1. Demian says

    When Biden caved, the President of the United States had to cave. When the President caved, Beenie Man had no choice but to cave. Next up: Pope Benedict XSSVI.

  2. Allen says

    awww. someone’s broke and needs a concert venue…isn’t that sad.

    Im all for letting people take it back and change – where would the equality movement be if we didn’t? But this guy kept it going too long and with too much violent imagery.

  3. bandanajack says

    so when will he stop singing these songs? he may not be able to buy back his output, but he can forever remove them from his repertoire. when he does that, THEN, and only then, we can talk.

  4. George F says

    I regard this video as a very positive step…
    I hope he is genuinely aware today about the plight of LGBT people -unlike his old self…

  5. Ricco says

    People can change . . . but trust is not something one gives as easily as ones forgiveness.

    I would advocate boycotting his concerts. If he is as remorseful as he says, then he should appreciate that he needs to find another way to make a living.

  6. UFFDA says

    Do leopards change their spots? I’m told they don’t. Where this man is concerned it’s hard to change mine. I don’t like his history, his culture bias agains gay people, and I don’t trust him.

    Continue to apologise and espouse your new attitude, do it lots of times, all the time, repeatedly, ernestly over time and I’ll think about it. Right now you can go to hell.

  7. kit says

    Talk is cheap. Let’s see some actual work from him on behalf of the LGBT community. Is he volunteering his time at a shelter for LGBT kids? Is he speaking in schools about how bigotry is wrong and how he was wrong? Is he donating time and money to organizations that work to end discrimination? Is he even recording songs with positive messages? If he wants to make things right, just saying “don’t hold me accountable for the things that I sing” is not really enough. But there are ways to work himself back — he should get busy.

  8. GMB says

    I think this is probably really genuine. It feels so. While some Toweroad readers are unfamiliar with him, Beenie Man is a Grammy Award winner, he had a duet with Janet Jackson, and put out more than twenty albums. That said, gay rights activists successfully had him banned from the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards for his anti-gay lyrics. Check out his Wikipedia article to learn more.

    Jamaica remains a conflicted, dangerous culture for LGBT people. As one of Jamaica’s most famous recording artists, I think it’s valuable to consider the sort of impact this can have on impressionable Jamaicans.

    We should applaud this.

  9. Silas says

    Why forgive? the x-tians would say because jesus said so (believe a mythical person, oh yeah), muslims because allah says, and so on but its not about forgiveness its about behavior and only when behavior changes can forgiveness come. So Bennie Man when your behavior changes, then forgiveness can happen. Doing a video doesn’t cut it!

  10. says

    will have to agree with @GMB. I am of Jamaican descent and this could go a long way in Jamaica, where virility is proved by how many women have your children. This is a broad brush I know but it what it is. Wit saying that I will have to wait and see how his contrition develops. The new Prime Minister is also for gay rights. Hey Jamaica maybe changing

  11. Craig Sanders says

    He bigins this statement with ‘people are making it difficult for me to perform, so let me set the record straight’. In other words, he’s filmed this video so he can continue to get bookings. No other reason.

  12. tcw says

    @DEMIAN: as a resident of Kingston, Jamaica, I can tell you that this had less to do with following Biden’s lead (I doubt Beenie Man knows who Biden is) than with following Jay-Z.

    The pro-gay Jay-Z interview was big news in Jamaica.

  13. QJ201 says

    Well instead of YouTube he should be paying for TV commercials on every channel available in Jamaica. Just had a talk with someone recently about how she is trying to find a way to get her gay cousin out of Jamaica and into the US or Canada legally because he keeps having to move because of harassment.

  14. Caliban says

    Does he still sing those songs in concert? If so his words are just calculated so he can play in venues that have banned him in the past.

  15. David says

    Let him work for twenty years to change Jamaica’s violent and homophobic culture, then we can talk about forgiveness. He did a lot of damage, both in his country and abroad, and he needs to make amends. A one minute video doesn’t cut it, especially when his main concern is getting concert venues.

  16. Lymis says

    The apology is all very well and good.

    What about the songs? What about the money earned from the songs?

    Permanently sign over all the rights and royalties for those songs to a human rights organization that promotes equality, refuse to ever agree to licensing the songs for anything that requires your approval, never perform the song publicly again or rewrite the lyrics and reissue new cover versions that say something else entirely, and maybe we’ll believe you are sincere.

