1. Mickey says

    The interruption shows how disrespectful and absurd they right is. The question was utterly ridiculous anyway. I also hope that his WH press pass is revoked!

  2. says

    Racism in action, folks.

    This lower life-form has no respect for the President because the President is black. He’s trying to rectify that by treating tthe President like a servant who ought to “know his place.”

  3. yonquersconquers says

    I agree this is racism in action. I’m hearing this shill is an Irish immigrant who works for Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Ratbastard.

    I’m Irish and the irony of an immigrant lambasting the president for helping other immigrants is completely repulsive to me.

    What a rude little shi@t. I blame bath salts.

  4. kpo5 says

    They hate the idea of “entitlements” and “liberal elitism,” yet the Daily Caller crowd, led by Tucker Carlson, acts like the biggest bunch of whiny, spoiled babies who never had to wait in line as children. They’re Republicans only because their fathers were rich.

    And for some reason, they always remind me of GOProuders.

  5. QJ201 says

    Americans wouldn’t be unemployed if your buddies weren’t so busy shipping jobs overseas to maximize profits and maintain their huge bonuses.

    But Obama, as much as I like him, don’t have the nerve to say that.

  6. HadenoughBS says

    Carney needs to take Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson to the woodshed and read him the riot act over the shocking actions of his mouthy GOPer minion Munro. And, oh, yeah, jerk the SOB’s WH press pass while you’re at it. That disrespectful show has no place for ANY president.

  7. Mo says

    “America the Beautiful with Neil Munro” will start airing on Fox News this weekend. They love crap like this.

    First the “You Lie!” at State of the Union, then that awful pointy-shouty pic of Obama and Jan Brewer and now this. I wonder WHAT about Obama makes him so special a President that right-wingers feel they can treat him this way?

  8. stevenelliot says

    @ oliver. Yes manners went out of style when granny and granddad made it their top priority to remove an educated, articulate, gracious, hard working, black man from the white house.
    They have emboldened the tea bag party with their money and support merely because boomers cannot stomach an african american running the country.
    You can wrap the crap up in excess spending, or socialism, or weakness, or obamacare……but it still smells of white arrogance and bigotry.
    My parents? perfect example. Life long southern democrats. Had very little problem with me coming out. Now that a black man is in the white house they watch fox news all day.
    unfortunately my mothers favorite quote is “Its called a white house for a reason.”
    Its sickening that this country cannot move on from WW2, baby boom era, 1950’s ideals and mores. And by supporting the flea party rethuglicans, the boomers are shooting their own children in the foot. The right is determined to turn this country’s clock back to pre teddy roosevelt times.

  9. Rick says

    The reporter should have shown more respect, to be sure.

    On the other hand, with this action, Obama is clearly trying to racialize the Presidential election, so he should hardly be surprised if that results in his race becoming an issue with a lot of people, particularly when so many citizens are in dire economic straits.

  10. Steve says

    I really can’t understand why my age and race peers are so stupidly thick headed and backward regarding this president. I am a 66 year old white man who appreciates what Obama is trying to do. I hate to think that my peers are so blindly racsist that they would sell the country out to the rich…and yet I can see that many are just that blind and hate filled.
    There is one old fashioned response I’d like to see on the Presidents part. I really would love for him to walk into the crowd and punch that sorry SOB right in the mouth. Aahhh it would be so sweet…then give himself a presidential pardon. An old man can dream…

  11. John says

    I’m all for aggressive questioning, but when the President is making a prepared statement conveying his government’s policies, he should be allowed to finish said remarks before being slammed with race-baiting and racist questioning.

    Shame, shame, shame. If I were Obama, I wouldn’t have been as measured in my response.

    If Congress won’t act, this approach is essential.

    Obama may not win, but he is defining the debates for the next 20 years. The changing demographics may still tip on either side right NOW… but I wouldn’t want to be a Republican in 10-20 years when the Millenials start voting in force and with regularity. All this fire and brimstone and homophobia and mysogony won’t soon be forgotten. They’ll wander the wilderness for 20 years.

  12. Hue-Man says

    I listened to Malcolm Gladwell’s interview on the radio last week: “He said his mixed race was never an issue in Canada. He grew up in Elmira, Ontario, a strongly Mennonite community and then went to Trinity College, University of Toronto, which was so “effortlessly diverse” that he didn’t remotely stand out.” He said it wasn’t until he moved to America that he realised the big deal that Americans made out of race. He described the American racial experience as very toxic.”

