1. Alan says

    I like Anderson, he’s cute, but I’m embarrassed for him here. He looks like a giggly teenager that can’t do his job.

    Boooooooooooooooooooo…………not even funny.

    Add yourself to the list, Anderson.

  2. Matt says

    I couldn’t even watch the whole clip, that was so unprofessional!
    He should be on Extra or Entertainment Tonight, not a news show who tries to pass themselves off as legitimate news!

  3. brent says

    Eh- people cannot help the way or manner in which they naturally laugh any more than they can control the way they naturally talk.

  4. jakeinlove says

    I love Alan and Kile because they’re just so…above it all. Thank goodness we have them to tell us what’s funny or not.

  5. Seattle Mike says

    OMG, he’s actually a human being who sometimes can’t control his laughter. Simply inexcusable. (To some, apparently.)

  6. Jack M says

    I think they deliberately make him do stories like that to see if he will crack up.

    BTW, I’d love to play Tickle Bunny with Anderson.

  7. MikeS says

    Journalism is dead. AC’s show is a sloppy rehashing of viral internet videos sprinkled with giggle-fits. But hey…he’s white, rich, entitled and good-looking so we’ll give him a pass

  8. Randy says

    What’s wrong with laughing? If more people laughed the world would be a better place. And for all you Negative Nellies, give it a try. Have a big laugh sometimes, it might just change your outlook on life!

  9. VDUFFORD says

    Have been wondering if Anderson has been overexposed just a bit. Theres the CNN gig ,the lame talk show host gig,New Year eve with Kathy Griffin now this…Anderson take a break… a long,long break!

  10. yj says

    can’t stand this closet homo.
    take away the mildly inbred looks and the premature white hair and he is as generic a broadcaster as they come. he’s just another gutless media whore who refuses to come out.

  11. JEM says

    Lighten up, persnickety people.

    What I found entertaining was that he was able to stick with that story for so long before it got to him.

    I actually use the word Dyngus, only I would have spelled it with an “i”. A dingus is a doo-hickey, a thing-a-ma-jig.

  12. Michaelandfred says

    Made me laugh.

    I’ve always heard the word dyngus used as a penis substitute. You know, “your fly is open, you don’t want your dyngus to fall out.” I’m pretty sure that’s why the sausage….and the pussywillow? Come on, how do you not laugh. God bless the Internet,without it how else would the synics and moaners ruin a good time for the rest of us.

  13. Lindoro Almaviva says

    I love the fact that he giggles like a 15 year old girl. You queens need to get over yourselves.

  14. Buffaloian says

    You know, I can totally excuse him losing it in the middle. To someone not raised in an area where they do this, it IS a Funny, GOOFY tradition. But when he sits there and says “This is so STUPID!”, THAT is an ass. He’s dumping on an entire culture and thier tradition. Grow up you overexposed troll!
    BTW – How is Dyngus Day any more of a thinly veiled excuse to drink than St.Patty Day, Cinco De Mayo, Memorial Day, or Oktoberfest…

  15. Ismael says

    I think he is so cute, I really couldn’t care less that he lost it on camera. And by the way the story is ridiculous.

  16. David in Chelsea, Massachusetts says

    I’d tickle his dyngus for hours if allowed. And hopefully he’d giggle just like that.

  17. Iban4yesu says


    “Dziekuje Anderson Cooper for helping making Dyngus Day in Buffalo an international news story. We accept his apology. If Mr. Cooper’s schedule permits, Cooper will assume the title of “Pussy Willow Prince” during Dyngus Day 2013, which ironically falls on April Fools Day (April 1st), and appear in the Dyngus Day Parade.”

    Well, well done, Coop! ;-D

  18. curt says

    Looked alittle staged but I couldn’t help but laugh too. It’s funny, Anderson once used to be know for Reporting fropm disaster zones and being very respected for it. Now it seems he’s mostly known for a lame, boring daytime show and giggling. Kinda sad.

  19. Pete says

    People!! The segment is called the Ridiculist!! He should laugh uncontrollably. Why? Because it is ridiculous. And news people take themselves too seriously anyways. Why is it wrong to laugh or get giggle fits. Lots of news people have them. What’s the big deal?

  20. Randy* says

    I love to hear him giggle. And as far as professional? This segment is called the “Ridiculist.” It’s not supposed to be serious. He really just couldn’t make the “pussy” willow reference. At least he giggled. I would have been disgusted. His reaction is funnier.