1. stranded says

    Kudos to Cooper for that. He seems like a decent guy although completely overexposed. But if he’s going to be everywhere all the time it’s great that he’s openly gay. That said, what an awful set! A Jerry Springer/Frasier mashup to take us all back to the Nineties. Ugh.

  2. UFFDA says

    So far Cooper can do no wrong. I hope his boyfriend will always see it, and be it, that way himself.

    Now we want a big New York wedding, roses, cake, kisses, the whole nine yards. This sweet guy needs to be happy forever.

  3. says

    Kudos is right. He handled it very well and he remains the same guy he always was. I liked the part of his Beyonce interview when he asked her to confirm her and Jayzee’s support for same-sex marriage – he didn’t have to even bring it up but as a public gay person he is ensuring to all of us that he is not going to shy away from being gay.

    I was surprised to see his new “Anderson Live” on at 11am here on the west coast and it will be repeated again at 3pm – but he must be testing the waters because Couric’s new talk show will be pitted against him at 3pm and ABC has been pouring all kinds of publicity into it.

    We love Anderson. He is a fine gay representative for our community. Now if he would just fall in love, get married and have a couple of kids the world can rest easy. :-)

  4. Patrick says

    ugh… when he smiles and giggles my day is made better… that SET is UGLY. what happened to that gorgeous view in NYC!?! did it not work? Ellen got away from that as well, no?

  5. Patrick says

    ugh… when he smiles and giggles my day is made better… that SET is UGLY. what happened to that gorgeous view in NYC!?! did it not work? Ellen got away from that as well, no?

  6. OKEYDOKEY says

    @MIKE: it’s never good enough for some people? Always demanding more! You guys badgered him until he finally came out, but really a line should be drawn. The details of his personal relationships are that, personal. They are none of our business. How would you like it if someone asked you intimate details of your relationships? People seem to think they expect details on every aspect of famous people’s lives. Worry about your own life!

  7. Mike says

    OK: Ppl can ask me anything they want about my personal relationship. I have nothing to be ashamed of, neither does Anderson. Talking about an open relationship is no different than you talking about being gay or any straight person talking about their relationship.

    Anderson should feel the same freedom.

  8. excy says

    Anderson Cooper may fall in love, may get married, may have a couple of kids…..and then again, he may not. It is his life…and like it or not, it will be lived in the public eye. He should live it as he wishes…and not feel pressure to “set a good example” and mirror an image that many people believe is acceptable. He is a human being, not a politically correct robot.

  9. GregV says

    I’m very proud of Anderson for comin out and for being a man of integrity.
    I did find it a tiny bit ironic that, in this clip anyway, the “something” that he had said over the summer (and about which he has no shame) was spoken about in cryptic tones, as if that “something” dare not speak its name.
    If a viewer didn’t already know the story, they might wonder whether he had had a testicle removed, a nosejob, gotten divorced from his wife or dyed his hair.

  10. says

    well, we all know the “stages” of coming out, and some never progress past the first two. heck, many never get to the FIRST one.

    but at some point we stop caring not only about people knowing that we’re gay, but also knowing/worrying/CARING “what kind of gay person” we are, or are seen as.

    that whole “photo scandal”? *pshh*

    they totes had a rad-rockin’ threesome. and i bet it was sick amazing.

    never forget we’re allowed to live our own lives by our own rules, and if you ever find yourself worrying about “what others think” just remember that that kind of mindset kept you closeted in the first place. it aint worth it.

  11. Icebloo says

    Anderson Cooper is truly pathetic.

    He is from one of the richest families in the WORLD – not just the US but the whole WORLD.

    He had NO risk attached to coming out. NOTHING. He has more money than some countries. If he got fired by CNN for being gay he could buy the whole company.

    People in Anderson’s position are in a perfect position to come out and show the world, and gay youngsters, that there is nothing wrong with being gay. Pussy Anderson waited until he was 45. FORTY FIVE !

    Anderson wanted the attention of a TV career to go along with his BILLIONS. He NEEDED the attention so he stayed in the closet so he could satisfy his own ego. He didn’t want to risk losing his TV career even though he doesn’t even need his monthly pay packet.

    I have no respect for him at all. He is a self centered coward.

  12. "The Gay" says

    Nobody owes you anything. If somebody wants to keep their private life private, it’s none of anybody’s freakin’ business.

