George Michael Celebrates Defying Death in New ‘White Light’ VIDEO


George Michael has released the video for his new single, "White Light", a song he wrote and recorded for the fans that prayed for his recovery from pneumonia last year. As you might expect, the track and video meditates on coming close to death but pulling through.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

Michael said "it may be the best dance record I've ever made" to his followers on Twitter last April, adding:

I've been a busy boy in the studio this week, mixing symphonica and finally ready to write about what happened to me in Vienna.....And how grateful I am to be given another chance to live and breathe alongside you all in this wonderful world that we share...You may recall my reference to those strange individuals who took the time to pray for my death as I lay in my hospital bed back in November...But don't think I don't realise how many of you out there prayed for my recovery. I thank you all from the deepest part of my soul xxx...And i will repay your unending kindness the only way I know how. With music. Yesterday I began to write a song called "White Light". It's for all of you, for everyone who prayed for me, for every one of you who has prayed for me, for every person who has stopped me in the streets to ask me how I'm doing, you have made me feel so blessed. And I promise you it's a blinder. :)

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...