1. Gregoire says

    SNAP! The secret weapon to that biting commercial is that all the text comes from press sources. The problem, of course, is that any of those references might have been in a different context. Still, it’s a damning political ad, but effective.

    I wish the president’s campaign didn’t have to play dirty, but this is a man who’s been subject to accusations of being born in Kenya.

  2. MarkUs says

    Valerie Jarret has hundreds of thousands in the Cayman Islands, too. Keep thinking this BS will matter to folks in November. Oh, how brutal.

    The “right track-wrong track” direction for the country poll has pretty much predicted every presidential election’s outcome. Deal. By November there isn’t going to be some massive wave to majority saying “right track”.

  3. Brandon K. Thorp says

    Paul R:

    Greetings. Hope you’re having a good weekend.

    Re: Tosh — yes, he’s been pitching his new show for months. But if you’ll please click through to the linked article, you’ll see that he’s only just debuted it this week at Comic-Con.

    Re: American Idol — there are many Simons in the world. Simon Fuller is the show’s producer and creator.

    – BKT

  4. Kenneth says

    I might actually watch AI if they had Nina Hagan as a judge, lol. She would be the perfect replacement for Paula Abdul, they are both insane. The read on Wall St. was rather on point, and might I add appropriate on Bastille Day, since for all practical purposes Wall St is our “Bastille.”

  5. WHAT? says

    @SAM: Obama put more people out of work? How do you explain that one? The financial crisis started in September 08 before the election even happened. Mass layoffs were happening BEFORE he even took office. I believe they peaked in the January when he took office, you know nearly half way throught that month. So, don’t you think the blame should go to the President upon which all that started?

    Nice try though.

  6. Matt says

    Brilliant? You libs truly live in an echo chamber (as this blog demonstrates on a daily basis). Barry’s remaining term will end just like the Titanic. Cannot wait for November!

    Andy, better stick to blogging about gay fluffiness or you end up in way over your head.

  7. says

    Some TR gay Republicans (or trolls, hard to tell em apart) are as tone-deaf as Mittens. Hate to spell out the obvious, boys, but he’s not on a winning roll right now. Time to use the magic underpants, or he’ll be lucky not to get booed at his own convention.

  8. andrew says

    Outstanding Ad. Obama and the democrats are in for the fight of their lives. Billionaires like the Koch brothers are going to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into ads trying to convince America that Obama is the anti-Christ. We must beat these devils down.

  9. wtf says

    Oh Matt, you’re hilarious! Liberal echo chamber? Oh please, why are you even reading an OUT gay blog? Don’t you need to get back to your rethug bubble? Don’t let FACTS get in your way of voting against yourself, you fool.

  10. andrew says

    @Gus: You are a liar. Michelle Bachmann, the evil child of Eva Peron an Joe McCarthy has called for an investigation of an aid to Mrs Clinton. No investigation has happened and unless their are others as evil as Bachmann, none will.

  11. Gus says

    @Andrew: Allow me to introduce you to Rep. Issa and Gohmert…I was only pointing out how useful these things are in right wing media, as in the Fox News “some people say” that starts with a blurb on Drudge. It was a prediction, not a lie.

  12. Gus says

    Let me write the Fox and Friends script for you if Mrs. Clinton decides to run: “You know several years ago their were some in Congress calling for an investigation of the then Sec. of State’s longtime aid who may or may not have had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

  13. Zee says

    AMAZING Obama ad. It should air DAILY on every channel in the nation because it shows Romney for what he is, an out of touch, phony, greedy liar who does not care about the American worker.

  14. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Matt,

    Every indicator from national polls or predictions on Intrade or forecasts for the electoral college show that your just dreaming about Mittens winning. Are you trying to impress your Republican mommy and daddy? Don’t bother. They’ll always hate your gay ass and throw you out of their house at Christmas, that is, after they punch you in the mouth. All that Republican cheerleading effort for naught.

  15. Homer says

    Does anybody even feel remotely guilty that the Obama campaign is using Romney’s alleged “misrepresentations” against him?

    I don’t. Not after the Birthers and the Tea Party. Not after the allegations against Kerry’s conduct during the Vietnam War. Not after the Starr Report and Whitewatergate.

  16. Shawn says

    I think it’s time we all start to differentiate between “trolls” and “paid Republican/conservative commenters.” Like any good blog, Towleroad has its merry little band of trolls (@Rick is their leader) who are regular commenters. They seem to exist simply to stir the pot and get everybody all riled up, but they are at least loyal to the blogs they populate and do seem to have spent some time formulating opinions regarding the issues that are important to the blog. But then we have commenters like @Sam and @Matt. These comments are absolutely identical to the fact-free, partisan, Faux News inspired drivel that we see in comments on Huff Post, Salon, DailyKos, Think Progress, etc. I guarantee that they are the same people, paid to scour the web for progressive politics specific blog posts and to then flood the comments section with as many anti-Obama/progressive comments as possible. It’s the only explanation for them suddenly showing up here whenever a political article is posted. And before @Sam and @Matt start squealing about how they’re just concerned citizens voicing their opinions on this gay blog, I would point out that neither of them offer ANY facts to go along with their comments. And they won’t. They never do. They just state the Fox talking point of the day (ie. @Sam: LOL at Obama. The man who has put more Americans out of work then most!) and then are silent when pressed to back up their nonsense with facts. (As @What? did above. And I’m sure he/she could provide a lot more hard data if required.) The internet is a marvelous tool for the individual exercising of free speech and the democratic exchange of ideas, but we must be vigilant. The corporations are trying to buy that too. How can reasonable voices engage in honest debate when they’re being drowned out by soulless shills for big money?

  17. epic says

    @Homer, please educate us about these misrepresentations(i’m not trying to imply you are wrong, i just can’t seem to find any objections from anyone who is not a puppet of the GoP)…everything is as accurate as Mittens/public records allows us access to…his tax return reads like a tycoon’s guide to hiding wealth offshore and his employment irregularities could easily clarified with documentation. according to anyone who has spent 10 minutes trying to unravel the mystery, the true picture may even be more sinister…now that is just speculation; very educated speculation.

  18. Randy says

    “Because that’s how sexuality works: you choose one when another becomes slightly inconvenient.”

    That might be how bisexuality works, but for me to dive a muff is going to take a lot more than slight inconvenience.

  19. just out for a ride says

    Looks like Obama is giving Romney a haircut! Imagine what must be in those tax records to take so much heat for hiding them.

    The thing is though, that some people have seen them, so it won’t be long before the leaking starts.

    Is this why McCain rejected Romney and went with Sarah Palin?

  20. erock says

    @tim @randy…if you read the article, it would be pretty obvious that she was being sarcastic. i did and found it pretty funny, give it a try.

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