1. Jeff Kurtti says

    He’s really a terrible interviewer–she keeps going off-topic, he never brings her back to his OWN question. Karger is even worse. STAY ON THE TOPIC!!

  2. Mickey says

    Not sure why almost everyone who interviews her goes so soft. Roberts should have followed up because her excuses are contrary to what is exposed in the released documents.

    It was odd to see her downplay the power of Nom. Her attitude and demeanor was off. She seemed way less sure of herself than usual and if the proper follow-up questions had been asked I think she could have been destroyed. Why Roberts allowed her to get off so easy is very disappointing.

  3. Scott Rose says

    Thomas Roberts was too easy on the bigot sow. The documents describe goals of driving wedges between minority populations, but Gagginwhore here says “oh, those divisions existed anyway.”

  4. Richard says

    What a sad little… muppet? is that what she’s going for? Body language and all her sociopragmatic/pragmalinguistic cues just yell out “LIE”! As we say in the South, “bless her heart!”

  5. says

    I’ve yet to see an interview with any of these folks that actually goes for the jugular.

    We see people hosting “anti-gay Christians”, the “we think homosexuality is a sin” thing comes up and no interviewer ever follows it with a theologically-based question of UTTER RELEVANCE such as “well, do you believe it’s a sin to be Jewish? if you believe these gay people are sinful, what do you believe happened to all the Jewish victims of the Holocaust?”

    incendiary? better believe it. and relevant.

    If people are so proud of their anti-gay stances I’d love to see them attempt to evade the reality of everything else their “faith” encompasses.

    I’d love for someone to ask Maggie, on camera, what she feels about this culture of anti-gay prejudice, and how the anti-marriage-Equality community are contributing to it.
    I’d love for someone to ask her “Do you believe, Maggie, that if your own son was gay he’d feel safe enough about it to tell you? Do you think your work against LGBT-Equality and the gay community is something that would give your own child the idea that you have a negative opinion of gay people?”

    let’s see her claw her way outta that

  6. Third base says

    It bothers me that Roberts did not zero in precisely on the term “non-cognitive,” and ask her, “Is ‘non-cognitive’ NOM’s market?”

    Not surprisingly, Gallagher completely dodged the matter of NOM’s interest in pitting blacks and gays against each other (ignoring, of course, those who are both). Roberts did not call her out on that, which is very unfortunate.

    I wish also that Roberts had at the ready legit, recent survey results refuting Gallagher’s claim that a majority of Americans (still) oppose same-sex marriage.

    Oh yes, Ruben Diaz is *such* a good guy – such a hero. He’s up there with Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. I’m sure some day there will be Ruben Diaz Boulevards and Ruben Diaz Elementary Schools all over the country.

    NOM’s celebrity (or “celebrity”) pool, by the way, is extremely small.

    It’s a stretch to compare Gallagher and Hitler, but they do have one thing in common: They are both OK with acting out their own personal emotional problems at the expense of millions of strangers.

    By the way, on another matter, why don’t more of us know better than to make comments about Gallagher’s appearance or weight? Neither is relevant, while going there HURTS our position as being on the *moral* side. It is only what Gallagher says and does that matters.

    People who say “she’s so fat,” “she’s ugly,” etc. are blithely introducing a drag on progress toward marriage equality. It’s not intellectually consistent; it’s counter to the whole concept of empathy; and it’s very likely to effect a loss of respect in those who might be on the fence. It’s a pretty damn non-cognitive thing to do.

  7. TampaZeke says

    As much as I love Roberts and love what he’s TRYING to do, he really does a very mediocre job of nailing Maggie. He should have quoted her the memo where NOM calls for “provoking” gays to call black NOM supporters bigots. He should have asked her, “what did you mean by ‘non-cognitive'”? He needs to not let her ramble but hold her feet to the fire with very specific words that SHE and her colleagues used in these memos. She claims that NOM doesn’t have the desire or power to make gay people call them bigots but in THEIR memo NOM calls for doing just that! She is a MASTER manipulator of words and uses it to her best advantage every time she’s interviewed.

    I think the interview made her look bad but not nearly as bad as it could have.

  8. Moondog says

    Sweet FSM, I can’t get over that awful hairdo. She definitely has a gay hairdresser, because there’s obviously some revenge behind that ‘do.

    “Oh honey, ginormous jowly necks look GREAT on TV! Let’s emphasize yours with a pageboy bob. No, you don’t look like a bloated mushroom at all!”

  9. alguien says

    i’ve long withheld making cracks about maggies tendency toward avoir du pois but after seeing this interview in which she’s so smug, so evasive of the actual questioning, so full of herself, that now, i believe i can only refer to her as “fat bastard.”

  10. says

    I suppose all intelligent viewers will see this and go “wow. she knows she’s lost, she knows she’s got no factual arguments, so she’s just going to ramble and evade”

    all the stupid viewers will see this and go “yeah! that’s what i always say!”

    you know, the kind of people who think “Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve” is a sound, logical, factual, relevant and intellectual “argument” for why gays can’t marry.

  11. Robert in NYC says

    Rachel Maddow would have nailed her for good, gone for the jugular right off the bat. Gallagher came off in her usual smug manner. Thomas Roberts did a pretty dismal job trying to dismantle her as did Karger. A missed opportunity for sure.

