1. David Johnson says

    Ybor City is not a “sad little burg not far from Tampa.” It is the oldest and most interesting neighborhood in the city of Tampa and the home to most of the city’s gay nightlight. Some even call it Gaybor. The party itself, however, does sound sad and offensive.

  2. Brandon K. Thorp says

    David Johnson:

    Greetings. I’ve removed the offending “sad,” because I’m sure you’re right. I went to school in Lakeland, and during my infrequent trips to Ybor it struck me as a pretty dispiriting place. But I had just come out of the closet and was suffering from depression, so I was probably projecting.

    Thanks for the correction. Hope you’re having a great weekend.

    – BKT

  3. says

    GOProud member at their finest:

    they do, however, serve as a brilliant example of what a culture of anti-gay bigotry does to the weakest members of society.

    they are literally the saddest and most pathetic homosexuals in america. i’d say that they should be ashamed of themselves but they already are.

    this is what happens to boys who never grow a pair and stand up against the bullies and bigoted families they’ve been unfortunately born into. the majority of LGBT people are born into, and grow up in, unsupportive and prejudicial environments. most rise above and meet the challenges they’re faced with from a place of bravery, courage and integrity.

    the cowards choose instead to neuter themselves and do the bully’s bidding in order for pithy half-@ssed tolerance.

    enjoy your convention, boys. won’t make your chosen allies any less embarrassed to have to call you ‘family’

  4. Jed says

    i’m impressed by david johnson’s civil comment and brandon’s respectful response. good on you both. have a great weekend!

  5. boywonder3919 says

    I’m glad to see the “sad” was removed, but I would also point out that Ybor City isn’t “a berg not far from Tampa” it was annexed into Tampa in the late 1800’s. It’s just outside of downtown Tampa, but it really is just a neighborhood in the city not a separate town.

  6. Mikey says

    That radio snippet really made my blood boil. I suppose I brought it upon myself, but wow, was that incredibly frustrating.

  7. Joseph says

    I want to echo those objecting to the use of “burg not far from Tampa.” Ybor City is a neighborhood INSIDE Tampa’s city limits, just like Davis Island, Hyde Park, etc. To describe it otherwise is inaccurate.

  8. says

    Not only is Ybor City part of Tampa, but many people living in Tampa would say Ybor City IS Tampa’s downtown.

    As to Honey Pot being a “fetish club”, other than catering to gay people, I don’t see how that description fits. Wet T-shirt contests? Drag queens? You might as well call every gay club that goes beyond square dancing a “fetish club”.

    And if any of the guests are anti-gay, they sure have a weird way of showing it–going to a gay club to hang out with gay people. If this is what gay-haters do, we need more of them!

  9. TampaZeke says

    David beat me to it. Ybor City isn’t a burg or a town, it’s a neighborhood and historic district in Tampa, very close to downtown. It’s like the French Quarter or the Castro or Harlem. It’s the district that Cigars built with primarily Italian and Cuban immigrants. Gays, for a long time, were just about the only people who would go there at night because the El Goya/Tracks nightclub was there. The rest of 7th Ave. was pretty much a ghost town, save the Columbia restaurant. Then the straights invaded and brought violence and mainstreaming, practically running the gays out. Now the gays have taken back over and there’s a good gay/straight mix, with the gays pretty much in charge. The “Gaybor City” board pretty much calls the shots.

  10. says

    Omg, can you imagine dozens of Ricks and Jasons all under one roof cruising each other and talking about how manly they are and how gay rights are for effeminate pansies? *shudder*

  11. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Dana Loesch is at this GOProud event? Why is it that self-loathing gay men, such as the GOProud crowd, like to be insulted and abused by straight women? Sounds pathological. Rick, where are you? This thread definitely needs you to comment on this Dana-Loesch-abusing-GOProud-idiots phenomena.

  12. Josh says

    Dana and Ann Coulter are against gay marriage yet they speak in front of GOPROUD in which some of the members are legally married to someone of the same sex.

    How do they square the fact that some of their gay friends are already married?

    Do they think these marriages should be annulled against the will of the married parties?

  13. Terry says

    Artie_In_Lauderdale, they had Ann Coulter at their last shindig. Christ, can you imagine sitting there and listening to that vile woman insulting you? She was billed by them as “the right wing Judy Garland”, by the way.

  14. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Winston,

    I’m not familiar with Jason’s commentary, so I’m not including that in my comment. However, I think your argument about Rick is upside down. The GOProud idiots LIKE to be insulted and abused by straight women. Brandon’s post makes this clear when he tells you that GOProud is inviting some snippy, homophobic female, Dana Loesch, to their event. In the past, GOProud has also invited Ann Coulter to their events, another snippy, homophobic female who loves to insult and abuse gay men. Rick, it seems, would be on the opposite side of the argument, counseling you and others to avoid this kind of self-denigrating behavior. You need to reply, and Rick need to weigh in. ASAP. Get it?

