1. Craig Chu says

    Actually, it’s _college_ a cappella, and based on the true story of University of Oregon’s Divisi, who were the first female a cappella group to make a run at a national title at ICCA, the Int’l Championship of College A Cappella. At the time, it even came complete with a scoring scandal which forced a change to the way all future ICCA Finals were scored.

  2. gabriel says

    I saw a sneak peak of this as well (they’re playing almost every week in NYC) and LOVED it. It’s very well done and extremely funny. I’m looking forward to seeing it again and watching it over and over again when it’s out on dvd/bluray.

  3. says

    For example, the Porsche Carrera GT, a high-powered sports car, exerted a strong influence on the legendary P’6910 Indicator, and now it works its magic on the P’6930 Chronograph, in ways both visible and hidden.

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