Vandals Hit Gay Bar in Atlanta


Vandals damaged Sister Louisa’s Church, a relatively new gay bar in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward over the weekend, Atlanta Magazine reports, in what's being called a hate crime:

Owner Grant Henry says that front windows and doors were broken, liquor bottles smashed, and beer taps were left running but that nothing was stolen, including cash and valuables left in open view. Damages are estimated at $3,000. “This doesn’t have anything to do with a break in,” Henry says. “It was definitely targeted.”

At 5:12 am on Saturday, Henry answered a call from his alarm company alerting him to motion on the bar’s first floor. By the time he arrived minutes later, police were already on the scene. The front door windows, which depicted crosses, were both smashed. Bricks had been thrown through a window with the word “Church.” Henry stood outside while police investigated.

“The investigative unit came in and did what they do. Then they came out and said that it is clearly a hate crime. Because they didn’t steal anything, they took nothing, they left things of value, and they only targeted the word church and they targeted the booze behind the bar, you know, on the altar.”

The bar's name comes from an alter-ego of Henry's, under which he creates kischy artwork.

Contributions poured in to repair the bar after news of the vandalism was posted on Facebook. According to Henry, everything has now been repaired.


  1. Dave says

    Sister Louisa’s Church now that is a Church I would not mind attending, maybe they should add some stain glass windows to replace the ones the anti-gay Christians broke in their hate crime.

  2. ATLJason says

    I like two blocks from this place and I never would have called it a “gay” bar. It’s a cool, kitchsy place and they’ve had a couple of “gay-ish” events (And by “gay-ish” I mean they’ve had some local DJ’s that are more well-known in the gay community than the straight community) but I would not at all call it a “gay bar”.

    It’s possible people were more upset about the bar’s irreverent use of religious imagery. I could see it being vandalized for that reason…but if you wanted to target an actual GAY bar in Atlanta you’d hit Blakes, Jungle, Heretic, or Burkhart’s. Not Sister Louisa’s.

  3. OtherJason says

    If this is a gay bar, then every non-tittie bar in Atlanta is too.

    I hadn’t heard of this place, but now after the free publicity by the christianists, I’ll have to check it out.

  4. Bill says

    Definitely not a mo bar. For sure a hipster hang out though. The location is almost as controversial as Grant’s art. Being next door to the King Memorial and Ebenezer Baptist Church certainly tests the tolerance of a community, but I think it’s fantastic.

  5. Maxine says

    Honey, everybody’s welcome at Church, especially the heathens of our community. But that means ALL the heathens, not just us LGBT ones. Gay friendly? You betcha. Gay bar? Nuh-uh. It is, though, the most fun place in the ATL. I’ve NEVER had a bad time at Sister Louisa’s!

  6. Lance says

    Definitely not a gay bar but what I would call a gay-friendly hipster bar. I live in that ‘hood and have been a number of times…always a blast. My friends and I have conversed about the name and feel it is being accepting of all individuals regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. The artwork there reflects that Jesus loves everyone…pot smokers, white pussy (cats), etc. Wednesday night church organ karaoke is a hoot!

  7. Aaron K. says

    I bet I could guess the race responsible for this.

    Glad gays are OCCUPYING Atlanta. People who demand we respect their “civil rights” better get used to ours and respecting our gay presence.

  8. says

    For clarification purposes,
    CHURCH is a bar
    that is open to all people
    but it attracts and nurtures
    those whom are open,
    and creative.

    The two aspects of the bar
    that were targeted in the crime
    were the windows
    that had crosses
    and the word CHURCH.

    The altar behind the bar
    which contains all of the liquor
    was demolished of it’s bottles.

    The draft beer taps
    were left open
    in hopes of draining
    all of the draft beer.

    No money was taken
    (only quarters in the 2 registers),
    a cellphone was not taken,
    a computer was not taken,
    the 2 POS system registers were not damaged,
    and the liquor bottles were broken.

    Thanks for the generous
    offers for contributions
    to help rebuild the bar,
    but we had it up and running
    12 hours later,
    and the “Parishioners”
    that night,
    in their generosity,
    brought in enough
    to cover the expenses.

    A local glass company
    brought by replacement glass
    and had it installed by 3pm,
    and a local sign company,
    had the signage back up
    within 36 hours.

    Thanks for all the care
    and concern,
    and the love.

    When in Atlanta,

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