  13. gregory brown says

    Part of the willingness of the “Christian Right” to overlook Romney’s cult polytheism doubtless comes from the certainty that HE is Super-White.

  14. Marc C says

    F&ck you RICK. You, that scumbag Munro, and trash like you are the ones who are trying to “racialize” the election. I’m as white as white can be and I don’t fear other races like you do nor will I ever. I’ve met racist pigs like you throughout my life and you can try to disguise your $hit all you want, but you still stink.

  15. John says

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Tucker Carlson stated how offended he was at the disrespect to the individual and the office of the presidency and fired the guy? Wouldn’t that be classy?

  16. clark says

    It’s not as if the jackass B. Hussein Obama is violating the Constitution or breaking any laws or anything. He needs to be interrupted MORE, not less, before he completely destroys the country.
    GONE IN 2012!!!!

  17. Aaron K. says

    I’m a liberal and fully AGAINST illegal immigration and any pro illegal immigration rights. It doesn’t make you hateful, it makes you respectful of the law.

  18. IonMusic says

    I don’t think being opposed to illegal immigration and rewards to illegal immigrants makes you this bigoted individual. I’m a long time poster on here for years, and always rational and pretty progressive in my opinions. For those of us who are actually IN states greatly effected by a high concentration of illegal immigrants…we feel the consequences of pro illegal immigrant stances. We feel the heat of their presence. Are all illegal immigrants bad with ill will? surely not. But even if 30% are out commiting some form of crime (and there’s actually more doing so. be it identity theft to more dramatic) then that’s one too many.

    It’s time to not get emotional with this issue, and deal with the FACTS and effects of rewarding those here illegally (young or old)

  19. Steve-ATL says

    I support Obama and will vote for him 100% BUT I do not support this decision, and this political pandering of those who’s first move in this nation was an illegal one. For their children to cut in front of the line, and be rewarded with IN STATE tuition, pay cuts and hand outs before our American kids who are struggling to go to school is beyond intolerable. We’re in an economic hurricane and we want to see how we can allow over 12 million other people, here illegally, apply for the same student loans AND jobs as Americans already struggling to stay alive?
    Just because I’m a liberal does not mean I have to flippantly and sheepishly follow all liberal rulings. 99% liberal, 99% Obama supporters, WILL vote for him, but this is the 1% area where I isolate myself from the democratic stance. Illegal immigration brings far more negative than positive with it.

  20. ratbastard says

    LOL….you folks should see hour ‘polite’ they are over in the UK. An American president has it easy compared to a Brit PM in the answering questions department.

    Yes, the ‘reporter’ was rude. And yes, his pass should be revoked.

    But, isn’t this the same president who made a million promises about ‘transparency’ and having regular press conferences, unlike Bush? What the heck happened? Apparently, Bush had more press conferences than President Obama. Go figure.

  21. says

    While Obama makes right with amazing efforts toward LGBT equality, we also know the demographic he’s rewarding with illegal immigration (Latinos) aren’t so favorable toward gay rights. By enabling more illegal immigration and the children of illegal immigrants, it will soon create a voting pool that is opposed to our rights. I think about that and the FACTS of Prop 8, and the high number of Latino men who voted against our freedom and rights. It’s for that reason that I don’t favor just opening the borders and seeing our rights be set back decades because of folks who shouldn’t even be here in the first place.

  22. Real Talk says

    What that stupid reporter did was disrespectful and wrong. But so is basically telling Mexican parents that if they can smuggle their children here in this country, the child can become a legal resident, go to school, get a job and have a better life. What kind of message is that sending? a harmful one that will harm the way of life for our country. A country already in bad economic shape.

  23. shawnthesheep says


    You are not as progressive as you think you are. You think illegal immigrants are out committing crimes because you see lots of brown people locked up in jail, so they must be illegal, right?

    The overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants are hard-working, law-abiding citizens. They contribute to our society. They keep the cost of goods and services low by performing menial jobs for a wage that others, outside of a few high school students, would not.

    I am a lifelong California resident. I’ve worked with illegal immigrants my entire life. Rarely have I met any that were anything other than a joy to know and to work with.

    I recognize that we must have immigration policy, and there’s a limit to the number of people we can allow into the country. But we should not be punishing bright, hard-working young people because they were born on the wrong side of a fence.

