1. Lucas says

    ugh.. hate this song.. the military thing has been done so much by now that its getting old. can we all please agree to stop with these stupid cover videos and flash mobs??

  2. Dave says

    With all the videos coming out from military personnel, lip synching to songs, I wonder who is watching the fort. Is this what we pay our military personnel to do (coming from an older vet). I do think that they need to have some fun, but it seems as if they have more fun and evidentally more time on their hands than most. Have fun I guess, and THANKS for SERVING our country.

  3. topher says

    I love this! Come on guys, these guys are deployed overseas waiting to come back home, and they still have the will to do something silly and have fun with it! I don’t care about the song, but this made my day! :)

  4. Paul R says

    Most of you sound like awful people. Yes, it seems like they spent a lot of time on it, but the group dancing was fairly impressive for a group of (mostly) men, and they need to blow off steam. They don’t work every minute of the day. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  5. LuckyLinden says

    Clearly, none of you know what it is like to be deployed, espeically now that the “hot” war is over. For me, at least, it was moments and days of planning and preparation, punctuated by some truly hideous moments of absolute fear and hell, and the remainder was hurry up and wait. The toll of being away from friends and loved ones and having the very real possibility of something horrible happen to you or a fellow soldier hangs over you all the time. This stuff is a much needed break, mentally and emotionally. It’s silly because it has to be and it makes wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, and especially children back home smile. Heck it makes US smile. There are plenty of people who would never participate, and that’s fine. They do lots of other things or don’t (and that’s often a problem) to get through it, but if you haven’t been there don’t criticize the song choice or question whether our military is actually “serving.” You bet your a$$ we are. I’m glad to be home, but many aren’t. So lay off.

  6. lewlew says

    I love it. I’ll watch dancing soldiers any day! Love it, love them, couldn’t care less what song it is.

    All you crankypants need to step away from the computer and stop reading postings that annoy you! It’s entirely optional.

  7. jj says

    my 2 cents: still love this song. even more, love that military folk feel free to have some fun dancing and prancing and lipsyncing all for us to enjoy!

  8. jaragon says

    Its a fun song and they obviously put some effort in the video ( and what is wrong with cute military guys having fun) Lighten up all you bitter queens.

  9. Contrarian says

    What “Jaragon” and “Paul R.” said. Props also to “LuckyLinden”. Oh “Ben”, heterophobia and stereotyping is no more acceptable to thoughtful people than the spittle-flecked rants of homophobes. Whatever you may think of our foreign policy, these young people don’t make that policy, and they go where most of us wouldn’t.

  10. UFFDA says

    Stiff and out of sync as they are I love seeing our military men (mostly) having a good time with popular culture, or trying to. Love them all…and I see nothing RICK would not approve of.

    Forget AJ, he couldn’t get up to speed with a catapult. He and ENDO that is.

  11. jsb says

    If it brings joy to those putting forth the effort, and smiles to all those left at home, I’m all for it! If you read the headline and watched it anyway, then complain, quityerbitchin.

  12. vanndean says

    What a bunch of nasty, hateful, critical bitches. You can not tell me that you didn’t see at least 10 hot guys that you would fall to your knees behind the local convenience store dumpster and suck off in a heartbeat if you thought they would flop it out. Military guys have been doing crazy crap to pass the time since Alexander was screwing one of his lieutenants on top of an elephant. If you don’t want to see members of the military wasting your taxpayer dollars then don’t watch videos about off-duty military guys. They are on the taxpayers dime from the time they take the oath until they are dead. Get the hell over it, they are doing that which you and many others refuse to do, in places you would not be caught dead and in which they may very well be, in the next instant.

  13. Amanda B. Rekendwith says

    LOVED it. You could tell they were having fun, and not just going through the motions, and I find that infectious. That they can do their jobs with distinction and still have the energy to pull off this creative endeavor is a testament to their characters. 2 thumbs up.

  14. andrew says

    This is my America. Semper Fi guys, to all Army, Marines, Navy et al.These are the children of real Americans and they are wonderful. I am a proud Navy Vet who loves these patriotic young AMERICANS.

  15. jamal49 says

    Uh, Rick? Rick? Ya there, Rick? How about them masculine values, Rick?

    Oh, I meant to ask, uh, Rick. You’re a vet, right? Like me, right?

    So, all that sh*t you write about masculinity and stuff and gay men being too much into adoring femininity is because you speak from hard-ass, boots-on-the-ground, fire-a-weapon-and-kill-somebody-before-they-kill-you kind of experience, right?

    Rick? Rick? Ya there, Rick?

  16. Brad says

    To all the b**chy people on here hating on people having fun lip synching to a mediocre pop song, lighten up. What’s wrong with seeing people having a little fun?

  17. Jumper says

    Ooh raw! Good to see the troops having fun. All you haters have NO idea what it’s like in the military, that’s obvious. If you’ve never put the unicorn on, please STFU. Dude in the back of the helo – HAWT!

  18. andrew says

    Outstanding. Just look at all these wonderful young men and women who are serving in our military. As a Vet, I love to see this kind of stuff. THANKS FOR POSTING ANDY!!!

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