    I now all the lisping prancing mincing sissies here feel that every gay man on earth should be an in your face screaming homosexual, and make this the center of your own personal universe.

    Make YOUR OWN choices and live with them.

    If more gay men did more than sit around complaining and playing up their victim-hood, nobody would give a crap about AC coming out publicly. As if everybody didn’t already know anyway. Like it was some huge freakin’ secret.

    I look forward to the rapidly approaching day when all the silly fawning, and loathing, over every stupid talking head coming out receives the big “meah” it deserves.

    I hope I’ve offended both extremes, because, really, you all deserve it.

    The rest of us simply don’t give a crap !

    We’re here, we’re queer, too, get used to it and get over yourselves. Drama queens.

  13. Marty says

    Good for Anderson for living his life on his own terms. Good for him for not caving into other’s people projections about how THEY believe he should live his own life. Live you life on your own terms, always.

  14. Greg says


    The Vanderbilts generations ago were the world’s richest family. That was a long time ago, their money is old and a lot of it has been spent. Anderson is not now nor has he ever been in any position to buy Time Warner.

    Coming out a personal process for anyone no matter what their financial status.

    There are every few national news anchors of any age who are out of the closet, and the other one at CNN, Don Lemon, is older than Anderson and came out at the same age as Anderson (45) last year.

  15. BillsBills says

    IceBloo you just sound jealous and bitter that Anderson is from a wealthy family and is also a high profile celebrity that is well liked by the general population. Like it not, as it’s been said before, nobody owes you or anybody else any explanation on how, when or if, they decide to come out. Welcome to the real world.

  16. andrew says

    Sorry, but it seemed odd that neither one if them used the word “gay.” Like they were both kind of uncomfortable with the topic. Disappointing, frankly – if this is the first time he’s actually talked about his “coming out.”

  17. acevedo says

    @”The Gay” – I agree to some extent that everyone can make their own choices about coming out. But honestly, in 2012 – unless you are in the NFL or the police dept in podunk USA etc, you are a pussy and a coward by not coming out and being real and creating visibility that helps others.

  18. andrew says

    Anderson Cooper is one great guy. He grew up in extreme wealth and could have become a playboy living a pretty useless life. Instead he decided to be a reporter. When he was, at first, unable to get hired by the big networks,he took his camera and traveled to dangerous war torn areas to do outstanding reports. Finally the big wigs noticed and the rest is history. Young gay people couldn’t find a better role model.

  19. andrew says

    @Uffda: Big NYC wedding with roses and cakes ets sounds way to girlie for Anderson.Gay men do not have to immitate boy-girl weddings. They are men and should act like it.

  20. says

    He’s absolutely right. It’s visibility that enhances out rights. People, coworkers, neighbors, friends, family knowing that they know a gay person is what has advanced equality and changed people’s minds. If everyone who was gay was out, they’d help inspire to change the mind of one heterosexual and this world would continue to move forward.

  21. Roy says

    He’s absolutely right. Had no gay person come out, and been kept hidden, we wouldn’t have any rights today. It took people being true to themselves and unapologetically themselves for us to be where we are today. There’s still GREAT work to be done in terms for full equal rights for LGBT around this country, and it comes with LGBT openly accepting they are LGBT and not hiding it from those around them. You owe it to yourself to never be hidden, and fully be self accepting.

  22. Scott Johansen says

    Countless studies throughout the years have shown: heterosexuals have stated what helped open their minds toward gays and be more accepting of gays to fully embrace gay rights is *knowing* a gay person.

    Thank you Anderson for putting the needs of our community and our LGBT youth as a priority with your lovely coming out decision.

  23. says

    Andrew, thank you for confirming you are One of Rick/Ratbastard/Jason’s concoctions. All your posts are cryptic in how thier tone is similar to that of Rick/Ratbastard/Jason and this one confirmed it. You may reword your approach an tone, but the heart of your message mirrors theirs. At a certain point, you’re going to run out of psuedo screenames bud.

  24. Ronnie S says

    Andrew = Troll, guys.

