1. Chadd says

    “bigotry being shown from both sides of the aisle on gay issues.”?

    I believe that the Democrats in MO have been fighting this stupid bill, so I’m not sure what evidence of bigotry on the Dem side he is pointing to. Statements like that just show that he is still a politician and is desperate for his GOP colleagues to still like him without realizing that they will be trying to run him out of office as quickly as possible.

  2. kpo5 says

    I fully expect his fellow Republicans to take his words to heart and embrace him for his bravery.

    And by embrace him for his bravery, I mean bully him out of office.

    And yes, that “bigotry from both sides” comment will earn him a seat right next to our good friends at the LCR.

  3. Cam says

    He claims that the bigotry is coming from both sides of the aisle. Just curious…..which side would it be pushing through the bigotrf bill that he is talking about hmmmmmmm?

    Yeah…thought so.

  4. Robert says

    Bigotry on both sides? HMMMMMM

    How about all your people are who bashing him because he is Republican? Where in the rule book does it say that all gay politicians HAVE to be Democrats, or Independent? Just because the side you play on isn’t friendly doesn’t mean he is WRONG! Grow up people, and take a hard look at yourselves.

    I’m glad he came out, and he is taking a courageous stand against bullies on both sides. Good luck to him, it will be a hard road from here on out.

    BTW, the GOP has more to them than the far right conservatives that you see on TV.

    I’m not a Republican, but I don’t view all Republicans as evil.

  5. Sean Mac says

    Every time you hear “both sides”, press for examples. Seriously, people need to stop letting conversations get derailed with that nonsense.

  6. Derrick from Philly says


    where does the leadership (national, state & local) of the two parties stand on civil rights for Gay people?

    Yes, there are still Conservative Democrats and it frustrates the hell out of them that the leadership of their party is “leftist” on social issues (we call it being progressive). That’s why many of them end up voting Republican.

    He should have changed parties and then came out.

  7. qj201 says

    Gay republicans are republicans. They can’t say anything about their own issues without taking a swipe at the Dems.

    Romney’s spokesman steps down…and takes a swipe at “criticism from the Left” when it was the fundies that drove him out. Now this one claims “both sides of the aisle” BS.

  8. Sean Mac says

    Can we get a troll marker posted on Robert’s comment? Obliterating the “both sides” nonsense with truth does NOT equate “bashing”. Republicans have the obsessive need to interfere in the sex lives of others, not Democrats. Every vote that involves limiting the rights of non-heterosexual, non-caucasian, non-male persons is initiated by Republicans. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

    Democrats haven’t worked to suppress the rights of others. That’s all on the GOP.

  9. says

    To see these supposed mature adults, these so called seasoned politicians, coming to some form of contorted honesty, after walking through a life of denial and hypocricy is truly pathetic………what a sad weak excuse for a man.

    Only marginally above the still closeted pathetic ones still too scared to be truthful……….

  10. says

    The Republican part is united in its hatred of gay people. It’s a major issue with Republicans.

    The Democratic party does not feature the hatred of gay people as a plank of its platform and has consistently supported all manner of LGBT issues.

    Now go ahead and lie and tell me this isn’t true. After all you’re a Republican and therefore a DEDICATED LIAR!

  11. peterparker says

    This guy announcing that he is gay is sort of like RuPaul announcing that she’s a drag queen. They already knew, Mary! They already knew!!!

  12. says

    Missouri is a state, like Arkansas (where I live), where Democrats are not all far to the left. Many of them are quite DINO in their voting tendencies.

    I’d pretty much say any Democrat outside Kansas City, St. Louis, Jefferson City, Columbia or Springfield would be a DINO. As well as some of them IN those places.

  13. says

    Not all Democrats are liberals and not all Republicans are right wing theocratic loons. Missouri State Representative Wyatt was most likely speaking of those moderate to conservative Democrats in the Missouri State House who have made the same snide and bigoted comments that his fellow Republicans have made.

    We tend to forget that the world is not black and white but is instead many shades of grey.

  14. Paul R says

    Gosh, a closeted Republican who probably came out because he was about to be exposed? I’m trying to think of ways that I could care less, but they just aren’t coming to me.

  15. Bart says

    Trust me, in Missouri, there is bigotry in the democratic party too. Plenty. As someone living in the state of Missouri, I find (most of) the people warm and accepting, at least to my face, there is plenty of nervousness about anyone who isn’t “just like me.” That goes for race, gender, religion and sexual orientation. This is the middle of the country and birds of a feather flock together as they say.

    I applaud Wyatt for stepping up but for the life of me cannot understand any gay man who is Republican. How deaf can you be to what this party stands for? What does it feel like to hide from the reality that a portion of these people hate you…yes HATE you? Does looking out for your business or whatever you think the Republicans stand for (which is only the uber-rich who actually control the party…) to debase your soul by joining a group that states loud and clear that they do not want you?

    I will never get trying to cuddle up to something that wants to cut out your heart.

  16. Rick says

    I can only applaud this guy for making this statement when it counts. Let’s hope he can help change some minds, and that the evil bill will go down in flames.

  17. CB says

    I can’t imagine why any closeted gay man would want to come out given the reception by this warm and open group of mouth breathers. What happened to celebrating someone finally having the courage to come out? It’s easy to hide out in your parents basement and judge anonymously over the Internet. We all come to terms with our sexual orientation when we are supposed to. How about a little compassion?

