Chick-fil-A CEO Says Company Never Agreed to Stop Making Anti-Gay Donations: ‘[We] Made No Such Concessions’

Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy told Mike Huckabee that contrary to reports announced this week by Chicago LGBT rights group The Civil Rights Agenda and Chicago alderman Joe Moreno, Chick-fil-A has NOT agreed to end its anti-gay donations.

Hate_chickfilaMike Huckabee writes on his website:

I talked earlier today personally with Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick Fil-A about the new reports that Chick Fil-A had capitulated to demands of the supporters of same sex marriage. This is not true. The company continues to focus on the fair treatment of all of its customers and employees, but to end confusion gave me this statement:

“There continues to be erroneous implications in the media that Chick-fil-A changed our practices and priorities in order to obtain permission for a new restaurant in Chicago. That is incorrect. Chick-fil-A made no such concessions, and we remain true to who we are and who we have been.”


  1. Continuum says

    Com’on guys, you didn’t really believe that the Xtianists would change their tune.

    Beings liars, hypocrites, bigots and professional victims is just part of the rightwing tea bagger Xtianist mentality.

  2. Mike says

    This is proof we can not trust these people, they are back stabbers, stop doing business with people who give money to anti-gay Christian hate groups or any hate groups.

  3. MaddM@ says

    they’re right, they just used their doublespeak of “supporting family values” by continuing to give money to people that “support family values” ie want to exterminate homosexuals and destroy any concept of socially acceptable homosexual orientation

  4. KP says

    And there goes any remaining credibility Chick-Fil-A, Alderman Moreno, and the Civil Rights Agenda had. This was such a waste of our time – and to see how many people jumped to the conclusion that Chick-Fil-A had actually changed it’s tune was amazing. Maybe I am too cynic but this is exactly how I thought this would end.

  5. Bob R says

    Never, ever, ever trust a born again or evangelical Christian. Whenever someone tells me they are a good Christian or born again I hold on to my wallet and I watch my back. These are treacherous people and cannot be trusted.

  6. Bob says

    What’s up with the rinky-dink rights organization swallowing the PR announcement that was meant to make the Chicago official and Chucky Fufucks look good? — and the press who believed it?
    Expensive lawyers and slick politicians are not for amateurs to deal with.
    Meet me next week — the catholic archbishop is marrying me in the mormon temple.
    I’m not just writing this to be mean — there are plenty of smart Gay lawyers, etc that folks could check with

  7. Chris says

    It annoys me that the media reports on this like our issue with them is their opposition to same-sex marriage. Although it is one of the reasons, the main reason is their donating to hate groups who want us in jail or dead, an who compare us to the biggest degenerates in society. Also their donations to the extremely dangerous “ex-gay” therapy groups.

  8. Walker says

    I am very sorry to see some commenters saying the company shouldn’t get a license to operate, because they hold political values we oppose. Have you ever heard of the First Amendment? It’s designed to protect “the speech you hate,” remember? It applies to everybody, communists, gay activists, anti-gay activists.

  9. mike31c says

    Crap-fil-a is still Crap. Do not care if you are or are not still supporting bigotry and ignorance.

    Your food was crap BEFORE the world knew you are a$$hole bigots, and your food is crap After your ignorance was exposed.

  10. SickofHaters says

    Hey Walker/Troll

    The point isn’t free speech. The point is haters like you and this lousy restaurant give money to political groups working to take away our rights – and kill Gays in Africa.

    Learn something before you troll… now go back to your repuke boards…

  11. Clint says

    This is classic Evangelical two-facing. There have been so many studies done about how shady Evangelicals are, especially of the Charismatic variety, because the lived experience at church 1) requires people to fabricate enthusiasm all on, all the time or risk estrangement and ostracizing, and 2) in the case of Charismatics, it has been shown to be damaging to the developing psyche of children to see adults so completely out of control like they get in Charismatic services, with all their hollering and tongue talking, and falling down and shaking, whatever.

  12. Francis says

    At this point, it’s best not to believe ANYTHING Dan Cathy says. I may hate the anti-gays but they’re in the same boat we’re in. Dan Cathy is trying to play both sides and appease the bigots while also attempting to put an end to the boycott which has harmed the company’s brand. Dan Cathy wants to expand and he knows the only way to do so was to make peace and put out some BS about how the company is no longer anti-gay.

    Boycott the company from here on out. Dan Cathy is slime and can’t be trusted.

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