    If a child is brought here illegally, through no fault of his own, he should not be punished.

  24. say what says

    Part of the willingness of the “Christian Right” to overlook Romney’s cult polytheism doubtless comes from the certainty that HE is Super-White.

    Posted by: gregory brown | Jun 15, 2012 6:15:17 PM

    truth there

  25. shawnthesheep says

    USC Trojan Fan,

    Illegal immigrants weren’t the ones voting against gay rights. I’m not sure how long your family has been in California, but Latinos have been there alot longer. Instead of trying to scapegoat a group of people, you should be working to change their attitudes. Like all still opposed to LGBT equality, the obstacle is religion, not race or ethnicity.

    What’s next? Should we start sending African Americans back to Africa because a large enough percentage don’t support LGBT rights? Fighting prejudice with prejudice does not work.

  26. Dynex says


    Yes you ARE for open borders. What you preach is this idealistic approach of dealing with every illegal immigrant on a case by case basis, while you overlook the many horrific crimes acted out by illegal immigrants of all sectors through out the years…WHICH CAN BE FOUND A GOOGLE SEARCH AWAY. You want to trivialize the life of all the drunk driving accident victims who died in the hands of a drunk illegal immigrant behind a vehicle he should not have been in the first place. You want to overlook the brutal beating, rape, and killing recently of a lesbian women in the hands of a group of illegal immigrants. You want to overlook the illegal immigrant GANGS…many many of them, who seek out young children online and have gang bang rituals with them. All these stories relating back to an illegal immigrant can be found online, but what you and calculating folks like you for amnesty want is for us to ignore those facts, those stories, and THOSE VICTIMS. Because of your calculating agenda. We won’t ignore it.

    One life cut short in the hands of someone who shouldn’t be here in the first place is one life to many.

  27. USC Trojan Fan says


    Your entire outlook on out reach is over simplistic. GLBT have enough of an uphill battle “helping educate” the masses in America. Saying we recognize the extreme disconnect and disdain a certain group has for us, a group that logistically and legally should not be here, and wanting to fight for our self preservation first with foresight is not an inhumane act. It’s a necessity and one all demographics think of. The challenge is already there to attain equality (yet being won over) with Americans. I’d rather not welcome millions of devout Catholics in the mix. That may not be your Miss America answer you’d like, but is reality of this issue.

  28. Alamien says


    Do you realize just how strict immigration laws in Mexico are? Do you realize the steps and loop holes and process to migrate to Mexico for citizenship? Do you even KNOW what happens to illegal immigrants in Chiapas found by the Mexican government? Do you grasp what the Mexicans think of and do toward illegals in their own nation?

    EVERY nation has laws, rules and high regulations on who can and can’t enter their country, HOW they enter, HOW LONG they stay and their purpose for being there. EVERY SINGLE NATION. It’s detrimental to the safety of it’s citizens and the number one priority for every country and it’s government should be the well being and SAFETY of it’s citizens.Illegal immigrant advocates like you who essentially want to reward illegal immigration not only fail to see that, but don’t care to. Shame on that mentality.

  29. Observer says

    Shawn the sheep, how come every country in this world gets to regulate how one enters their nation, yet the United States has to open their doors and say “come one, come all!” to anyone who wants to enter? and with no papers, or documents or even a due process on how to enter?
    Do you realize what my cousin and I endured when we applied to go live in Lebanon for a bit? And I understood it, respected the countries laws and abide by them.

  30. says

    Actually, my uncle DID work in Construction, did lose his job, and was told by a supervisor recently that the jobs went out to illegal imigrants due to their wage for manuel labor being much less, and less costly than that of employing an American.

    There’s many Americans out of work, who would take that minimum wage, or less than minimum wage that automatically goes to illegals. Go talk to real people, especially Americans who are ethnic minorities, and see how pro illegal immigration affects them.

  31. Happy says

    The reporter had a point. Obama talks non-stop anyway. I love all of these 11th hour changes he’s making just to get elected. Hope, change, time again, and everyone’s falling for it — again. Save your scorn for your marriages. I wouldn’t want to be married to any of you. Living hell.

  32. vanndean says

    Rick said that “he should hardly be surprised if that results in his race becoming an issue with a lot of people, particularly when so many citizens are in dire economic straits.

