1. John says

    I thought it was hysterical, I was actually singing along with him. It also brought be back to those days when I got drunk and did stupid things (most of us have had them) but thank sweet Jebus, it was way before video

  2. Jacki says

    Yeah – just give Queen/Adam another venue and get it happening!!! A shame the organisers of Sonisphere bungled their management of it but another door opens I’m sure. In fact, I think Queen’s keyboard player posted that very phrase on his FB today LOL. Great pic of Adam BTW! That drunk vid LMAO – how he know all the words when he’s so drunk?

  3. RedRoseQueen1 says

    LOL! Umm…..I don’t think Lambert has anything to fear from this guy…as long as he doesn’t attempt to sing backup! ;D
    Brian and Roger will find a way to make it happen! I can’t wait! o/

  4. Ducky says

    Sorry to all the Lambert fans, but I think Queen should drop him and just put in Marc Martel. Lambert does not have the vocal capacity to do any of the traditional Queen songs justice.

  5. Terry says

    Do you know Marc Martel? At all? I have known him for years and the only thing about your comment I can agree with is that he is a Christian. But I’ve got news for you. We are not all anti-gay bigots. Some of us actually do what Jesus told us to do.

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