    Keep earning money off the original versions? Keep performing them because that’s what your fans want? Not so much.

  17. Jeff R. says

    “I’ve seen the evil homosexuality come out of you people… AIDS is your sin,” the Advocate quoted her as saying. “Now don’t get me wrong; God loves you. But not the way you are now.”

    And we’re supposed to ‘FORGIVE’ her… because she dies.

    And now this bastard wants our forgiveness for his hateful music? No. There is NO excuse. I don’t feel anything for this man. And I don’t feel anything for the passing of Donna Summer. I FEEL NOTHING.

  18. bobbyjoe says

    I agree with “T,” above.

    If he’s sincere, he can write a song about it and regularly perform it. He could do a lot of good taking down anti-gay culture and violence. Words are a start, but actions are more important.

  19. TampaZeke says

    This is about the third time he’s “begged for forgiveness”. The problem is, he has in the past, and will probably again, double down shortly thereafter playing victim and whining that gay people and their supporters have been mean and unfair to him.

    My guess is he’s run out of money and is desperate enough to say anything to be allowed to perform again outside the slums of Jamaica where his homophobic message is still popular but the money isn’t so good.

  20. BarryW says

    BM….I’m gonna wait and see. Jamaica is still off my list…this seems more inspired by the tourism board than by any actual change of heart.

  21. says

    Where are Littlekiwi and DerrickfromPhilly?
    I figured they’d be here defending him.

    Posted by: Andrew | May 18, 2012 9:10:44 AM

    Andrew when have you EVER know Derrick From Philly to defend a HOMOPHOBE? Never!

    He just strikes back at some of the racist comments from some of the white gays!

  22. Jim says

    This freak of nature is now unable to afford ganga weed
    due to poor quality singing and hatred that he promoted.
    Should you piss off you lowlife degenerate? Yaa man!

  23. doug105 says

    A quick word in the heat of the moment like that idiot soccer player I can forgive about as fast (not forget mind you)but years of calling for people to be killed? F.U., you have to really work for that.

  24. Francis says

    Although I do think this is a BS apology, the public discourse is starting to really turn now. People do NOT want to get on our bad side and do not want to be seen as homophobic. So, for that reason alone, this is a big deal to me.

    With all of that said, I agree with what others have said. Let’s see Beenie Man put his words into action. Then maybe we can move forward from his previous transgressions.

  25. Francis says

    Although I do think this is a BS apology, the public discourse is starting to really turn now. People do NOT want to get on our bad side and do not want to be seen as homophobic. So, for that reason alone, this is a big deal to me.

    With all of that said, I agree with what others have said. Let’s see Beenie Man put his words into action. Then maybe we can move forward from his previous transgressions.

  26. Joe in CT says

    @GMB: Thanks for the background info on this guy and your perspective.
    A cruise ship I was traveling on visited Ocho Rios. Because of the country’s anti-gay reputation, my partner and I chose not to spend any money there. We skipped the tours and briefly walked around the port town. The poverty, rundown infrastructure and sheer hopelessness of the people left an impression. Jamaica is a hell hole in paradise that breeds a lot of anger, desperation, ignorance and hatred of “others.” Hatred for gays permeates every corner of Jamaican culture and religious beliefs.

  27. NullNaught says

    If this guy were white – say maybe Howard Stern – people on this site would be falling all over themselves to believe his financially motivated “apology.” I am as sure that this guy is every bit as insincere as Stern, as Stern also admitted (although not in so many words), just like this guy, that his move was financially motivated.
    They are both full of $hit and need to retire and go away and never be seen again by decent folk.

  28. says

    I can’t believe there are Gay people willing to be taken in by this opportunist! This appalling gullibility is why we are not respected in the world. Black LGBT folk in the Caribbean have been murdered by mobs singing his wicked lyrics! With that much blood on Beenie Man’s hands, an apology is not nearly enough.

  29. Hollywood, CA says

    Listen to the first thing he says “People are creating problems for me to WORK.” This change of heart is purely financial in nature and nothing else. I don’t believe he has changed, I just believe his paper is getting LOW. And, it’s not just him, it’s his manager, his agent, his band, his entourage, everyone who has their hands in his pocket have begun to see a decline in their funds, so they have convinced him to make this video. Actions speak much louder than words. Stop singing the songs with the hateful homophobic lyrics, help support your local gay charities, and keep showing us in your actions that you truly have changed and understand that LESBIANS & GAYS shouldn’t be bullied or slaughtered.

