1. says

    Dammit Rosie, every time I’ve decided to dislike your crass ass you do something like this! Yes, it ain’t classy, but it’s supremely sassy. Love sassy lesbians. They will win this war for us, I tell you.

    Say what you want about what her daughter might get from this, the most important thing she’ll learn is that a woman should always stand up for herself.

  2. Terry says

    I can’t believe that creep was spewing garbage like that in front of Rosie’s daughter, a small child. Wait, I CAN believe he did, I am just aghast that he did so.

    PS I think if you’re going to engage a guy like that, go after his sexual bona fides — quote the survey that most homophobes are gay-leaning. It will drive him nuts.

  3. redball says

    LOVE. IT. i probably wouldve said “make love to” instead of the f-bomb in front of my child/others’ children…but, hey, i feel like that’s a quibble given the high-octane emotion of the situation.

    after the “lesbian pig” dig, i thought she might pivot back around and f&cking punch his ignorant ass out!

  4. says

    or try to ask an anti-gay bigot where and how God is OK with heterosexual bl*wj*bs.

    remember that scene in Annie Hall where Woody brings out Marshall Mcluhan to correct that guy in the line-up? i want the jeebus-version of that!

  5. Joshua says

    While I do not like Rosie and I think she is a bit brash sometimes, this was perfect. I am appalled at the preacher for saying those things in front of her children! I don’t like that he said them at all, but saying them with little ears around…just not right.

  6. Oliver says

    I love that this evangelical preacher showed his true colors.

    Bible-based, organized religion is intrinsically evil and anathema to human relationship. It divisively sets one group against another, in the name of “God”, “Jesus”, and ultimately seeks to replace the fear of death with superstitious nonsense as a palliative.

  7. says

    there’s a reason that street-preachers never proclaim the lines of scripture that talk about love, compassion, understanding, grace, etc…. and that reason is that The Men In Control know damn well that fear is a stronger catalyst for gaining oppression over the weak than love.

  8. John says

    Call me old fashioned, but there’s something to be said about a mother who tells someone………anyone, that she’s “going home
    to F*&K my wife” in front of her 10 yr old daughter. While many
    feel she should be put on a pedestal, I think she should be ashamed or herself. She should have thought of her daughter first before she reacted. Trash…..plain and simple.

  9. jack says

    The entire bible is a collection of ancient myths, made up history and a collection of “biographical” info on jahweh, the god created by the Israelites that make the life stories of Mao, Hitler, Stalin, PolPot et al look like the lives of boy scouts by comparison. Throw that vile book on the trash heap of history where it belongs.

  10. says

    Right on Littlekiwi.

    Have you ever noticed those like the Phelps never use the word Jesus in their talking points or on their signs. They know perfectly well they can’t say Jesus hates F-gs.

    So they avoid the name Jesus like the plague.

  11. jim says

    Y’know, John, until you’ve had someone single you out in a crowd and disparage you for your sexual orientation, with a microphone and loudspeaker…well, you just really ought to keep your judgemental opinions to yourself. I’m not entirely thrilled with her word choice either, but it’s nothing compared to the disgusting and harrassing attack on her.

  12. Mary says

    I’ve never been a Rosie fan, but I’ll side with her on this one. Most people don’t like anyone of another religion trying to convert them, so street preachers already have one strike against them. But there’s a way to reach out to people and calling someone a “lesbian pig” is not how you do it. That “preacher” must have known that all he would do was induce Rosie to get angry and lose her cool (and this may have been what he really was after.) Yeah, there was a more dignified way she could have handled it. But when a stranger on the street calls you a pig you can be forgiven for losing your analytical skills and responding emotionally.

    Preaching, yes. Insulting people on the street? No way.

  13. Rick says

    “Love sassy lesbians. They will win this war for us, I tell you.”

    You mean because gay men cannot do their own fighting for themselves and are weak and timid compared to lesbians?

    “after the “lesbian pig” dig, i thought she might pivot back around and f&cking punch his ignorant ass out!”

    So you would expect a lesbian to throw a punch in that situation, but not a gay man (including yourself)?

    “She should’ve chewed him a new one”

    Would you have said the same thing if this were a gay man being confronted by the same guy?

  14. uffda says

    And on your left we have Maggie Gallagher, anti-gay fatso full-time loser. And on your right the favored champion Rosie O’ big mouth donnell. May the best maid win. Ding.

    Oh God wouldn’t that be fun to watch!

  15. Rich F. says

    @ Winston: You had to go and say its name, didn’t you? See 4/16/12, 7:52:39pm…

    Charming as ever…

  16. Seaguy says

    He exemplify’s the hate that the religious right has towards anyone who is not part of thier cult and it’s hateful ways. Burn in hell preacher!

  17. Eric says

    The typical child in the United States sees thousands of acts of violence, usually murder, depicted on television, movie screens, and video games every year. I don’t think hearing her mom say what Rosie said is going to harm her, hell, just the opposite.

  18. R says

    I have to admit, as much as I’d like to cheer Rosie on for doing that, and I do, it just gets so terribly depressing knowing that there are people so crazy and so bigoted that they’d take a megaphone out in public and yell at people for being lesbians, verbally abusing them in front of their children.

    If that’s allowed within the context of the first amendment…. there’s a part of me that things it needs to be changed. It’s just not right. You shouldn’t be able to go take freaking megaphones and harass people in public. I’m sorry if saying that somehow makes me unAmerican, but that’s just how I feel. Some things are just so wrong they shouldn’t be allowed.

  19. millerbeach says

    Get a bigger megaphone…problem solved. Rock on, Rosie. I’m not thrilled about foul language in front of a youngster, but sometimes, especially in cases like this, ya gotta say what ya gotta say. The real crime is that someone thinks this is all fine and dandy, since it is being done in the name of Jesus. Newsflash for the idiots…Jesus is about love, not hate. Read that Bible and stop thumping it. It’s hard, but you can do it.

  20. says

    Yes Rich, I know. It’s like invoking the name of Voldemort.

    And no, Rick, gays I know are quite capable of defending themselves from garbage like this. The difference is that unlike the gays, lesbians have no equivalent of YOU. I have never met any self-hating lesbians out there who are so insecure about their femininity that they have an overwhelming need to shout from the rooftops “I AM A FEMININE LESBIAN!”. Furthermore, I have never met a lesbian who thinks that deriding other people’s femininity makes up for the lack of their own.

    That is why they will be the ones winning this war for us,