  15. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Terry: I think we posted our comments simultaneously. Yeah, GOPRoud loves snippy, homophobic females like Dana Loesch and Ann Coulter. I have certainly disagreed with Rick on other occasions, but this is one piece of advice where there is no disagreement: Don’t kiss up to straight women who find amusement in insulting you. Duh.

  16. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ LittleKiwi,

    Brilliant. Behind every self-loathing gay or bisexual man there are HIS STUPID HOMOPHOBIC/CLOSETED RELATIVES that he’s kissing up to.

    “It reminds them of Christmas with their families.”

    I hope you don’t mind if I quote that in the future.

  17. scott says

    I didnt see the original Brandon, but thanks for being open to change – btw, ur weekend editing/curating is always spot-on:-)

    The only thing I would add is that the Honey Pot isn’t a S&M or fetish bar- they may host some parties and events like that, but only on occasion. They’re really just a mainstream gay club, with drag shows, go-go boys, bear bartenders, and some nights for lesbians and others for gays. (found that last bit out when I took my bf on the wrong night- other than the bartenders, we were the only guys there lol)

    But yeah, I mean, why would anyone want Dana Loesch there? The other Repubs believe in SOME rights for gays, but why her?

    and @JASON- yeah, it would seem that if people go to events, they can’t hate you that bad, but why would they- and why would someone want them? Personally, I think it’s just giving her some street-cred with moderates?young-people to say she’s not too much of a grumpy, no-fun Christian.

    Still- why have the most offensive people in your party headline your event- weird.

  18. says

    Why do we act as if GOProud is a legitimate gay organization? It was founded by social conservatives as a way to blunt the message within the Republican Party put forth by the Log Cabin Republicans. GOProud is nothing more than a disinformation front group for social conservatives. Let’s stop acting like they are anything but.

  19. says


    Yeah and she makes my ears bleed whenever she on Real Time with Bill Maher. She claims to be an atheist, but she is really a false atheist and stupid at that.

  20. KC says

    Wow… the only word I can come up with is simply – UNBELIEVABLE. GoProud makes “crazy” look downright sane and rational.

  21. andrew says

    Blake: Is a “faggot” a gay person with whom you disagree? Then you are a “faggot” to me.

  22. says

    Dana Loesch is a cowardly bully with a limited intellect. When I called her out on her defense of Todd Akin, her legion of sycophantic minions blasted me on Twitter with hateful language (“fag” & “faggot”) and threatened me with corporeal harm. The most overt were reported and suspended. However, some were not and these cowardly bullies were the very same being followed by Loesch herself. When I called her out on this, she blocked me as she is in the habit of doing to any who confront her with the raw truth. Simply put: She can’t handle the truth.

  23. Billy says

    Good Evening All,

    So I am actually a bartender at Honey Pot in Ybor. Please know that the club is not fetish. I promise it actually is a very beautifully designed night club and one of the nicer ones in Ybor. The “fetish” part you are speaking of might be the fact that the owners of the Honey Pot do own a couple of places in Ybor and one does cater to the fetish community. Please know that the owners of the club are Gay and are extremely active in the gay community and movement. Moreover, this is an event that is being rented out with a signifigant amount of money and that a large portion of the cost for that is being directed into several gay and gay friendly charities. I would ask if anyone is in Tampa to please do not hesitate to come any weekend they like to the clubs and I will gladly serve them. Hell I will even buy them a shot if they are nice. Thanks for your time.

  24. says


    Don’t worry about what you read here. Us locals know you guys are good people.

    Sadly, a lot of activists in the gay community care very little for the things that matter to most gay people, like acceptance by mainstream society. They’re more worried about national fiscal policy or union rights. And they waste everyone’s time throwing accusations at other gay organizations.

    Honey Pot got caught in the crossfire.

  25. Mary says

    Two of the best comments I every heard about GOProud came from Towleroad. Someone asked recently whether it was a real group with members or just a board of directors who put out press releases. I think the latter is more likely. Also, every person you hear of in regard to GOProud is listed as “a member of the advisory board.” Someone asked a while back “how many ‘advisors’ does GOPRoud need? Don’t they know what they’re doing?”

    Ann Coulter was at a GORpoud gathering and said that she “wanted don’t-ask-don’t-tell not just for the military, but for all of society.” Well, then how are you pro-gay? Even when I was against marriage equality I never would gave gone before a gay group and made such a statement. Isn’t this saying that you want gays to stay in the closet? The whole GOProud story is puzzling to me.

  26. Michaelandfred says

    When the Log Cabin Republicans call you out for being sad and fake then you know where GOProud stands in relationship to reality. A handful of mega millionaire gay men who will never face discrimination simply because that kind of money is the great equalizer. No hotel, hospital, club, airline, resort, restaurant, sports center, business will ever deny them access and they’re too closeted to ever actually marry even if they wanted to.

    The worst that will ever happen is that they don’t get invited to the convention while it us full of Tea Bagger crazies, but they don’t care because when it comes time to write checks and influence the laws that protect their money they are back in the game and sitting down with senators while the Baggers sit at home wondering where their healthcare went and waving a sad little American flag.