1. says

    The “Holding People’s Hands” was cute and interesting. Those that allowed him to hold their hand – that one guy and girl – have to be secure with themselves while the others are awfully uptight.

    We have a lot of street fairs here in San Francisco and as a family (husband, son and myself) we go to many. There was a time or two when I dropped my husband’s hand and reached back to take it and took someone else’s hand. One guy had no problem and clasped it warmly. We walked along for several feet before I saw my husband and son ahead looking back at me with a puzzled look, especially my husband. I looked over to find this fellow walking along happy and content. I said something like, “Sorry, I thought you were my husband.” His response? “Any time …”

  2. NorthoftheBorder says

    i too thought it was interesting that the guys seemed to have less of an issue with the hand holding than the girls. the guy was cute too. :)
    I’d let him hold my hand.

  3. Dale says

    The “Holding the Hand” segment was a bit risky. Both male and female could take it as an act of aggression. Especially in this day and age. The project was pretty brave.

  4. ophu says

    When I was a kid, my first instinct upon someone grabbing my hand was to pull away–violently, if I had to. It really hasn’t gotten much better. 😐

  5. Book 7 says

    RE: Holding Hands
    I don’t think those who pulled away are uptight, per se, just wary. Especially for women, a strange man touching you is unwelcome and an aggressive act. I loved seeing the two who were accepting of it. We all need more touching every day; it’d be nice if random strangers could hook up for a few moments of hand holding or arm linking, but I know I’d always be afraid they were trying to pick my pocket (or worse). Sad.