    He goes from relatively normal, to irrelevant to bat sh*t crazy like above. Not being able to keep up with your own personality disorders = classic troll syndrome

  25. Steve-ATL says

    So many kids wrote both Anderson and Don Lemon telling them that them coming out inspired them to be open too, and accept being gay and even pursue journalism. Don talked about it in a recent interview. The gift of being able to be an inspiration to a child who can see you and use you as a motivational force is truly priceless. Thank you to Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Hillary Rosen, Rachel Maddow, and the other gentlemen on MSNBC with his own news show, for all serving as inspirations for our gay children and adults.

  26. Texan Rexan says

    I just know for me, coming out made me feel like a real person again. I felt like I was playing a role everytime I stepped outside my house when I was closeted. Constantly fearing someone would find out, constantly censoring myself, or being hyper self aware of how ‘gay’ I might come off. It got so exhausting that I realized I was living a miserable life where I was literally aging myself.

    One day I literally got fed up and … drained. To play a part all my life all so those around me could be happy? That took it’s toll. I decided to be me. Pursue dates. Be open. Have the conersation with my friends and family, and allow myself to be happy.

    I’ve nee been happier. I truly don’t even recognize the person who was closeted who I was a few years ago. He was scared, bitter and limited. It feels great to just be- and know that those who love me, love me for me. Not someone who I’m not.

  27. Yellow Mellow says

    I celebrate ANYTIME a public figure comes out and acknowledges being a member of our community. Not only for us, as every community is stronger in numbers, but also for him. To live a accepting life is to live a fulfilled life. I encourage anyone who is in the position to, to come out an grant themselves that gift to live their lives for themselves. Being gay is not a flaw. It is a characteristic, and all characteristics make you- you, and should be celebrated.

  28. Duration & Convexity says

    It was Martin Luther King who personally called up the black actress in the original Star Trek and requested she not leave the show, because it was vital for her as a black women, in a time when blacks were persecuted, to be on mass media. For young black girls to be able to see someone they could identify with who could inspire them to get through their daily struggles of prejudice they faced. And also, it could serve as a reminder for non blacks that they are force to recognize and ultimately embrace diversity. Because it is all around them. She stayed for seasons to come on the show and got thousands of touching fan mail yearly from black people at the time. Same is true for people in the public eye who come out as LGBT in a time when our people are being persecuted.

    Never under estimate the power of visibility.

  29. Shane says

    We had a recent Australian athlete come out as both gay an HIV positive, and he credited his coming out from the strength he pulled from Anderson Cooper coming out. He now helps HIV positive people an has had an enormous outpouring of support. Thank you Anderson and to anyone who is freely and openly themselves.

  30. Kevin Mendoza says

    Being able to hold my boyfriends hand in public, is romantic to us. As it is for the millions of straight couples who do the same.Having his picture on my office desk to look at from time to time, is romantic for me. As it is for the countless of straight coworkers who do the same in our office. It makes my relationship feel whole to not hide it, and be natural and comfortable with it. Because I know that there’s nothing less valuable or worthy of my relationship with my boyfriend of two years, compared to that of my heterosexual friends and their straight relationships. To each their own though. But for us, that works. And I couldn’t be happier.

  31. andrew says

    @Art Smith, Ronnie and the censor Czar Larry: I wish you guys could read. I think Anderson Cooper is fantastic. His coming out was extremely important. He is a great role model for young gay folks. My only “negative” comment was that he didn’t have to have a traditional wedding with roses and a cake. In my opinion that is kind of girlie. You may not agree, but to write me off as an enemy of gay folks because of that is stupid. I happen to be a life long liberal democrat. Fighting the good fight, probably, before most of you were born. The first civil rights demonstration that I took part in was in the 1960s when I was a college student in D.C. and it was sponsored by the SCLC ( most of you morons probably don’t even know what that stands for). Most of you should be right wing republicans, because they believe,like you, that if someone doesn’t parrot the party line 100% of the time they are the enemy. You mutants can kiss my gay a$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. andrew says

    @ART SMITH: If that is your real name, the more I read your a$$hole post, the angrier I become. You are beneath contempt. Way beneath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Diogenes Arktos says

    While it’s nice Anderson has addressed the issue of his coming out on TV, this clip sounds like an excerpt from his letter to Andrew Sullivan, which was his formal coming out.

    I applaud Anderson’s coming out on his own terms. I am sure his positive influence will continue. (Particularly because the Religious Right is naueated by it.)

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