1. says

    the “washrooms” thing is interesting – in many places in Europe, and indeed in the province of Quebec in Canada, washrooms are not merely gender-neutral but MIXED.

    as in, you will see ladies walking into the stalls while you’re at the urinal.

    kudos to the strength and resilience of Kylar Broadus, and to the men and women who have transitioned or are transitioning, who are facing a world still mired with unjustified prejudice toward them.

  2. Dustin says

    Way to go Kylar! Finally, a reason to speak highly of Missouri (at least my adopted hometown of Columbia).

  3. Paul R says

    Sorry, but saying “I’m not employable” isn’t going to create a rush of job offers.

  4. says

    God bless him . . . I hope his testimony does some good. However, I’m skeptical of our elected representatives. If they can’t bring jobs back for the millions of binary gender folk who’ve lost them, what can we expect them to do for “unemployable” Transfolk?

  5. redball says

    yeah i dont get why the ‘not employable’ line was something someone would ever say. but i was reading the statement, not watching it, and maybe it somehow translates more sensibly in the actual video?

  6. Ben says

    This is a great way of ensuring that ENDA isn’t passed for another 30 years. I’m sure this guy is a great person, but he isn’t gay. ENDA was intended to deal with one problem and by allowing “trans” activists to turn this into a bathroom bill, we have hurt millions of gay and lesbian workers.

  7. says

    and your refusal to be a real man and stand up for others, “Ben”, only hurts transpeople.

    So what’s your freakin’ point? You’re right. he’s not gay. In case your cowardly gay @ss hasn’t noticed, “gay” isnt’ the only discriminated against and persecuted minority group in America.

    so grow a brain, and grow a pair.

  8. Mary says

    On a side note, Kiwi, I saw your Youtube video “Happiest dog in the world.” I’ve never laughed and cried so much at the same time. That was the most Friggin ADORABLE thing! Also saw the Bert and Ernie video where you were on Canadian TV. You looked great and your Mom is awesome. I’m jealous! I wish my own Mom was so supportive of me in life. Only one question: who is “bauhaus?”

  9. Paul R says

    I couldn’t find Kiwi’s videos, but Bauhaus is a 1980s goth band and a 1920s architecural movement.

  10. Mary says

    Thanks for the info, Paul R! Especially since Kiwi will probably not respond to me.

  11. DB says

    It is not a good idea to add ‘gender identity’ to ENDA. It should only cover ‘sexual orientation’. Every successful civil rights bill in history has worked by focusing on specific groups and not lumping in irrelevant and extraneous characteristics.