it just me or does this feel fake and staged. It’s cute and touching, but it’s just something in her tone of voice that doesn’t sound right.
    In addition, she had to know, come on guys, look at him, he was hit by a BIG gay stick.

  35. Mike says

    That kid needs to lift his nose out of that damned phone and learn to have a normal conversation that’s respectful to the other parties.

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