1. Strepsi says

    This is the kind of case that will win equality for us.

    This woman has given service to her country, has been recognized as superior in service by her peers and the government, has unblemished record and character, and is LEGALLY married — the Federal government does not have a leg to stand on in discriminating against her. Period.

    Good luck Tracey and Maggie! May you live long… and prosper.

  2. arch says

    Strange isn’t it that the rich white men who can send a gay black woman to fight their illegal wars for them disown her when she stops being convenient – oh, I forgot it isn’t strange at all…remind me, what were Bush, Cheney et al doing when they were going to be drafted in the 60s? Oh yes dodging.

    Good luck lady. Make them listen, even if they have no honour or shame.

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