1. john patrick says

    I heard this initially in my car on NPR. I was hoping to see this online. I had tears in my eyes as I drove, listening. Now I have seen this beautiful man dance.

  2. Nick says

    so instead you opened the link and then went to the trouble of typing a comment?? What a waste of our and your time… For the record, its not depressing.

  3. Jack says

    @ Nick: You said exactly what I was thinking!

    This is a terrific video; Rakoff is [was] a brilliant speaker – expressive, intelligent, honest, relatable, witty and utterly devoid of false sentiment.
    There is nothing depressing or difficult in this video, but you’d have to watch it to know that.

    Thanks for posting, Andy :)

  4. matt says

    He was an old soul – sharing his most important vision – to miss this piece is to miss something soul-changing – do not waste three more seconds – watch, listen, cry, and love.
    this was important.
    IS important.

  5. Mikey says

    I am the empty, battered suitcase at 82, that Mr. Rakoff speaks about. I am the one “that nobody wants,” but Mr. Rakoff makes me see more clearly that I am alive (and still kickin’–if a little bit weakly and with an arthritic leg. But it moves.
    What a man! What a loss to all of us that he is gone.