Posts from July 8, 2012

Google Goes Gay, Globally


Yesterday, at the Global LGBT Workplace Summit in London, Google announced its new "Legalize Love" campaign, which intends to work with pro-gay grassroots organizations and small businesses in those countries where anti-gay laws are still o…

Ana Matronic On Gay Families: VIDEO


  AFTER THE JUMP, see a quick vid of the Scissor Sisters' Ana Matronic talking about what it means to be a family. Please note: the language is a little coarse. Recorded Friday night at Terminal 5, in Hell's Kitchen, NYC … (Thanks to…

Taiwan’s First Gay, Buddhist Wedding


What will reportedly be Taiwan's first gay Buddhist wedding shall be held in Taoyuan County next month, according to the Taipei Times: “We are not only doing it for ourselves, but also for other gays and lesbians,” Fish Huang said in a telephone…

Barney Frank Gets Married


Congrats to Rep. Barney Frank, who got married in Newton, Massachusetts last night to Jim Ready: a welder, carpenter, and small-business owner who's exactly 30 years Rep. Frank's junior. (That makes Mr. Ready 42.) The ceremony took place on t…