1. RONTEX says

    not loving it, his voice is so modified and the song doesn’t have much soul, just blah dance music. On the other hand, the video was nice

  2. Powell says

    methinks George has a case of the “Gaga”. Why do artists make statements like that. This is the best…

    (and you KNOW the Sisters are like-“you stole our Zebra!”)

  3. Autechre says

    “I’m aliiiive and I’ve got so much more that I want to do”. Like moving your hand as if it contained a knife and a couple of dice? Does papa need a brand-new bag? Give us a break!

  4. don says

    I just hope this near death experience inspires George to keep busy and get things done. I can’t think of anyone more talented who has wasted so much time (except maybe D’Angelo).

  5. VDUFFORD says

    After having faced death not once but three times. I can assure you that death is much more simple than this Chanel No.5 commercial looking video.It can be as simple as the visual of whats on the wall in front of your hospital bed. On one of my near misses it was a Thomas Kinkade painting…now thats something to fear.
    Nice try Michael I love your work, But this does not ring true a least to me.

  6. paul says

    Kate’s looking rough in this video….she needs a night in and perhaps to wash her hair. Great to have George back and fighting fit…any other lover was a much better track though.

  7. says

    Not exactly what I was hoping for, but I can definitely understand the motivation. George remains one of my most favorite artists when it comes to sheer talent. I hope there are many upbeat, celebratory tracks on this project! So glad he came through that scary period.

  8. Stranded says

    Glad he’s well but never liked him and my god, what terrible style he has. Is that one of his suits from 92?

  9. redball says

    ‘dance’ record? funny, i didnt feel like even tapping my foot let alone dancing :(.

  10. says

    I want the wav samples and midi. The elements are nice, but the arrangement is a bit scattered. Oh, and I’d totally remove like 90% of the vocals– not just the over-processed enhancements, either. It sounds too ballad/torch-song-esque to have a dance beat as its driving force.

  11. TheMusicSucksPoorly says

    Uh… this video is lipstick on a pig. And if he thinks this is his best work yet, it’s a sad day. Does anyone remember when he released “Amazing”??? Incredible music, lyrics and songwriting. Example: “I thought that loving you was out of the question, then i said to my reflection, please don’t let this go.” Holding out hope for a good remix.

  12. William says

    I’m as excited as anyone to hear a new GM track, but did something happen to his jaw? It looks unusually forced in this video and his enunciation is horrid when compared to his previous recordings. I like the song in general, but he himself sounds a bit less than usual in this track.

  13. BK says

    I’m just glad he may be done wasting his talents. This isn’t close to my favorite, but I’m happy to see he’s back and I’m thrilled he’s still alive. Musically, I’d love him to go in the direction of “Amazing.” That was a much more joyful song than this. I hope he’ll drop the modulation stuff he’s been playing with. Ick.

  14. MattS says

    I agree about “Amazing” and the album Patience being some of his better work. Just happy that he’s better and releasing new music!

  15. jaragon says

    Dazzling video. Is Kate suppose to be the Angel of Death? I wish there had been more of the hot cop.

  16. Meh says

    In 2002, he gave us the amazing ground breaking “Freeek!” and 10 years later, he gives us this generic dance song “White light”. No George, this is anything but your best work yet.