  30. says

    As with all assholes like this, you accept their apology and then let them fade into the past. Their apology can be helpful to us. They do have influence. If they choose to make good by actions that help to counter act their damage in the future then I re-access.

  31. LLeroy Laflamme says

    Those who point out that this is just a deperate plea because he’s hard up for a job have it exactly right. Well, behold my batty-buttocks, beenie man (lower case intentional) – feel free to kiss it while I file your request for consideration. No promises, mind.

  32. Danny in the East Village says

    Maybe somebody he loves came out to him. Maybe it was his boyfriend…remember people with such ugly homophobic attitudes as he had are usually gay!

  33. Sean Mac says

    Haven’t we heard this song and dance from him before, when the Stop Murder Music campaign put a dent in his wallet? Since I’m also upset with Nicki Minaj for featuring him on both her album and in the album launch for Roman Reloaded, let’s see both of them do some volunteer work supporting GLTBQ youth. I’m not accepting an apology without SIGNIFICANT action. PARTICULARLY because he walked back his previous apology to the gay community. Not forgetting that.

  34. Sean Mac says

    Aaaaaand I was right: he was denied a work visa to come here and promote his duet with Nicki Minaj. They were going to perform on BET’s 106th and Park as part of the Roman Reloaded album launch. Google for more details :(

  35. Hephaestion says

    I will forgive him AFTER he has recorded a dozen songs which spread love for gay people. Until he undoes the horrors his songs have created, he can not be forgiven. Gay people are still being killed inJamaica if they simply try to exist honestly there. He needs to teach Jamaicans that gays are not pedophiles. They believe that there, and of course it is a lie.

  36. vanndean says

    Beenie Man, on behalf of Towleroad and its tolerant readers, you are forgiven.

    Jedi, speak for yourself and let others do the same. Your implication is that only intolerant readers will not accept his apology. This man has the blood of our gay brothers and sisters on his hands. He has earned his daily bread by advocating the death of gay people, not only in his own country, but around the world. If you think that you can live with believing that his apology is sufficient reparations to society for the murdered gay people that his music contributed to their deaths then again I suggest that you speak for your tolerant self. I will require more positive actions on his part to be tolerant enough to forgive his transgressions against fellow gay people.

  37. Hephaestion says

    Don’t blame him for gay-hating songs he wrote 20 years ago? But I’m told he still sings those gay-hating songs in concerts! And that awful Chi Chi Man song is now basically the national anthem of Jamaica! And it calls for killing gay men! So HOW can this be so readfily forgiven? IT CAN NOT and he is a fool to think it can.

  38. Sam Kestu says

    Beenie Man says: “Do not fight against me for some song that I sing 20 years ago.”

    Beenie Man has written and performed a number of songs that call for LGBT people to be killed. See the “Dancehall Dossier” (Not all of his “kill LGBT” songs are listed in the “Dancehall Dossier”)

    On December 5th, 2009, Beenie Man got on a stage in Kampala, Uganda and sang “Mi Nuh Wallah,” in which he says that he wants to cut the throats of all gay men. See

    Beenie Man signed a Reggae Compassionate Act agreement not to promote hatred and violence in 2007. What he does not mention in the description of his YouTube video statement is that he almost immediately denied signing this agreement. See

    Beenie Man’s 12/05/09 performance in Uganda was a violation of his RCA agreement.

  39. Sam Kestu says

    Towleroad did a great job of covering Beenie Man’s December 5th, 2009 performance in Kampala, Uganda where he sang “Mi Nuh Wallah,” saying he wanted to cut the throats of all gay men. See

    That Kampala, Uganda show was sponsored by the local Pepsi Cola bottler. The Pepsi Cola company apologized for sponsoring Beenie Man in Uganda in 2009. But continues to sponsor “Kill LGBT” dancehall performers at events in Jamaica (Beenie Man, Capleton, Bounty Killer and Mavado at Rebel Salute 2012 or Reggae Sumfest 2011)

  40. andrew says

    From another Andrew: This is a good thing. It may influence some of his young fans to be less homophobic. When someone “begs” for forgiveness; forgive them and move on.

  41. Relax everyone says

    It was a gracious apology, even if u r a cynic. He is not our problem now, and we need to find the same grace in our heart we hope others will show us.

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