    Rick, the question is, who is responsible for so many citizens being in “dire economic straits? It was not the black man residing in the White House”. This problem was caused by a bunch of homophobic, racist, pseudo-christian, white guys that desperately want to make sure that there not a n-g–r living in the White House for one second longer than absolutely necessary. Unfortunately for this country, there are a large number of people that will be willing to let race play a part in the way that they vote. Their bigotry and ignorance and their failure to understand the recent history of the United States will make them willing participants in “taking back America”. They are willing to send this country into a depression to accomplish their purpose. The result will be a return to the policies which caused the citizens to be in their present “dire straits”. Their desire to take back the country is really a desire to take the country back to policies which are likely to lead us back to a time when “hobos” were wandering the countryside looking for work for a meal. The difference this time is that the “hobos” will be armed.

  33. BobN says

    Obama should not have returned to him afterwards and talked to him.

    The guy shouldn’t be allowed in the pressroom EVER again, and since Tucker has defended him, neither should anyone associated with the “news organization”.

    Conservatives say they’re love tradition. Well, that’s what tradition does when you break protocol, you get punished.

  34. MarkUs says

    You have to be an idiot to think this incompetent will be re-elected. A squirrel could beat him. Oh better believe he’ll play the race card a thousand times. Hell, that wife of his is going to drag those kids on air and cry real tears when the polls show the inevitable as November closes in.

  35. GeorgeM says

    I’d like to hear what you think the country will be like under mittens
    I’m thinking for us gay folks not that great. Exgay meetings at the white house. Reversal of pro gay orders, maybe DADT again, a fight for a constitutional amendment, religion in every office of the white house, a presidential commission on harassment of pro marriage folks (like he promised), no ENDA, no safe school legislation with lgbt inclusion and so on
    But Hell you’ll have f-ck you money in the bank. God knows that’s what matters

  36. FrankTrades says

    Heckling? Heckling? I didn’t hear any heckling. It was a question. Maybe out of turn, but O’Bama never answers questions anyway. Besides, it was a campaign speech.

    But Demo-Tax-and-spend-ocrats will get personal and call him a “creep” — typical.

  37. TJ says

    So… This isn’t extended to all, there are conditions. And I can amen to dealing with hard-working illegals, doing jobs that others won’t. But let’s talk about gang members and illegality rather than humanely treating decent people brought here as children who had no say in the matter. Because black or white requires no homework.

  38. StoilCrans says

    NO to illegal immigration. America has enough problems to deal with the bottom of the barrel from neighboring countries. Contributors are those LEGAL immigrants who seek an education here and better our lives. The off spring of illegals have the highest drop out rates, gang bang violence and either end up on the streets of jail. They lack the motivation and create more problems in their communities.

  39. KevinFan says

    The word illegal says it all for me. Not to mention, the recent study that just came out describing how many milliosn illegals cost our country annually, which was enough to make this Democrat completely oppose the idea. Everything that is PRO illegal immigrant is emotionally based arguments tied in emotion. Not logic, or rules, or laws. My mom struggled to raise us, could she have knocked on our neighbors doors, sneaked in their house and taken something from them and not respected rules? Why not? After all, she was only trying to create a better life for her kids.

    Rules. Accept them and honor them, and people will respect you.

  40. TANK says

    I know that some of the grumpier and pathetic middle-aged queens around here won’t like what I’m about to say, but as a proud American man of European descent I find it hilarious how so many of my obviously white companeros act like they are being so bold and courageous in spouting their borderline white supremacist views here at a forum run by white guys that probably has an audience that is 95% white. Such bold souls… such very bold souls, LOL. Also, to keep things totally real, that Republican jerk who was rude at the White House is still kind of hot looking, in an aging frat boy way… I’d still hit that in a heartbeat!

  41. CJ says

    Another illegal immigrant from Mexico who we find out molested a 5 year old child in Texas.

    But the illegal immigrant activists want to convince us all that they are all just so noble. Not true. Look up the statistics and newsstories of the alarming number of violence stemmed from that very segment of the population. You don’t have to be some right wing Conservative to recognize that. I can’t stand the sight of a Conservative but know an illegal is and rewarding them is something our nation should not foolishly accept. Time for once the U.S thought about it’s needs and it’s issues. We have enough to deal with at home. No need to take on the burden that comes with the presence of illegal aliens.

  42. James says

    @ TJ. You’re exactly the type of pro illegal immigrant type that LGBT people know to distance themselves from.

