1. woodroad34 says

    “I do not think Mitt Romney realizes what he’s done to anyone. And furthermore, I do not think Mitt Romney is concerned.”

    here, here! Romney is almost Autistic in his ability to relate to humans. He’s cold, a-moral, and a smarter version of George W. Bush — and look where that got us. He’s destructive on so many levels; I have that same intense loathing that I had for Bush when he was running for President.

  2. LincolnLounger says

    Revolting. I hope Karl Rove doesn’t sleep throwing the worst at that disgusting bunch of hypocrites known as Team Obama.

    So much for bringing the country together.

  3. paul says

    It is brutal but it really demonstrates the consequences of Mitt Romney’s decision making. I am not suggesting he is totally responsible for this woman dying, which is a terrible tragedy, but if you campaign to take away people’s health insurance, they might just get sick, and this is what happens when people don’t have insurance, because they can’t afford it. When is he going to realize that not everyone in the world has as much money as he does ?

  4. says

    The Republicans claim to be “pro-life” but here in Arizona they cut transplant funding and at least three people died and they cut healthcare funding for poor people, and who knows how many people are going to die premature deaths because of that.

    Republicans are the party of death.

  5. says

    It really doesn’t take a genius to know that Romney will not run this country for the good of the people. Only a few “people” (used in the legal sense, not technical sense) will benefit from his “leadership” at the great expense of EVERYONE else!

  6. Disgusted American says

    Just Like on HBO’s BIG LOVE – the Mormon message was $$$$$$ before anything else, then comes (fill in the blank)..the Mormons are selfish,and sneaky…..its all about THEM THEM THEM

    this ad relates to many americans right now

  7. say what says


    LOL coming from the bush cheney party that destroyed the unity all americans felt post 9/11….the party of hating anyone non lilly white and xtian, the most divisive gang of troglodytes since the founding of america…the most treasonous party in US history with slashing taxes on the wealthy gutting the strength of the US

    read the polls and weep…latest poll sees Obama jumping into lead in NC and romney is tanking fast everywhere

    romney-hood on the march and may it hang the entire tea bag party (since they killed the party of lincoln and repubs no longer truly exist)

  8. says

    I like Obama. Please share my thoughts everyday with everyone you know. I like Obama. Gay men have alweays had an effect on populuar culture. Post “I like Obama”. all over the web, face book, twitter,I like Obama. Well, I love him, he has set me free.

  9. Icebloo says

    I’m glad the left wing are FINALLY giving us some hard hitting ads. The Republicans will stop at nothing to win but the Democrats are always too nice and polite.

    This man is brave for speaking out. Many thousands of people have been made unemployed by Mitt Romney and his terrible history of bankrupting businesses to make himself rich.

    People need to know Mitt Romney’s selfish and greedy actions have DIRECT CONSEQUENCES on lives other than his own.

  10. Steve says

    The diagnosis you’re looking for is sociopathy aka antisocial personality disorder. It fits him down to a T. The animal cruelty, the selfishness, the lack of empathy and genuine emotions, the empty looks…

  11. John says

    A Bain/health care double whammy.

    I do wish though that the health care piece was explained more since so many people are opposed to it based on what Fox News says. If people understood how it’s a great thing, that would help immensely. Though I guess since the central pieces haven’t gone into effect yet, those stories don’t exist yet.

  12. simon says

    It is not surprising GOP never hides their theory about the 1% and “trickle down” from there. What is shocking is that a lot of people still believe in it. Perhaps not too shocking since the same people happen to believe in God.

  13. sparks says

    This is what the campaign needs to do, and keep doing until November. Because you can bet that the GOP will be pulling every dirty trick in the book.

  14. Miguel R says

    @Darren in ATL
    Here I am crying, thinking what an effective ad this is. And I read your comment and laughed. Damn you. (Furthermore, I read “OH, bob!” in Florida’s voice, which simultaneously made it more poignant and funnier.)

  15. Tarc says

    We already know Willard the Waffler isn’t concerned. In fact, he said today that he wants to limit the amount of money (drastically) one can get from Medicare – one bad illness and your parents will lose their coverage! He’s a real *swell* guy – that looks more like a cross between Adolph Hitler and Charles Manson every day.

  16. Mike C. says

    Not as strong an attack ad or argument as I would hope. A lot of people are terrified of going to the doctor and withhold themselves from detection and treatment for that reason. There’s no way to know here

  17. MarkUs says

    It’s all Obama has left. I’d love to see the internal polls that has resulted this instead of hopey-changy and “elevating the political discourse” – now blaming Romney for someone dying of advanced cancer. I saw today he said “I’m just not President of black America!”, a nod to the fact that his white male support has tanked.

  18. Miche Rutledge says

    This happened when I lived in Kansas City. It ended steel production entirely in that part of the country. The steel workers had no other options, much like other parts of the nation where the plants shut down.

    I get that it was legal, but it was still immoral. Until we hold the bankers and investors liable for their immorality in their actions, we’ll never see any better results from them.

  19. Logan says

    Your comment reflects on your stupidity. This is an ad from a pac, not Obama. I’d also like to point out that Mitt and the republicans are the ones who edited a video of the president to make it look like he said something he didn’t. Now that’s desperation and lack of tact.

  20. Logan says

    Your comment reflects on your stupidity. This is an ad from a pac, not Obama. I’d also like to point out that Mitt and the republicans are the ones who edited a video of the president to make it look like he said something he didn’t. Now that’s desperation and lack of tact.

  21. Jack says

    But just like the right, the left will eat up anything negative anyone says about Romney no matter if it’s true or not.

    And I certainly can’t expect Andy or cohorts to actually do any research and fact-check anything (unless of course a Republican says it, in which case no stone will be left unturned in the effort to make it seem like a lie)

  22. PDX Guy says

    That rebuttal on CNN is a joke. The fact remains that if Romney and Bain hadn’t sucked the plant dry to get millions for themselves, this guy and his family would have had insurance when his wife got sick.

  23. Jack says

    PDX: GMAFB. There was a huge steel industry crisis in that period of time that caused more than 25 companies out of business.

    Furthermore, his wife’s primary insurance came from HER job. Maybe Soptic should blame HER employer for closing up shop?

    It’s absolutely pathetic. Romney lies too, but Soptic and Priorities USA are equally liars.

  24. PDX Guy says

    When she lost her primary insurance, his would have become the primary in its place. And her employer didn’t get raided and shut down, she lost her job when she got injured.

    If Bain made off with millions, there must have been value in the plant when they closed it, right?

  25. andrew says

    If democrats want to have any chance of defeating the scum bag republican party personified by Karl Rove they better f**king well play hard ball.

  26. Liz says

    And under Obamacare, this gentleman would be fined for not having insurance.
    This is a dirty political ad. Research shows the woman died in 2006. Romney left Bain in 1999. A real definite cause and effect…. No mention that this poor woman would have been eligible for Medicaid.
    This is simply propaganda pushed by a contemptuous Democratic party PAC.
    Btw, Obama is a LIAR!! And a Failed President!!

  27. Mgh999 says

    You all do realize these events happened five years after GST shut down, and Romney was long gone from Bain, and she did have health insurance during that period

  28. Mgh999 says

    Yes, and it’s Romney’s fault 30 steel mills shuttered during that time, and if you ever been through steel mills like these you would immediately know why they are no longer in business

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