1. says

    well, this thread is no doubt going to be a hotbed for miserable angry insecure rants from our resident closet-cases. but the sad thing is, Crocker’s message(s) are what they, truly, need more than anything else.

    “leave britney alone” aside, the kid has posted some rather topical and spot-on videos, and his message of being who he is, haters be damned, is an important one.

    if Crocker isn’t embarrassed to be who he is then why are any other gay people….uh…”embarrassed” on his behalf? seems a real waste of time and energy.

    what crocker has indeed inspired in many young people is the sheer resilience to be exactly who and what you are, even if who and what you are is (for no intelligent reason) something that people choose to take issue with.

    brass balls, kiddo.

  2. pablo says

    Nothing against this guy, but does he really warrant a documentary, and celebrity status because he posted a histrionic fan video for Brittany Spears?

  3. carl says

    Disgusting behavior masquerading as “being a role model” is still disgusting behavior. Please stop glorifying it.

  4. Alberto Z. says

    I applaud YOU Chris for keeping it real then and now. What people dont understand is that indifference is worst than hate. Keep doing you, its worked so far has it not?

    Pablo, yes he does warrant celebrity status. Do we forget other celebrities found in social media sites like J.Bieber, Avery, Alyssa Bernal, Tila Tequila, Greyson Chance, etc etc etc. ?


  5. Dan says

    As someone who has seen this documentary at Sundance Film Festival — The fact that peoples intitial reaction is ‘The Leave Britney Alone guy has a documentary?’ is ridiculous. When you see this how much this kid has pioneered BEFORE his Britney video.. you will eat your words. TRULY a story for this generation. Mark my words. Best doc of the year, by far. Will be tuning in June 25th for the airing on HBO. Rock on, Crocker.

  6. says

    just because some redneck with a sister for a wife thinks it’s “disgusting” doesn’t mean the redneck with a sister for a wife is correct. and agreeing with the redneck with a sister for wife makes you less of a man.

  7. Mansquito says

    This guy makes me want to go back into the closet! Yuck.
    Two things I can’t stand, attention whores and nelly queens.

  8. Dan says

    ^ The above comment makes me want to go back in the closet. Just because he is unabashedly HIMSELF and is not camoulflaging what he is for your comfort does NOT mean he is a bad example of what gay should be. BEING ASHASMED OF ANY MEMBER OF THE GAY COMMUNITY BECAUSE THEY ARE UNABASHEDLY EFFEMINITE IS WRONG. SINCE WHEN DOES FEMININE EQUAL WEAK? As gay men that admire strong women, why do we outcast the gay MEN who are FEMININE? It stems from the societal pressure to be masculine if we are gay, because we are “second-best” in terms of “men”. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  9. MarkUs says

    To be followed by the next documentary: “Colton Cumbie : I’m Super! Thanks for asking!”

    He sort of stole your thunder, didn’t he Chris. Prime-time.

  10. says

    I’m glad he makes some guys want to go back in the Closet. the fewer self-hating homosexuals around the better. go back in the closet and stay there. you’re not missed. by anyone.

    it’s just funny, eh? he’s ______ in a world that hates ______ and guys that claim not to be _______ are….what, exactly? angry that he has the strength to be ________ when they’re not even strong enough to be visibly not-_________?

    if he can be who he is, unafraid, then any gay man who can’t do the same needs to grow a pair.

  11. Glenn says

    The extremes of both his devotees and his detractors are a bit baffling, frankly — seems like a nice enough guy who’s occasionally interesting (and, IMO, cute) but hardly the Voice of His Generation. But I did see one of his videos about HIV testing which was honest and accurate and, you know, if some of his fans saw that and it helped them out, then I say good for him.

  12. Jay says

    Good points, fellas. I don’t understand why mansquito wants to go back into the closet but something tells me mansquito isn’t out of the closet anyway. It’s like Alberto and Kiwi said. If Chris has no problem being himself, then why do you have a problem with him being himself? He’s not afraid to be who he is, and if you think you’re not a *nelly queen* yourself then it shouldn’t affect you. Who is the bigger coward, the nelly queen who is out or the guy who isn’t out who insists he’s not a nelly queen?

  13. Andreas says

    I like him. At least he had the balls to do what he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it. Aren’t we all sick of people who never stop pretending?

  14. Michael says

    Mansquito…you are one sad homosexual. It is people like you who give us and the cause a bad name. You are no better than the squeamish heterosexuals who can’t tolerate any deviation from the “norm”. Shame on you for that hateful comment.

  15. Francis says

    First gay with severe internalized homophobia has shown up in Masquito. It’s always somewhat comical to see men, straight or gay, get so freaked out and behave so immaturely, be so insecure, solely because a man isn’t stereotypically masculine. Comical in the sense it’s these men who actually think that somehow they are more of men by hating guys who are more fem. That somehow, your attitudes are justified.

    Newsflash: Men who are confident in their masculinity are not affected in any way by guys who are more feminine. “Real men” are not anti-fem.

  16. AdamA says

    Take us to church, Dan! Seriously, one of the best responses to femme-phobia I’ve yet seen in these comments sections.

  17. Brod says

    This do-nothing publicity whore has a documentary? I’ll be right there after I pour a bowl of captn-crunch and find my teddy bear to sit and watch it.