    In a beautiful video depicting a lovely gay couple and their festive wedding, you wrote:

    “I wish the happy couple all the best of love and happiness.That being said….this is exactly the kind of video that the Republican right wingers will show at their little get-togethers to gain favor for the anti marriage equality platform. I am all about free expression and having all the fun you want at your own wedding, but this will look like Mardi Gras to these republicans. I hope people understand that I am not condemning the way they celabrated, but you have to see where the anti equality people WILL take it out of context.”

    You couldn’t even celebrate a beautiful gay wedding without a jab at the couple, and them not being “straight” enough for you, and yet you want to sell us on the idea of opening to border to illegals. If folks like YOU are the representative of illegals, than we know with them comes the machismo attitude that dictates all gay men have to act like macho “str8 acting” or else they can face ridicule and bashing by your crowd. Before you try to educate us on being compassionate toward illegals, you need to learn respect for LGBT. And based on your posts, your comments toward LGBT tell me that allowing illegals just creates more problem for the LGBT community.

  43. Trudy says

    This “reporter” shows how the “conservative” have lost it by having a non white man in the white house… the governor of Arizona pointing a finger at the president of the USA, this guy heckling and interrupting the president of the USA while he’s giving a speech…just show how psychotic these people are…

  44. AC says

    Entitled doucheprep. This jackass (& Tucker Carlson) are like creeps out of a Bret Easton Ellis story and too arrogant to care they’re essentially clichés. The world would be a better place without them.

  45. gleeindc says

    I remember a previous administration’s screening attendees at events where the President speaks. Of course this guy probably supported that practice–then.





  47. walter says

    @ Steve the people of your age and race are against this president because they are very comfortable with their lives. They don’t realize those entitlement cuts the repuks keep talking about include social security and medicare . and steve i am your age and race and until six years ago one of them.

  48. 99% says

    How quickly we forget how much Bush’s whitehouse controlled media access with an iron fist. Back then, if you were not there to promote the smoke and mirrors, you were not permitted; and NO QUESTIONS! The Right media sucked that down like Kool-aid at Jonestown. I

    It’s a shame; ever since that Tea Party wing nut shouted out at the President during his State of the Union address, everyone feels they are entitled, yet they demand respect from him.

    It is all racist; to the core.

  49. jamal49 says

    Well, at least that dweebiest of dweebs, that punkiest of punks, that frattiest of frat boys, Tucker Carlson, will up the hits on his boring, inconsequential, irrelevant website, The Daily Caller, and become a new hero to the whiny-con right and be lauded and applauded by Malkin, Ingraham, Hannity, Limbaugh, et al.

    See, here’s MY solution to dealing with people like Munro, Tuck the Puck and the rest of the whiny-con right: get over being nice to them, confront the little pricks face-to-face, then kick their asses clear into next week.

    Or, failing that, take a nice, bunched-up liberal fist and smash their teeth so far down their throats that they’ll have to sit on their dinner plates to chew their next meal.

  50. Caliban says

    Uh, you anti-immigration dumb-f**ks DO realize that the people this effects are ALREADY HERE and have been since childhood, right? They have attended school and don’t have any criminal record. And this effects about 800,000 people, which is .0026% of the current US population. And it’s not even a path to citizenship, just a work visa. Again, no one is being “brought in,” THEY’RE ALREADY HERE.

    I do believe the US and all other countries have the right to establish borders and control who is allowed to emigrate. However the US is not an island and in reality borders are just lines on a map and there are people in this country who have been here now for decades, generations even. If the situation was dire in the US and much better in Canada you’d be over the border like a shot and telling the story of it as a personal triumph, a tale of betterment for you and your family.

    And once you decide, as we seem to have done, that our borders need to be shored up and defended against illegal immigrants you STILL have to deal with the reality of the illegal immigrants who are already here. And the Republican party, as usual, does not deal well with reality. They’re off in la-la fantasy land talking about how in a perfect world those people wouldn’t be here. Yeah well, this is not a perfect world, they ARE here, and for once in your miserable lives maybe you ought to take a stab at dealing with reality instead of just bitching about it.

    What do you suggest, rounding them all up, taking all their worldly goods, and putting them in interment camps like we did the Japanese during WWII? Round them all up and fly them back to their country of origin? Who’s going to pay for that?

