News: San Diego, Ryan Guzman, Boy Scouts, John Travolta

RoadBackstreet Boys to reunite with all 5 members.

RoadThe Boys Scouts' dangerous message to Young Americans: gay kids don't measure up.

SdRoadUniformed military prepare to march in San Diego Pride parade, into history: "After many of these marchers wore branch-specific T-shirts in last year’s parade to celebrate the pending end of the Pentagon’s 'don’t ask, don’t tell' policy, parade organizers boasted that the active-duty contingent was a first for gay-pride gatherings around the country. This year, organizers added another first: They urged service members to ask their commanding officers for permission to march in their uniforms." But…maybe not.

RoadJohn Travolta and Kelly Preston shower Mykonos in heterosexual love.

RoadWingnut Janet Porter swears off Google over "legalize love" initiative.

RoadWill and Erwynn: The unlikely story of the first gay military union. "Little about the couple’s biographies would suggest that they would become gay rights trailblazers or find themselves on the progressive side of a culture war. Will was born outside of Chicago in 1976. His mother was a teacher. His father, a marine-turned-fundamentalist-minister, spent most of the year on the road through his work with Fairhaven Baptist church in Chesterton, Ind. Will’s father was its youth pastor and vice president of the church’s small Christian college."

Road'Camp Pride' for LGBT youth activism kicks off.

RoadChris Colfer greets fans outside of Good Morning America.

GuzmanRoadRyan Guzman steps up for Just Jared.

RoadBlack AIDS Institute releases its latest report, Back of the Line: The State of AIDS Among Black Gay Men in America: "Black MSM continue to be first in line when it comes to need, but remain at the back of the line when it comes to assistance. This report not only highlights the gaps and why they still exist after 30 years, but it also provides a blueprint for how to close the gaps and move those most at risk up to the front."

RoadDiamond Rings offers up album release date, tour dates, and a new video teaser.

RoadRally scheduled Wednesday for Kentucky couple kicked out of the park for kissing.

RoadState of emergency declared for world's coral reefs: "Without global action to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and greatly improve local protection, most of the world’s coral reefs will be devastated and the benefits they provide billions of people will be lost in the coming decades, scientists warned at the opening of 12th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) in Cairns, Australia. The international coral reef science community is in 100 percent agreement on the urgent need for action to protect reefs and more than 2,500 marine scientists have signed a consensus statement to that effect, said Stephen Palumbi, director of Hopkins Marine Station at Stanford University in California."

RoadOnly one thing to look at here: the cuteness of the Beckhams' daughter.

SkyscraperRoadSix of ten tallest skyscrapers being built right now are in China.

RoadVIDEO: McCain slams Michele Bachmann's attacks McCarthyesque witch-hunt to root out the alleged Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. government.

RoadBritish Columbia tribunal rules for gay couple in discrimination case against Christian B&B: "The Tribunal decision issued Tuesday said Brian Thomas and Shaun Eadie suffered "indignity and humiliation" when the owners of Riverbend B&B refused them a room because they are homosexuals."

RoadDoest he internet do more harm than good to the gay community?

RoadMaryland Marriage Alliance calls Barney Frank's wedding a "mockery": "The linked column—which comes from Doug Mainwaring, an anti-equality, gay Tea Party Leader—goes on to call the wedding "an absurd frolic, an 'Alice in Wonderland' moment"; 'a joke'; an 'act of contempt toward marriage'; 'the weakening of the two most hallowed structures of civil society – family and faith'; 'a parody, a staggering caricature of the most fundamental and towering of American Institutions'; and 'a display of the contempt our liberal establishment harbors for Main Street America.'"


  1. Paul R says

    Well, obviously nothing screams heterosexual like visiting Mykonos.

    Thanks for the Diamond Rings link! John O. is a great performer and sweet guy.

  2. Matt26 says

    Never heard of Ryan Guzman, but he is good looking.
    @Paul R, yes, straight couple in the middle of certain gossips choosing Mykonos as their holiday resort isn’t a good choice. Perhaps Newt Gingrich recommended it.

  3. starquisha says

    Travolta’s choice of holiday is so blatant it makes me wonder: Has he ever claimed to be one way sexually? Is there an official statement?

  4. MarkUs says

    I thought it was wild to read on Dlisted the other day the theory that it’s John Travolta who wants out of his marriage and out of Scientology and it’s his beard Kelly Preston who is the crazed Scientologist adherent who says she’d destroy him and take his kids. I can believe it. I bet he is very unhappy and I’d never have considered the closet door is being locked and barricaded against his will.

  5. Paul R says

    @Starquisha: I believe that after he was shot kissing his assistant on a tarmac a few years ago, his people issued a statement saying that they were just good friends.

    Travolta has lost his sex appeal and is mocked for being a Scientologist. I can barely see why he continues to play these games. Who knows, maybe coming out could help his career.

    @FuryofFirestorm: Funny! Travolta is probably asking the hotel concierge if he can recommend a strong, flexible local masseur.

  6. Chris says

    As is often the case, you can click on the Just Jared link or you can save yourself the trouble and directly download a virus/malware to your computer.

  7. Nat says

    “Well, obviously nothing screams heterosexual like visiting Mykonos.”

    I hate being catty, but when I read the headline, I instantly flashed to hordes of bronzed young men fleeing the island by any means necessary after hearing about Travolta’s arrival.

  8. says

    Yes, San Diego parade headcheeses “boasted that the active-duty contingent was a first for gay-pride gatherings around the country” last year. One could forgive their ignorance then, but they have since been informed that, no, active duty gays service members marched in New York’s parade THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS AGO. That they are still making their false claim—trying to assert that the 1975 group in NYC wasn’t “big enough” to qualify as a “contingent”—just goes to remind us of how far some Queens will go to create any excuse to wear a tiara.

  9. Solomon says

    ANDY, cover Seattle hip-hop star’s honest pro-lgbt track Same Love released this evening PLEASE. It’s so good!

  10. ratbastard says

    Those tall skyscrapers being built in China are white elephants. And China’s real estate bubble, residential and commercial, is as soft as a sneaker full of you know what. Extremely tall skyscrapers really are little more than phallic symbols IMO.


    I question the reason’s why black gay and bisexual men have such extremely high rates of HIV infection. I think it has little to nothing to do with external discrimination, a lot more to do with internal discrimination [within the black community towards gay men] DL lifestyles, and of course not using proper protection when. engaging in high risk behavior. Black guys are not denied access to the tools need for safe sex anymore than anyone else.