  12. Robert in NYC says

    To digress a bit, do any of you post on JoeMyGod? For several weeks, I’ve been unable to post any comments. Never had a problem with Towleroad though, thankfully.

  13. Mike says

    I like that Thomas Roberts regularly reports on gay issues, but I wish he was a bit more like Lawrence O’Donnell when interviewing the despicable Gallagher. O’Donnell would’ve ripped her to shreds and not let her get away without being asked some very tough questions.

  14. Michael says

    I thought journalists were all about facts but I have never seen one call NOM out on their very well known lies. A majority agrees with NOM? Everyone knows a majority actually now support gay rights.

    And this doesn’t even approach why hate groups are gleefully given such credibility on major networks.

  15. David Hearne says

    JUst about every time I go to Walmart there is somebody by the door asking for donations. I thought this was annoying in The Castro and I think it’s annoying in the land of warm water and summer weather.

    Regardless of whether it is Pop Warner, Veterans, Salvation Army, or the Holy Name Of Jesus By the city Dump Primitive Baptist Church- you should always ask these people if they support equal rights for gay people including marriage. If they say “Yes”, give them a dollar, if they say “No.” then tell them to go to Hell.

    You should have seen the Salvation Army woman’s face when I told her to go to Hell. She wanted so bad to go off on one of those “Oh no you did-dint you mother…..” things, but instead she yelled “:Bless You! God bless you!”

  16. mary says

    Not that her appearance matters, but truthfully I think the Magster is looking better these days. She dyed her hair a lighter color and it looks better. The hair has been restyled. Her makeup looks nicer. And it does appear that she is losing some weight. Did anyone else notice these things?

  17. says

    “The strategic goal of this project is to drive a wedge between gays and blacks[…]”

    That is from one of the released NOM documents. It doesn’t say there IS a wedge, it says the GOAL is to DRIVE A WEDGE between GAYS and BLACKS. Anyone who interviews her needs to not yield ground on that fact. I don’t care how many pieces of paper Maggie waves at the camera, she can’t wave away what’s in her own organization’s official document.

    I just hope that after the dust settles that EVERYONE in the media recognizes that Maggie Gallagher is a HOMOPHOBE and a LIAR and a FRAUD. She has NO credibility and there is no reason for her to be the spokesperson for anything other than stories about shady hate groups.

    Since it has been established that the empress has no clothes, we need to banish her along with Tony Perkins and the rest of Hate Inc. to the dustbins. They are free to have their blogs and what have you, but they do not deserve a forum on television discussing important issues that they have no business involving themselves in.

  18. just_a_guy says

    Maggie Gallagher is like a proud owner of slaves in 1855.

    She has no soul.

    I’m not sure why we allow her son, Patrick Gallagher, to have a career. ANY goodwill to the Gallagher family needs to STOP. We cannot idly sit by as she rallies for our destruction. She NEEDS to have pain, punishment, and consequences inflicted on her. The ONLY thing I can think of is ENDING Patrick Gallagher’s career. Boycott now. END funding it. END purchasing tickets for it. END lauding it.

    I vote for boycott of Patrick Gallagher. End HIS career to hurt her. It’s the only way I can think of to punish her. She deserves much much worse.

    And PATRICK GALLAGHER lacks a conscious for not DISOWNING this DEVIL-MOM.

    Am I incorrect??

    Still not understanding that her personal attacks on OUR very beings is unacceptable and WAY below the belt, Maggie Gallagher is NOT letting up. THINGS HAVE GOT TO GET MORE PERSONAL FOR HER!!!!

    Sorry but I’m thinkin the time is right to BOYCOTT PATRICK GALLAGHER.

    Does anyone here that??

  19. says

    we can’t blame her son for her evil.
    i’ve met Patrick on a few occasions. He’s a kind, liberal-minded progressive young man who, yes, is involved in NY’s musical theatre community. dot dot dot. we’re talking about a young man who not only has had to deal with a fanatical religious mother, but a known racially-prejudiced one, and one who raised him as a single mother for nearly a decade – and hammered home her Social Guilt Issues onto him. Pressure that she gave up everything to raise him, that she was all he had, and on and on. It’s not his fault his mother is a harridan witch. At some point he will need to make his own choices about what to do with his mother. But for those seeking to punish him – remember this – he has her for a mother. Punishment enough.

  20. jamal49 says

    @SKYGLIDER I nearly fell on the floor when I read your comment because that’s what my best buddy calls her: “Maggie the Hutt”.

    The problem I have with this video clip is that the power of the right-wing’s influence on political discourse in this country is so great that no one wants to really get at the issue that needs to be discussed: christianity as a social evil that has become a politicized tool for repression and worse in America.

  21. jack says

    Don’t underestimate Maggie Gallagher. What I saw was a very articulate woman who presented her position very well. I don’t happen to agree with her, but to just accuse her of bigotry doesn’t ring true. Many good people don’t agree with the concept of same sex marriage. I think they are on the losing side of history in this debate. Same sex marriage is an idea whose time is now or in the not to distant future. She mentioned a few of her heroes. I would suggest she look to Congressman John Lewis, he is a giant among men and a leader in America’s march toward equality.

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