News: Kelsey Grammer, Uranus, Tea Party, Denver Broncos

RoadMassachusetts Tea Party Patriots: "We will not be silenced by faggots!"

RoadStudy: Strong support for marriage equality in Latino community. "Gallup has been tracking support within the overall U.S. population since 1996. They most recently found that 53 percent of Americans support legal gay marriage. This compares quite nicely with our data on Hispanics, for whom 54 percent offered their support." Report.

Grammer RoadKelsey Grammer gets 4th wife's name tattooed on his hip.

RoadIran's religious extremists threaten to close consulate in Tabriz if Gay Pride parade is held in Azerbaijan: "Iranian clergyman Ruhollah Bejani sent a letter to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regarding Azerbaijan’s intentions to hold 'gay parade' in Tabriz. 'Mister President, zionist Azerbaijan plans to hold a gay parade on May 26. If it really happens, we will close Azerbaijan’s consulate in Tabriz,' Iranian news site ansar-tabriz reported."

RoadMale model fix: Tomas Skoloudik.

RoadPippa Middleton in gun paparazzi incident: “She was in Paris over the weekend to celebrate her friend, fashionista, Arthur de Soultrait’s birthday, and while driving around the French capital, her driver waved a gun at photographers and is now facing potential prosecution.”

RoadRyan Gosling dons strategically-stretched t-shirt.

Akron RoadOhio activists come out to oppose the “Your Money, Your Values, Your Vote” bus tour which took part in the Akron Tea Party Rally on Sunday.

RoadMan auditions to be Denver Broncos cheerleader.

RoadTransgender couple subpoenaed over rash of bomb threats at Pitt: "The couple, Seamus Johnston, 22, and Katherine Anne McCloskey, 56, said FBI agents visited their apartment in Jackson Township, outside of Johnstown, on Wednesday to discuss the bomb threats and served them with subpoenas Thursday. They were ordered to appear Tuesday before a grand jury."

RoadMichele Bachmann on Meet the Press: "What we want is women to be able to make their own choices […] We want women to make their own choices in healthcare. […] Women don't need anyone to tell them what to do on health care. We want women to have their own choices, their own money, that way they can make their own choices for the future of their own bodies."

RoadDavid Beckham leads L.A. Galaxy to shirtless victory.

Uranus RoadAuroras spotted on Uranus: "The last time we had any definite signals of auroral activity on Uranus was when NASA's Voyager 2 probe swung by in 1986, but this is the first time we can actually see these emissions light up with an Earth-based telescope."

RoadSome people are gay in space: get over it.

RoadGawker's FOX News 'mole' Joe Muto speaks out. "I think their legal accusations are completely baseless and they’re trying to intimidate me into silence because I’m revealing unflattering information about the inner workings of the company."

RoadNorthern Ireland student leaders say gay blood ban shames nation: "For government to fail to lift the ban would be scandalous. As well as this being a key equality issue, we also need more blood donors here and this is literally a matter of life and death for a significant number of people in Northern Ireland."

RoadLas Cruces Sun profiles openly gay luchador: "Cassandro is one of the best-known exóticos — cross-dressing luchadors, or wrestlers — in Mexico, with nearly a quarter-century of high-flying grappling under his belt and a résumé that includes tours of the United States, Europe and Japan. He was also Mexico's first openly gay luchador, a brave move in the theatrical but overwhelmingly 'man's man's' world of professional wrestling."


  1. says

    Grammer knows that this one will last because he’s now too old to trade in his most recently-purchased vagina for a newer younger one.

  2. TJ says

    If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve said, “you have spotted auroras on Uranus.”

  3. bcarter3 says

    The Charlie Brooker “Gays in Space” article is as brilliant and hilarious as everything else he does! Thanks for posting the link.

  4. jim says

    Read thru the daily kos article and nowhere, except in the headline, did I see mention of the “we will not be silenced by faggots” quote. Who supposedly said it? Kinda shoddy, unclear, sensationalistic reporting by kos. I want to know who specifically had the audacity to actually say that at a public rally!

  5. LW says

    I don’t think the words ‘tattoo’ and ‘4th wife’ belong in the same sentence together. Obviously Kelsey has commitment issues. I hope the 4th wife’s name can be turned into the 5th wife’s name easily.

  6. ratbastard says


    Apparently, nobody actually said this quote. I’m not defending far right ‘protesters’ anymore than far left ones. What happened was the T.P. protest was infiltrated by provocateurs who it would appear had the motivation to make them appear very racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. Who would benefit from that? Actual ‘progressive’ [in this case far left of center…this is Boston/Cambridge we’re talking about here] crashed the T.P. protest and were very rowdy. Then there was some sort of lame manufactured ‘outrage’ involving some shill/provocateur wearing a black bandana being ‘strangled’ by a cop. Goofy, manufactured, distracting stuff.

    By coin-incidence I was walking by The Common that afternoon leaving work. It was a beautiful day and many people were out and about, baseball and softball games, skateboarders, tons of tourists, etc. I wasn’t even aware any kind of ‘protest’ was going on.

  7. Chlorogoth says

    @Ratbastard Name your sources. I’ve read multiple accounts of the incident, and remarkably your’s is the only one that refutes the “we will not be silenced…” line and that what happened was staged. So you were there and can tell us specifically how you know these things? Or do you have some source no one else does?

    Either you are lying or you really don’t understand what the word ‘manufacture’ means.

  8. ratbastard says


    I’ve zero doubt this was a staged demonstration with manufactured ‘outrages’ like bandana dude being ‘strangled’ by the cop. A group such as Scott Lively would have very little support in this state. This isn’t the bible belt by any stretch. Most ‘conservatives’ here would be considered liberal in other parts of the country.

    My understanding is the T.P. group is newly formed and allegedly splintered from a larger, moderate T.P. group, because the other group weren’t interested in protesting social issues like gay rights, etc.

    I was physically in the area, actually walked and cut through a part of The Common when this demonstration was going on. The area was fairly packed, the weather was nice, baseball games, softball games, tourists, etc. were going on, and I noticed no unusual police presence or noise. I know from experience when a protest is going on, you can clearly hear it many blocks away. So this must have been a real small protest.