    Puleeze, this loser’s 15 minutes was up years ago. Don’t give him any more attention.

  18. Jack says

    Flamboyant feminine males confused me when I was younger because I thought they were what “being gay” was and that wasn’t me or my sexual attraction. Now that I am older and wiser I realize that human nature & sexuality is expansive and fascinating and that secure persons are not threatened or repulsed by difference.

    I find that MANSQUITO opinion vile and gay homophobia more disturbing than hetero homophobia…at least they have an excuse!!

    The underlying misogyny deserves more consideration but we only have to acknowledge the sissy’s major role in advancing our cause to tell MANSQUITO and his kind to STFU!!!

  19. gomez says

    Sweet, the timeless feminine vs masculine wars, brought in high relief with the return of chris crocker, who does deserve a documentary to be himself/herself in the face of hatred, cuz the kid does have brass balls and is one of the first archetypes of the youtube/internet memes. His videos are pretty brilliant.

    At the same time, it’s not unreasonable to be irritated by high bitchy camp queen histrionics and shade in real life.

  20. ratbastard says

    Chris Cunningham is a fine looking dude, but one ugly-a** woman.


    He applied himself, and through a lot of work and effort has become a ‘famous’ internet personality, of sorts. Nothing wrong with that.

    I only object to the ENDLESS gay sterotypes. NEWSFLASH: MOST gay and bi men ARE NOT ‘fem’, are not into cross dressing or TV, or even ‘camp’. MOST, BY FAR, are not into ‘leather’ and prancing around in leather jocks and harnesses.

  21. Mike says

    He posted a video on his tumblr of him dancing around his mother naked. He booty bumped her and she felt up on him. It’s still posted there…it’s sick.

  22. wtf says

    whatever Mike. “He booty bumped here and she felt up on him”? Um, no. That’s not what happened in that video. Besides the fact that it just him and his hippie mom bein’ 10 kinds of crazy, he’s not hiding his true self from his mother. And if you can’t be naked in front of your own family, then you’re truly stupid. Grow up, grow a pair.

  23. Orion I says

    He’s gotten a little nicer in the past year. He used to falsely accuse other gay internet personalities both popular and obscure of stalking him. It was never any big secret that he was from the Tri-Cities region of Tennessee. While I always was relieved by the idea of a gay person making a name for themselves, there were difficulties accepting his image. Mainly the fact that I think he took all the angst from that bullying he experienced and directed it towards other gay people. You can’t hurt others and expect to make a change.

    Haters don’t always make you famous and if you shrug them off, you’ve still got your own strength to carry you through.

  24. EatGine says

    I agree with Mansquito, nelly queens are revolting.

    Every time I hear of a gay bashing I always hope it’s one of those obnoxious in-your-face flamers.

  25. Contrarian says

    Not going to get involved in the masculine/feminine wars on here as it’s circular and pointless ranting. But I’m with “Ian”. Crocker jumped the shark long ago along with Octomom, the Duggars, the Kardashian ilk and the whole tribe of narcissistic fame-whores in our degraded popular culture.

    Thank heavens we still have opera queens and art galleries and museum curators in the fold, and a high-culture connection which brings pride to the community. He has as much relevance to me as Betty Crocker.

  26. Rafa says

    Great to see him again. I’ve been a fan of Chris Crocker for a long time, because of his reflexive insight, intelligence, fantastic expressiveness, humour, vital flair, and tenacity. Already in this trailer I’ve learned elements of his backstory I didn’t know before, that make me appreciate and respect him even more. I’m so pleased to see him doing well, still with an audience, and being taken seriously for his work.

  27. anthony says

    i support him but I find him really boring and doesnt have anyhting semi-profound or intelligent to say.Sorry.

  28. John says

    If you want to see the nude pics, here you go:

    I have to say that, while the strongly-feminine characteristics that he shows are not my cup of tea, it’s not up to me to judge him. He is who he is and that has no effect on anyone else.

    I do like his new look much more than the platinum blonde phase. I actually think he’s a hottie (and thought so before seeing the nude shots … which, actually, did nothing for me).

    I hope he lives a long, happy life and brings joy to people. And, if he makes millions along the way, power to him!!!

  29. BrokebackBob says

    Let’s see class:

    What is more immediately important for
    everyone’s long-term welfare, including

    1) Spending all our time talking about
    Chris – or –

    2) Getting off our asses and keeping the
    RepubliThugs(tm) from making our lives
    a living hell again if they get power at
    the local, state, House of Reps, Senate
    and the Presidency?

    If you things are bad for you now, just
    wait until we lose what little Democratic
    influence we have left….you’ll be forced
    back into that closet and this time the
    door will be bricked shut after they
    throw a couple at your head first.

  30. Homer says

    Great to see that he’s calmed down a bit – he looks as if he’s gotten stabler as he can calmly discuss his past notoriety with some degree of equanimity. I hope the best for him.

  31. Drew says

    I love Chris and any gay man is is therefore ** GAY ** has no right to say they want a ‘masculine’ boyfriend or a ‘straight-acting’ lover. You are into penises, so what will the faux appearance of masculinity do for you?! Let’s all be real and true; this means stop knocking those are are different.

  32. Jay says

    Ratbastard, nobody but America’s braindead right-wingers believes that “most” gay men are fem or camp. And nobody but America’s insecure gay conservatives still worries about it, either.