Watch LIVE: L.A. Premiere of ‘8’ with Brad Pitt, George Clooney

(image from the ny production)

Starting at 10:45 pm ET/7:45 pm PT, you can catch the Los Angeles premiere of '8', Dustin Lance Black's play based on transcripts from the Prop 8 trial, HERE. Info on the cast here.

UPDATE: The production has ended. We'll post a full version, if possible, once it is archived and available.


  1. AggieCowboy says

    OMFG that was great!!!! Needs to go viral. And the look Jane Lynch (Mags Gallagher) gave John Reilly (Blankenhorn) when he accidentally testified for the Plaintiffs was classic!

  2. says

    Really great and really important. The key moment is when the witness played by the great John C. Reilley is read back his own words supporting same-sex marriage. THIS is why the Prop 8 creeps didn’t want anyone to see the trial.

    Jane Lynch was magnificent as Maggie, and Martin Sheen (who many years ago played Hal Holbrook’s boyfriend in a breakthrough TV movie called “That Certain Summer”) gave a stemwinder that brought down the house.

  3. Gary A says

    Truly momentous and what an amazing powerhouse cast to have taken the time to put this on. I mean, just WOW! Thanks to them, to the original NY cast, to Rob Reiner, Dustin Lance Black, and most importantly to Olsen and Boies!

  4. says

    Just watched it… it was beyond fantastic. “Fear and prejudice were on trial – and fear and prejudice lost.” – David Boyles.

    Hey Maggie Gallagher – the teat of justice called. It wants you to SUCK IT !!!!

  5. uffda says

    Very good and a joy to watch live. And of course D. EHRENSTEIN, THAT was the telling moment when the Reilley witness is shown to be supportive of same-sex marriage. It’s nuts, the whole case is now shown to have been head-shakingly ridiculous.

  6. TJ says

    That Certain Summer – yeah, one of those movies I watch as a whippersnapper, searching for relevance otherwise not yet experienced.

    But as for the subject at hand – wow. Just that. No more needed.

  7. Emmy says

    I have to admit, i had low expectations going into the play, and i was not going to watch the whole thing, but damn it was pretty good. I watched it all :)

  8. Ken/Chicago says

    Wow the play was SO GREAT! I can’t wait to share it. I planned a whole get together with 6 friends, ordered pizza, drank wine and beer and watched this magnificent play LIVE with my computer HDMI cable on the big screen tv. We had technical difficulties in the beginning having to constantly refresh the screen so we did miss some it. By the middle we were able to watch it through with less loading issues and our experience turned out ok.But of course I will be rewatching once the recording is posted… Thanks to everyone who believes in the cause to Equal rights and participating.

  9. mike says

    Watched it from nz, was amazing and hope it all works out when its finished in the courts, and based on the arguments put forward I don’t see why it wont.

  10. Greg says

    I live in the UK and followed the Prop 8 trial here on Towleroad with interest but, I must confess, a sense of detachment. I thought I might watch just a few minutes of this broadcast, but I was riveted to the spot and watched it all the way through, by turns excited, outraged, laughing and crying. Wonderful Wonderful stuff. This deserves a much wider audience. Far from that initial detachment I felt, I now feel PERSONALLY touched and grateful to the wonderful actors who stood up and performed. I thought George Clooney, Brad Pitt and John C Reilly and Christine Lahti were simply outstanding. I loved Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer’s smaller roles, too. EVERYONE was excellent, though. Thank you so much for this.

  11. Carlysle says

    Loved everyone’s performance. Such a moving play for a courtroom drama. Bomer’s lines about standing with family were especially moving to me, they touched home.

  12. Zlick says

    I hadn’t quite realized it until Bois said it at the end – this is the biggest EFF YOU to the Prop 8 Proponents who’ve worked so tirelessly and so-far successfully to hide the trial from the public. But when this many A-List stars get together to so much as read the telephone book on YouTube, plenty of people will watch.

    I was a bit doubtful that trial testimony could be made lively for a stage show – and I did think the play was rather dry for a while. But it certainly picked up steam and kept getting better. Chris Colfer’s bit was so poignant and strong. That was, of course, the most surreal part of the show for me – since I’m pals with the person he played in the play. So weird, but wonderful.

    Great comic turns by Jane Lynch and George Takei, and of course John C. Reilly hit it out of the park with his hysterical performance as Blankenhorn. You certainly can’t do better than Martin Sheen for a rousing finale of uber-righteousness. He nailed it masterfully.

    And the play was beautifully grounded in nice family touches from Jamie Lee Curtis and Christine Lahti in their portrayals as the lesbian plaintiffs – and for once I’ve no complaints about lesbians and their kids being the “face” of the LGBTs highlighted for public consumption. (Jansen Panettiere and Bridger Zadina were terrific as the kids.)

    It’s probably a little lengthy to go anything like Viral, but I certainly hope the star power helps this be seen by a wide audience.

  13. Reynolds says

    This was wonderful. Clooney was brilliant. I found Jane a bit over the top. Lahti and Curtis I loved. I also loved Bomer and Morrison although preferred if roles had been switched since Bomer is the better actor. I felt that Brads performance was just a read, not much emotion. Overall great and I hope it is seen by many.

  14. DrMikey says

    I was very excited that Rob Reiner & AFER decided to livestream the play, and now to make it available after the fact on their YouTube channel. Practically every moment was extremely powerful, and I agree with the commenter who called it our INHERIT THE WIND. With very little study or none in some cases, the performances were spot on. Christine Lahti, Martin Sheen, Chris Colfer and John C. Reilly especially. The curtain calls which included the real-life plaintiffs, OUR amazing legal pair, and the author Dustin Black(a genius!) was awesome. The seminal line from the play – “On the day after we legalize same-sex marriage, we will all be more AMERICAN than on the day before.”

  15. says

    The character played by John C. Reilly is David Blankenhorn. I had the fun of tangling with him long-distance via VT newspapers in 2008, when he came to VT at the invitation of our anti-equality people.

    Basically his argument was a bait and switch: studies show that two-parent households are better, therefore we should support only man-woman marriage. But none of the studies he cited compared same-sex parents to opposite-sex parents.

    You can google him — he does look a bit goofy with big goggly-eyes.

    And it’s nice to see that courts pay attention not only to testimony under oath, which scares off the liars, but also to peer-reviewed studies as opposed to non-reviewed opinions. The anti-marriage people have a lot of volume, but none of it has any real academic weight, or, as now seems obvious, legal weight. (As I recall, this was reasserted by the decision in the Golinski case: peer reviewed articles in scholarly journals, vs a blog post by some random commenter!)

    Indeed a wonderful thing to see the opposition arguments vanish into thin air!

  16. Dale says

    I couldn’t stop watching the performance. Truths coming out to the public eye making them realize what true rights are and how bigotry is the determent to this country.

  17. metroptomist says

    What I wouldn’t give to have been seated between Matthew Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson… I wouldn’t have known which way to turn. Siiiiiiiigh…

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