News: J.K. Rowling, John Pérez, Ben Cohen, Dan Savage

RoadABC News tracks missing iPad to Florida home of TSA officer.

RoadGay Men's Chorus of L.A. to debut 'It Gets Better' musical at U. of Iowa in October.

Magazine_cohenRoadRugby star and anti-bullying advocate Ben Cohen launches StandUp magazine in Atlanta.

RoadVIDEO: Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe stumps with Romney.

RoadOut gay California Assembly Speaker John Pérez was illegally asked for an ID when he went to vote in California's primary in June. In other, non-related news, Speaker Pérez will also be joining the cast of Dustin Lance Black's '8' at its San Francisco reading on October 7.

RoadMarch against hate crime violence being held in Austin, Texas this Saturday.

Roadkd lang splits from domestic partner Jamie Price: "The couple met back in 2003 through a Buddhist teacher — and registered for a domestic partnership in 2009. According to the settlement agreement, both sides have waived rights to partner support — and agree to a clean division of property."

RoadRomney on his current situation, one month before the election: "Frankly at this early stage, polls go up, polls go down."

RoadState Dept. designates Julian Assange and Wikileaks enemies of the state.

RoadIf Prop 8 falls this Monday, there will be a celebration in California.

RoadVIDEO: Christina Aguilera teases her "Your Body" video again.

RowlingRoadJ.K. Rowling's new novel The Casual Vacancy making headlines in the UK: The Daily Mail tabloid's Jan Moir criticized The Casual Vacancy, suggesting it won't live up to its hype. "Not unless you want to have more than 500 pages of relentless socialist manifesto masquerading as literature crammed down your throat," she wrote. "Not unless you happen to be, like J.K. Rowling herself, the kind of blinkered, Left-leaning demagogue quick to lambast what she perceives to be risible middle-class values, while failing to see that her own lush thickets of dearly held emotions and prejudices are riddled with the same narrow-mindedness she is so quick to detect in others."

RoadMarketer: Gay consumers an $800 billion 'dream market'.

RoadThree men charged in homophobic assault in Edmonton, Alberta.

RoadDan Savage is pissed about voter suppression: "Why the f**k aren't liberals and progressives organizing 'patriot' groups of our own? If aging white suburbanites can pour into polling places in heavily black and Hispanic neighborhoods 'looking for signs of voter fraud,' then by God urban black and Hispanic and Asian and white and gay 'patriots' can pour into polling places in heavily white suburbs to look around for signs of voter fraud."

RoadLesbian proposes to her partner in "Operation Rainbow Umbrella" in Central Park.

RoadPink is the New blog sits down for a talk with Pitch Perfect's star Rebel Wilson.

RoadMale model fix: Lucas Medeiros.

TilleyRoadVesta Tilley was the sexiest Victorian drag king.

RoadCalls grow to end chants of "not gay" at University of Virginia sporting events: "The student council last week unanimously passed a resolution calling on students to stop singing 'not gay,' with one member calling it 'a relic of hate from a time of intolerance that we have more than progressed past.'"

RoadEwan McGregor working a beard in San Sebastian, Spain.

RoadBuddhist statue discovered by Nazis is made out of a meteorite: "Experts concluded it had been chiselled from a remnant of the Chinga meteorite which fell to Earth near the border of Mongolia and Siberia 15,000 years ago."

RoadTravel writer and photographer Jason Rowan goes to Tel Aviv.

RoadFandango hires Dave Karger away from Entertainment Weekly: “It’s a tremendous opportunity that was impossible to turn down,” Mr. Karger said by telephone early Thursday of his new role, which will be the newly created position of chief correspondent. He added: “It’s not because I was unhappy in my old job. Fandango is on such a roll right now.”


  1. Paul R says

    People have been trying to get students to stop shouting “Not gay” at UVA for more than 20 years. A lot of idiots drunkenly attend the events, and I don’t have much hope. My friends and I used to tell them to STFU, but it went nowhere.

  2. UVagrad says

    Students, for the most part, have stopped chanting “not gay.” It’s the alumni and others who attend that were students when it was still acceptable that find it hard to quit. I was pleasantly surprised the last time I went by how less evident the chant was than when I was a student there.

  3. Paul R says

    Glad to hear it! I was shocked to hear that it still happens at all, but am glad to hear that it’s abated.

  4. Caliban says

    Whew! When I went to read the article about Mike Rowe and Mitt Romney I was glad to read that Rowe was NOT there to endorse Romney or promote him, but to talk about the importance of blue collar workers and maintaining the infrastructure.

    So I can still drool over Mike Rowe with a clear conscience!

  5. EchtKultig says

    LOVE Ben Cohen and everything he stands for. But, eh, putting yourself on the cover of the first issue of your magazine? Is this about him or is it about anti-bullying?

  6. Bingo says

    “If Prop 8 falls this Monday, there will be a celebration in California.”

    Except that the earliest announcement will be Tuesday at 9:30 Eastern.

  7. Mike says

    Please read your sources when you link to them. It was not the State Department that declared Julian Assange and Wikileaks. It was the US military.

  8. Francis says

    So, so sad to read what happened to Andrew Oppleman in Austin over the weekend—-but is it confirmed as a hate crime? The friend of the attacker isn’t cooperating with police and there was no indication of gay slurs/anti-gay actions prior to the attack.

    Whatever the case may be and I fully expect this attack on Andrew to be confirmed as a hate crime, seeing yet another one of our own beaten and brutalized just makes me want to cry. And fight. I’m so tired of it all.

  9. stephen says

    re: ECHTKULTIG – it is beginning to feel like ben cohen is building a business out of bullying…though i assume (or hope) that most of the proceeds from these endeavours go to funding anti-bullying organizations, and not just his.

  10. Gordon says

    Sad to read the name ‘jan moir’ related to any post here, the woman is despicable in every sense of her understanding of anything & literally should be ignored. I was no fan of boyzone but her treatment of the untimely death of Stephen Gately was gross, deeply homophobic to the point of many demanding her resignation (obviously she didn’t, but should shut the f*ck up regardless)

  11. aron says

    Re the JK Rowling story. Just FYI, Jan Moir is a dreadful homophobe and all-round nasty piece of work. Her opinion on just about anything is worthless. The woman is beyond awful.

  12. ratbastard says

    Cool pic of Vesta Tilly

    Cool story about the Buddhist statue

    Dan Savage:

    New Black Panthers BLATANT voter intimidation, which the DOJ refused to prosecute.

    I also understand there’s a serious problem with corruption and voter fraud in some majority black counties in the deep south [Mississippi, Alabama], that DOJ likewise ignores.

  13. Diogenes Arktos says

    @EchtKultig: He’s just following Oprah. She has her picture on *every* cover of her magazine. I’d much rather see him.

  14. jamal49 says

    @RATBASTARD Get real, son. The DOJ investigated it (started under the Bush administration) and found NO evidence of “blatant voter intimidation”. Therefore, there was nothing to prosecute.

    As for the your allegations of voter fraud in “majority black counties in the deep south”, here’s the deal, butt-boy. Provide the facts. Give the proof. Show us the statistics. Saying “I understand….blah blah” is SO, uh, FOXNews. I suggest turning the channel. Your brain’s going soft.

    @MIKE You’re right about Towleroad’s propensity for sensationalist takes on the news. Once again, TR completely misleads with their headline. That said, I find it disturbing that Assange and Wikileaks are considered “enemies of the state”. Telling the truth, exposing the truth, should never result in somebody being declared an “enemy of the state”.