1. Pete n SFO says

    I suspect we’ll see your headline revised to something like, “Drunken Idiot ruins everyone’s night; fighting, resisting arrest, public intoxication”

  2. Artie says

    This d-bag assaulted 5 people? And read between the lines – he thought he was taking *his coat? Translation: he was stealing someone else’s coat. Sounds like a loser to me.

  3. travshad says

    @Pete in SFO – Bouncers don’t have the power to arrest you (other than so-called “citizen arrests”). You only have to comply with lawful orders given by actual sworn police officers. Bouncers have no right to punch anyone.

    The bouncers are obvisously in the wrong, regardless of what they are claiming the victim did in the club.

  4. AJ says

    This is hardly the Rodney King video. If he assaulted five people in a public place he’s lucky he wasn’t ripped to pieces. I don’t see this as the bouncers were just looking to beat someone up. Sorry.

  5. SpunkyBunks says

    These blogs need to stop reporting every drunken asshat beating as a legitimate gay bashing. How come these “gay bashings” never happen to sober people? These things happen when you are drunk and stupid!

  6. Trib says

    Drunk, gay, guilty or not — that bouncer is clearly causing deliberate and unnecessary pain. The guy on the ground was NOT struggling, yet the bouncer decides to punch him a few times anyway — presumably just for kicks. THAT’S the abhorrent part, and should be to anyone watching, regardless of if the guy on the ground is a jerk or not.

  7. MarkUs says

    If you fight with a bouncer look for him to fight back. That little scamp! I’m sure after targeting 5 gays in a gay club he was the perfect gentleman when racing out with a stolen jacket.

  8. DanSwon says

    um…not a gay bashing. he hit him because he wouldn’t stop moving about. might not be “right” but if he stole a coat and then went nuts on people he needs to be brought to some kind of justice

  9. Trib says

    Dawnswon, I’m glad you live in a world where you think violence against people who are “moving about” is justified to be delivered as rightful “justice” by any lughead with a set of biceps rather than by a trained and accountable peace officer.

  10. Hollywood, CA says

    To those not familiar, Voyeur is a straight nightclub right at the beginning of BOYS TOWN in West Hollywood, across from very popular gay bar FUBAR. The area is very gay and gay friendly, and even though it’s a straight bar, they don’t bother the gays at all.

    And, having worked as a bouncer at both gay and straight bars, I can tell you that drunk aholes have no restrictions on sexuality. Bouncers don’t like to deal with drunks, it’s the worst part of their jobs, especially in a litigious city like Los Angeles. My best guess is this guy was asked to leave and didn’t, and may have done something where they needed to hold him until the police arrived. Especially if he was fighting with 5 people, and my rule of thumb is if they ask you to leave twice and you stay, don’t be surprised when you get your ass kicked.

    However, bouncers also can’t hit you because they’re pissed and that’s what the punch to the face seemed like. It looked like the bouncer was frustrated and just wanted the guy to comply, so he cracked him across the jaw which is a No-No. Now, no matter what the guy did, it’s a wash because the bouncer is on camera punching him while the guy is on the ground with his hands behind his back.

    As a bouncer, you’re not only paid to keep the peace, but they pay you lots of money to KEEP YOUR COOL. No matter how drunk they aholes get…

  11. Hollywood, CA says

    Ahhh, I finally had a chance to read everything, that wasn’t a Voyeur bouncer at all, it was Fubar bouncer. That guys is awesome, straight but very kind to everyone at Fubar. I have seen him break up a couple of fights and haul out drunks, but never pissed off or ugly. He’s a good guy, so I will wait to hear the entire story. Fubar is a fantastic bar and they go to great lengths to make sure everyone who comes there has a good time free of idiots and troublemakers. I hope it all works out.

  12. Zlick says

    Yep, doesn’t matter if the bouncer is a great guy; there’s video of him breaking the law and committing flat-out assault. He and Fubar are going to be sued, and I don’t believe the guy on the ground is an innocent victim – but there’s no video of him assaulting 5 guys in the bar, and there is one of the bouncer just beating on him while he’s on the ground with his hands behind his back.

    It’s about time that every bouncer, security guard and police officer starts to act as if they were being videotaped at all times, since they are, just about half the time – and don’t know which half. Sheesh.

  13. Trib says

    Yup. What Zlick said. (Just because Chris Brown was a “good entertainer” doesn’t mean he gets a free pass on assaulting someone. Same goes here and everywhere.)

    @Hollywood: You’ve never seen that bouncer pissed off or acting ugly? Watch the video above and change your statement.

  14. just_a_guy says

    I’m with Zlick. Fubar bouncer here f****d up, crossed the line, and deserves the penalties for that.

    If I owned or ran Fubar, I’d probably fire the bouncer, and make sure other bouncers are better trained and know the rules.

    And if a straight Fubar bouncer called a drunk patron, however out of line, a “c*cks*cker” or any other anti-gay epithet, I know I’m staying away from there for the time being. For normal patrons as well as those messed up like the patron in the video, WeHo is supposed to be a gay haven, not an employment site for gay-loathing straight fok.

    C’mon, fubar; grow a pair.

  15. just_a_guy says

    And even if this particular bouncer has been known as gay-friendly, if he’s used those epithets and struck this out-of-line patron already in a tough spot as shown, he has now PROVEN otherwise.

    Am I missing something?

  16. just_a_guy says

    @Jack. No, it’s not.

    Gay people are still a minority, even in the City of West Hollywood.,_California

    Hate crimes against gay people are still common even in West Hollywood.

    Thing is, West Hollywood is really just a more openly gay-friendly neighborhood of Los Angeles, a city known for it’s entertainment biz that targets the flyover gay-hating states. The entertainment biz packs in people who say they are ok with gay people, but then tend to avoid supporting gay causes, gay rights, coming out, or really allowing or supporting an environment in which their colleagues can more easily come out without harm to their careers.

    West Hollywood being West Hollywood, though, gay slurs spoken here seem a bit more inherently offensive to me, ya know. EVEN HERE, dang.

    C’mon, gay-loathing straight folk in L.A.: GET A CLUE! –And don’t imagine that gay people will or should simply forgive you for a hateful core that you protect as your birthright despite the fact that you KNOW better.

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