1. Scott says

    He is a FAG CODGER. Nice guy but he is also perpetuating some stereotypes, probably as he knows gays from a gay bar where he works.

    Am I atypical? I don’t go to gay bars much, and haven’t been to one in the last 5 years. I can’t decorate and have to use “guides” to coordinate colors. Most days, I am dishevelled when I don’t have to go out for work. Sure, when I was younger, appearance was a preoccupation – like for all youth.

  2. Apparatus says

    Pretty Gay couple who “vlog” every day (attentionwhores) who also have a cute straight boy living in the house who likes to lounge around shirtless?

    Uh huh. No one is that innocent.

  3. Eric says

    Regarding his remarks about not seeing “poor, disheveled” gay guys on campus because they don’t spend their money on women. Of course you do see them, but you don’t know they’re gay. In addition, perhaps gay men don’t spend money on dating women, but lesbians do, both gays and lesbians earn less than straights, do not have as much disposable income (despite the myth), have the same or more expenses due to inequality, and make up a disproportionate percentage of the homeless population for those under the age of 25. Don’t even get me started on the statistics for the transgendered.

    Gay and Transgender Youth Homelessness by the Numbers

    Chris Rock was once ignorant enough to include a section in his stand up routine where he said, “You never see a gay homeless person.” I hope someone brought him up to speed. Unfortunately that was included in a comedy special that gets reshown all the time, perpetuating the myth.

  4. Rick says

    That straight boy wouldn’t be safe living in my house….sorry, but I would be after that butt ’til I got it.

  5. Brian says

    I am so glad to see this on here. I watch Will and RJ everyday and love Kasey. I think he is an awesome friend to Will and RJ and to the gay community as well as a great example. I would be honored to have him as a friend.

  6. gary says

    @SCOTT OMG! are you and i the only two who can’t decorate, need a “guide” for colors and are happy to be disheveled? my soul mate.

  7. Iko says

    @Apparatus: YouTube can pay fairly well. A quick check told me one of the guys has 13k subscribers, which is probably a nice couple extra bucks every month. Why wouldn’t the other guys get in on it, too?

  8. oakpope says

    Will and RJ’s videos are very addicting. Worth more than many tv reality shows. And they are articulate…

  9. Geoff says

    Sorry, but that boy is a bit too pretty, if he says he straight he doesn’t know he’s gay yet. Once one of those roommates gets down there it will be goodbye straight boy.

  10. Jason says

    I love Will and RJ’s vlogs. I don’t think they are attention whores. If they were, they would be doing purposefully stupid things on their channel to get views, but if you watch them, they are just showing what their day is like even if it’s mundane like going to the grocery store. They are a pretty positive example for young gay couples

  11. Caliban says

    I’ve only seen the two vids linked here so not really a representative sample, but they seemed awfully dull (or mundane, as someone else said) and… random. I mean shouldn’t there be SOME point to what you put up on YouTube?

    And WTH is a “FAG CODGER”? “Codger” generally means an old (male usually) person and that doesn’t apply. “Cadger” might work since “cadging” means to get something through begging (or charity).

  12. UFFDA says

    Dudes on video: get to the point, I haven’t got all day. Plus, you’re not all that interesting. Esasperating brats!

  13. Shane says

    It’s hilarious to read the typical condescension in these comments. And the same people cry about the world being the way it is. Newsflash: You by your words are apart of the problem, but seemingly too far up yourselves to see it.

    Kasey is a nice guy. And will make a great doctor.

  14. Niky says

    Its sad how some people here are calling these videos as mundane or dull. What Will and RJ are doing is showing that gay love is no different than straight love by putting out daily vlogs of them living their life. That is the “point” of these videos.

  15. Ishaq says

    Lame rant. Why make a video about not caring about what people may or may not think about you if you weren’t concerned to begin with? Just make more vids that perpetuate gay stereotypes and keep it movin’.

  16. Paul R says

    Over 4 years in college I had 13 straight roommates, including ROTC guys. They all knew I was gay. All but 2 were extremely hot. None cared about me being gay, bringing home guys, or anything else. They were all extremely protective. That was 1988-92.

    Not particularly interested in so many ignorant comments.

  17. says

    I look forward to the day when we can all like or not like things based on whether they are well done, and not because it’s groundbreaking or just anodyne enough for the heterosexual world. These cute boys seems sweet, but they’re not that interesting. This is the story of how a glibly bland straight boy discovered he has much in common with glibly bland gay boys. Who knew?

  18. Mary says

    “Straight Guy Celebrates Life with a Gay Couple: VIDEO”

    When I saw this headline my first thougbt was “Oh, no. Is Rudy Giuliani back in the news again?” We know that he used to live with two gay friends after his divorce – and they all had a morning ritual of kissing each other on the cheek. I was afraid I’d be seeing a video of this kissing and have an “ICK!” moment. But it’s not what you think. The ick wouldn’t be Rudy kissing gay guys, but seeing two virtually normal homosexuals having to kiss the ghastly Giuliani. I detest St. Rudy of 911. I wouldn’t mind seeing his two gay roommates go at it, though!

  19. wesindc says

    Fake. The “straight” guy looks very familiar, as in youtube familiar (get your minds out of the gutter!). Is this an audition for the A-List? Oh yeah, canceled, how sad.

  20. KP says

    Is it just me or have the comments on this blog been getting meaner and more bitter lately?

  21. Tom Cardellino says

    Plotless soap opera; were these guys simply average looking rather than marginally above average looking, would any “avid” followers fill a Fiat? The one great thing about living in a partially affluent consumer-based-self-image, material-world-acquisitiveness, and narcissist-par-excellence rewarding country (where there are no poor or “disheveled” LGBT folks – not in their narrow daily well-dressed paths, anyway) is that you can occasionally get a glimpse into why stereotypes exist. What price vanity, especially all “moderned-up” with the latest Crate & Barrel decor as well as all the trappings of being tech-savvy? How “productive!” And, can you imagine someone “risking” their self-obsessed daily agenda by stooping so low as to spare some carbon and take (gasp!) the bus! Heaven forefend!

  22. raisingrant says

    love this video he made. very cute!!

    I’m gay and many of us support you bud.

  23. Gabe R L says

    Want to believe in these videos about Kasey and the guys) but am having trouble. They are all too cute for me to believe in the innocence of them. At the very least kasey likes all the attention he would receive from gay guys and likes the nice apartment he lives in. Why make the video if he doesn’t care and insist on his straightness? And it is impossible to believe that neither RJ or Will don’t want Kasey’s butt. And it wouldn’t surprise me if kasey was doing Will or RJ or bothe of them on the side.

  24. Gabe R L says

    Less anyone be offended by my suspicions I will say again that the very least that is going on is that Kasey likes tha attention that his attractiveness brings from gay and bi men, the way a lot of ‘straight’ men do, and he likes his nice living quarters. He doesn’t necessarily have to be gay or bi or doing gay for pay. But I doubt if it is as bland as kasey is trying to make it seem.

  25. St. Theresa of Avila says

    I’m sorry. I’m not being sarky, or god forbid, catty, to point out that the longer video is boring, banal, poorly videotaped, poorly edited and poorly conceived. The shorter one could have been 45 seconds long instead of 4 minutes. I can’t imagine why anybody would subscribe to them, but youtube beauty is in the eye of the beholder, obviously. It’s great that people can self-publish on the web, but not when they publish crap. Craigery Morgan might as well be Steven Soderbergh compared to these three vapid attention whores.

  26. BrokebackBob says

    Leave these guys alone. Who are any of you
    to judge any of them? Looks like they’ve got it pretty good. Check yourself.