  18. Martin says

    As far as both sides of the aisle, this is Missouri (MO, if you want to laugh a little), and the Dems can be pretty conservative, too. The Governor is a Blue Dog Democrat, the A.G. is a former Republican turned Democrat who is suing the Feds over ‘Obamacare’, outside STL and KC, it’s a R-E-D state. It’s also widely believed that he let his party run him off. He dropped out of the race not too long ago and is quitting politics to go study marine biology in Hawaii. Would be nice if he would stay and fight, but that’s a decision only only he can make and who knows what they promised to do if he stayed and ran.

  19. Keepin' It Straight says

    Now that he’s out he’s going to have to lose some weight.

    The one on the left looks like he might be a potential boyfriend. Totally worth it.

    The black guy in the middle looks like he’s thinking, oh, oh, I hope he doesn’t mention me.

  20. Chuck Mielke says

    But, back to the bill that raised this particular protest: it is a blatant effort to silence us and make us invisible again — to put us back in their closet. This is, also, part of their attack on science and anything else that refutes or denies their blinkered worldview. We should start calling these pseudo-conservatives “egyptians.” Not only should they free their slave population, they (sorry) live in denial. (No insult intended to the residents of modern Egypt intended. Maybe “pharoahs” would be more descriptive as it includes the issue of “ruling class.”)

  21. says

    Kudos to him for coming out. Closeted politicians, whether Democrat or Republican, seek to be invisible, and invisible gay people prevent civil rights progress.

    He should be a proud out gay man now. But, why is he a “proud Republican”? His party is behind the Don’t Say Gay bill. His party is behind all anti-gay legislation, and pro-gay legislation only succeeds with Democratic majorities. So he may say there is bigotry on both sides of the aisle, and I’m sure there is in MO, but what is the vote tally, Democrat vs. Republican? He may say that “being gay has never been a Republican or Democrat issue,” but in fact it has: Republicans make it a Republican issue by proposing one anti-gay bill after the next.

    Maybe once he gets out of Republican Dodge and gets lei’d in Hawaii he’ll realize that coming out was the best thing he’s ever done and that he was being disingenuous by saying that his sexuality isn’t a Party issue. It most certainly is, the Richard Grenell fiasco being only the latest example.

  22. says

    Sweet Jesus !
    Margaret Thatcher, a notable fascist, introduced Clause 28 in the UK in the 1980’s … prevent teachers talking about homosexuality.
    That clause was repealed once she was gone; but there was absolute uproar against the Clause…….massive protests.
    When will Missouri learn from history of the example of other jurisdictions or is Missouri and the USA so parochial that either thinks that it has all knowledge ?

  23. stevetalbert says

    the hot guy in the grey suit wearing boxers is the head of the state LGBT group PROMO. (yes I know it’s totally gay to focus on his hotness – don’t judge.. lol)

  24. ratbastard says

    I give him credit for doing this while he’s in office. He is a public figure at the mercy to a large extent of the whims of the general public/voter, so no, it’s not an ‘easy’ thing to do, anymore than it’s an easy thing to do for an entertainer or athlete who could stand to lose millions of $ if/when they publicly announce their sexuality.

  25. Mawm says

    I am not a Republican, but I can tell you that in NC, we are fighting bigotry on both sides of the aisle. Many Democrats are going to vote for the anti-gay amendment in my state, or have already since early voting has began over a week ago.
    In fact, we are going to lose because many in the Democratic party here are extremely religious and conservative. It’s probably the big reason Obama won’t mention our struggle here, or put his weight behind us in a meaningful way. NC will be a battleground state in Nov, and he does not want to alienate these voters.

  26. Sean says

    What a f*cking coward. He has the gall to come out after he voted AGAINST a non-discrimination bill. And then to come out as he jaunts off to Hawaii. He’s a hypocrite and a coward.

  27. jack says

    Margaret Thatcher was no more a fascist than Obama is a socialist. People who want their comments to be taken seriously should drop the extremist rhetoric.

  28. says

    “I give him credit for doing this while he’s in office.”

    I agree he was brave to do it, but he is leaving office and going to Hawaii.

    As for the both sides of the aisle people keep mentioning, what are the vote tallies? Was the Don’t Say Gay bill equally supported by Democrats and Republicans? Gay Republicans need to at least acknowledge that there is a difference between the parties in even the most bigoted state legislatures. But he’s newly out, so he may not be ready to get out of the party who will vote against his civil rights each and every time.

  29. NVTodd says

    I’m not surprised by most of the remarks here, after all, gay people have always been their own worst enemies.

    What’s truly cowardly is sitting on your fat sissy asses, essentially anonymous, ineffectual, and living lives of little to no consequence, while putting down anyone and everyone that is more brave than you are, has more integrity than you will ever have, and has more influence than you will ever have.

    No wonder it’s taken so long for gay people in America to make progress.

    As for the partisan politics, only an idiot and a tool falls for THAT con, over and over again.

    Silly fagots.

  30. Monrob says

    I was going to say, a good republican is a dead republican, but then I remembered some republicans changing their views and vote on gay marriage in NY.

    Let me thank them again.

  31. Sometimes I Post says

    For those of you asking who the guy in the green tie was I have learned after extensive research (READ: internet stalking) that he is MO State Rep. Chris Carter III. Also for those interested he is 31 yrs old.

  32. M K Mustard says

    In honor of all the gay students I have taught over many years, my sincere gratitude to to you, Rep. Wylie. I salute you for being a proud gay American. <3

  33. StevyD says

    Come on, he can’t possibly be a Republican or he would’ve forced himself to resign his office, banished himself from the Republican Party and/or refuted all his votes as signs of a returning Anti-Christ.

  34. jack says

    He is still trying to pretend that there is as much anti gay activities in the democrat party as in the bible thumping right wing republican party. That just ain’t true.

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