News: The Arctic, Gay Inc, Zachary Quinto, Dolphin, Fiction

RoadSteven Thrasher: Does "Gay Inc" believe in free speech?

RoadJerry Pritikin: 22 Gay Moments on the Real Streets of San Francisco in the 1970s.

ArcticRoadNASA releases stunning composite photo of the Arctic.

RoadRick Santorum warned us this would happen if we let gays tie the knot.

RoadDead dolphin found in Hudson River at Chelsea Piers: “'Our plan is to recover the carcass and conduct a necropsy on the animal to determine cause of death,' she said. It was too soon to know if it is the same dolphin spotted in Chelsea and Harlem on Sunday and Tuesday."

RoadZachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff take a stroll in NYC's West Village.

RoadBooed soldier Stephen Hill and Joshua Snyder appear before Ohio judge to request name hyphenation. "The two recently applied to have their names legally changed to Snyder-Hill, and said that a Franklin County Probate Court employee told them that if they lied about their reason for changing their name, their applications likely would be approved. Because Ohio law does not recognize gay marriage, the men could change their names for almost any other reason than becoming a married gay couple, Ludlow reported."

RoadAzealia Banks gets animated (literally) for Paper magazine.

AbercrombieRoadAbercrombie & Fitch to close 180 U.S. stores.

RoadQueensland, Australia to downgrade 'civil unions' to 'registered relationships' and ban gay surrogacy: "The Legislative Assembly in Brisbane agreed to extensively alter the provisions of the Civil Partnerships Act 2011, which came into force in February this year after control of the house swung to the right. The system, introduced in the final months of the last state government, will be renamed and the option of an official ceremony revoked so it bears less resemblance to marriage."

RoadTrans man responds to backlash after White House marriage proposal.

RoadWaPo on the Tracy Thorne-Begland judicial appointment: "The outcome of the debate over Mr. Thorne-Begland will say a lot about the commonwealth — whether it remains in thrall to bigots or is ready to face a future in which there is no place for discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation."

 roadAaron Sorkin's Newsroom savaged.

RoadMale model fix: Christian Santamaria.

FictionRoadMarriage in gay and lesbian fiction: "Until 20 or so years ago, the chief subject for gay and lesbian fiction was doomed love. And why not? It’s a great subject for straight fiction, too. Not only does Anna Karenina herself end badly, but so do the lovers in “Ethan Frome,” “The Great Gatsby,” “Lolita” and “The English Patient,” to name just a few less than fortunate pairings. But in the late 1980s, writers began to explore plausible happy endings for their gay characters. This usually meant marriage, but what exactly was marriage for gay people? The writers looked at their own lives and the lives of their friends. Since we couldn’t legally marry, most of us invented our own couplings with their own rules, often more flexible and unconventional than traditional marriage."

RoadAn Indianan from Uranus.

RoadTwo new planets discovered locked in strange orbit.

RoadSlate: Obama's agility on gay marriage and immigration is making his rival look stodgy and unprincipled. "The president has seldom been a risk taker; he has operated within the boundaries of the possible, avoiding postures that yield no results. But he and his campaign have cleverly recognized that Romney’s slow-footedness and lack of imagination present an opportunity for them to shine in contrast. They have reversed the usual dynamic of re-election campaigns, highlighting the challenger’s stodginess while making Obama into a nimble incumbent. These stratagems show every sign of paying off. Obama’s positions convey a Reaganesque sense of optimism about social change while associating Romney’s views with fear and the past."


  1. says

    What a shame, Andy. Mary Cheney got married to her partner today, and here I am reading about Abercrombie and Fitch?

    Shameful. Congratulations to Mary Cheney and Heather Poe. Best of luck to them both.

    Shame on you Andy. Shame.

  2. says

    Hey ya’ll. Rick Santorum hates gay people and they just hanged three gay men in Iran for sodomy.

    I don’t know about you, but Santorum is scary sh*t. I’d rather walk the platform in Iran and die than have to deal with Santorum’s ignorance here in the US.

    OMG the Muslims want to kill me but Santorum doesn’t agree with my lifestyle. It’s like a nightmare, ok.

  3. Michael says

    Appropriate that Alan’s favorite word is shame. He uses it in every other post.

  4. Poof says

    oh sure.. two new planets and there is poor Pluto… deplanetized. (I know that’s not a word)

  5. Eric says

    Freedom of speech in the United States only means that the government probably won’t try to control what you say— it doesn’t stop anyone else. For example: So many people in the US think that if you complain about the TV networks giving hate groups a platform to spread lies and hate that “you’re against freedom of speech”- when it doesn’t apply at all, because you’re not asking for the government to silence them. The alternative, not speaking up, not complaining, not fighting, can let hate run rampant. Hitler was a nobody speaking in beer halls for years- and people ignored him until it was too late.

  6. William says

    Well… at least now, this transplanted Hoosier doesn’t have to feel like he’s all alone calling people out on that weird-sounding label the uninformed keep trying to use.

  7. theonlyhankinla says

    hmm, I guess A & F are, erm, losing their shirts…

    @Poof, Pluto will always be a planet in my heart.

  8. JAMES says

    As someone born in the early 80’s it’s always nice to see photos like those from that time in San Francisco.