1. Jay says

    I am so ambivalent about these ads. I have contributed to the cause, and I understand the strategy, but I wonder what we will have accomplished even if we win. We will have made North Carolina better for heterosexuals. My favorite video is one that was leaked by NCProgress in which an irate lesbian attacks her state representative, who was one of the sponsors of the amendment. At least she puts a human gay face on the amendment.

  2. Brad says

    this is the strategy that worked in Arizona (yes, Arizona!) in 2006 when a constitutional amendment barring marriage equality and civil unions was defeated at the polls. It was the first time an anti-equality amendment failed because the advertising showed how it would also affect opposite-sex couples due to the way it was written. Two years later they simplified it to “marriage is only between one man and one woman”, and while we celebrated Obama’s win for president, we also sank into darkness when this amendment passed here in AZ and Prop 8 passed in CA. Good luck to North Carolina…it could work….

  3. Jay says

    Mark: I am all for making the world better for everyone, but I think heterosexuals can afford to run their own ads. Even if we win this battle, the bastards are going to do what they did in Arizona: narrow the Amendment to simply target us, and that Amendment will pass, unless we educate people about us.

  4. Beef and Fur says

    We had this argument in VA years ago when the amendment was on the ballot – and it didn’t work. They didn’t care about how the amendment could hurt them, all they saw was the word “gay.” Good luck, North Carolina.

  5. C says

    This was in the “related videos” links:

    It’s a North Carolina parent standing up for her lesbian daughter and against this amendment. Thought it was nice.

  6. frustrated by ignorance says

    you are aware that this isnt just about same sex marriage right?! that it effects everyone… that god forbid you guys get divorced…. you would be effected by this.

  7. God's not PLEASED says

    Hello, wake up world! God has been against this action from the very beginning. He destroyed two whole countries because of gay and lesbian activities. Those countries were: Sodom and Gomorah. God also says in His word that homosexuality is an abomination.

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