    No, as usual you don’t have a realistic solution to the problem, all you have to offer is the same old rah-rah nationalistic bull**** that does NOTHING to address reality. And lets not pretend you’d touch those jobs with a 10-foot pole. Georgia and other states cracked down on illegal immigrants and literally tons of food rotted in the fields because they couldn’t get ANYONE to pick the crops. So how about you STFU, go somewhere to think it over then come back when you have a REALISTIC solution to offer instead of just redneck “they’re takin’ our jerbs!” whining? Hmmm?

  51. say what says

    Wow a lot of anti illegal immigration sock puppets in these comments. So, transparent too.

    Posted by: Leonard | Jun 15, 2012 10:43:06 PM

    yepp, pretty obvious sock puppetry going on by 1 – 2 repub posters using diff names

  52. Leo says

    @ Caliban

    “What do you suggest, rounding them all up, taking all their worldly goods, and putting them in internment camps like we did the Japanese during WWII? Round them all up and fly them back to their country of origin?”

    Ask Michelle Malkin, whom Faux Noise has on once a week as guest speaker. That’s precisely what she suggests.

  53. says

    yup. typical right-wing sack-of-s**t. no respect for the president because he’s “a black” – typical GOP racist ugliness.

    tucker carlson, that pathetic worm. great bedfellow he’s got there, eh?

    and to think, these worthless scumbags were the ones out to crucify the Dixie Chicks a decade ago….. *yawn*

  54. Armando says

    Thank you haters for assuming that every Latino is here illegally, commits crimes and votes against equality. As a gay person, you should know that a group is a group because they have one thing in common and not that they are all exactly the same. Latinos who vote can because they ARE here legally. Some are even gay.

  55. Gary says

    If this President is going to appear on “The View” and night time talk shows, he can’t expect to garner as much respect as a Nixon or Reagan up there. When he’s not filling gay smart phones, he’s probably laughing his ass off over how he’s got everyone snowed. Face it, the guy generates more excitement than Jeff Stryker.

  56. ratbastard says

    1) Illegal immigration is WRONG and very disrespectful to the millions who play by the rules. My grandparents were immigrants to America. They went through the legal process of both legally staying in America and getting their citizenship. And it wasn’t easy because they were white Europeans and by this point European immigration was being greatly curtailed.

    2) Illegal and out of control immigration of relatively uneducated and unskilled people [these are the people ‘progressives’ especially like to s*ck up to and encourage] has BADLY hurt our domestic ‘working class’ of ALL races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, etc. It has BADLY depressed wages and created an extremely tight job market. It has also put severe strain on social services of all kinds. I grew up in ‘Latino’ neighborhoods, and acknowledge most immigrants, legal and illegal, are decent people, but that’s beside the point. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    3) What occurred to the president in the Rose Garden was mild compared to the sh*t Bush had thrown at him. And I’m no George Bush fan by any stretch.

  57. ratbastard says

    And why are their so many trolls on here ‘hating’ on so-called ‘Latinos’ followed by the obligatory ‘Latino’ poster defending his/her ‘race’?

  58. ratbastard says

    And please check out how ‘Latino’ Mexican, Central American and South American countries treat their illegal ‘immigrants’. Check out how Mexico treats illegal Central American migrants.

    Check out how Asian societies and nations treat illegal immigrants.

  59. Josh says

    This “rude” act by the reporter towards Obama, speaks volumes about how the tone of this campaign will be. It seems the respect barrier has dropped. Unfortunately it appears that it will more resemble a war. Gays would vote for anyone to get what they want,
    and their demands are masked by other issues. Their demands are no doubt the biggest threat to society and the country. It’s not immigration. Obama must be defeated.

  60. Donald says

    Obama should have snapped his fingers and had this fucktard removed from the press conference and his media pass revoked. But it’s not racist, it’s just rude.

  61. disappointed says

    The most important tool in any arguer’s belt is the Principle of Charity. Most of the comments here seem to reflect an unabashed negligence of this tool. Neil Munro is a seasoned White House correspondent. He knows what proper decorum is in a discussion where the president has a prepared speech. But he thought that the president had finished speaking and wanted to be the first to get his question in. Overly ambitious? Perhaps. But this is common in politics. Biased? Almost certainly. This is what politics is about. Intentionally rude and racist? Probably not. Before you take as a matter of fact that your opponent is wrong and evil, I implore that you consider the possibility you might be mistaken in your interpretation of this even. The story I’ve told is equally plausible to the “he’s a disrespectful bigot” narrative, but it has the features of being historically accurate and not needing to assume the object of discussion is evil.









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