NEWS: Putin Fibs; Politicians Love L. Ron; William Saletan Solves The World


Towleroad-roadicon Vladimir Putin admits he's a bit of a fibber:

Russian President Vladimir Putin told a Russian journalist that many of
his most picturesque media appearances — shooting a tranquilizer dart
into a tiger who appeared about to pounce; tagging a wounded snow
leopard; and, just this week, wearing a feathery white suit to pilot a
glider to guide a group of cranes south for the winter — were staged.

Towleroad-roadicon Politicians cozy up to Scientology:

Three U.S. congressmen and a top-level government
official attended the
opening of the Church of Scientology’s National Office in Washington,
D.C., Thursday … [Republican Congressman Dan Burton and Democratic Congressman Danny Davis]
lauded the church’s efforts in pushing Congress to pass
legislation targeted toward child medication and the criminal justice
system. [Liz Gibson, Senior Program Manager at the Federal Emergency
Management Agency] praised the disaster relief the Church of Scientology
provided in times of crisis.

Towleroad-roadicon Chicago CIA sting nets an 18-year-old, first-time jihadi.

Towleroad-roadicon Bill Saletan gives angry zealots a good talking-to.

Towleroad-roadicon US pulls personnel from Tunisia and Yemen.

Towleroad-roadicon The Obama administration expects this nonsense could go on for a while:

“The reality is the Middle East is going to be turbulent for the
foreseeable future and beyond that,” said Richard Haass, president of
the Council on Foreign Relations and a former State Department official
in the Bush administration. “It’s going to present the United States
with any number of difficult choices. It’s also going to be frustrating,
because in most instances our interests are likely to be greater than
our influence.”

Towleroad-roadicon Don Philip really was "bullied" into coming out on the X Factor.

Towleroad-roadicon Royal boobies make the rounds.

Towleroad-roadicon Nathan Schaefer is named executive director of Empire State Pride Agenda; elucidates first priority:

“We must pass the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act,” or GENDA,
he said in a video message posted on the Pride Agenda’s website at the
time his appointment was announced on September 15. “That’s our next
victory.” He noted that polls have shown that more than three-quarters
of New Yorkers support the principles underlying GENDA.

… Schaefer most recently served as the director of public policy at the
Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC), the city’s oldest and largest AIDS
services and advocacy group. He also worked in Washington for the AIDS
Alliance for Children, Youth, and Families, a group established in 1994
that does both advocacy and partnership-building work.

Towleroad-roadicon With an album coming out next week, Aimee Mann talks about the state of the arts.


  1. says

    And it was not just ANY journalist that got this out of Putin, but our very own LESBIAN journalist, Masha Gessen, in a conversation over why she had refused to send a correspondent to film the cranes stunt. And why she quit the journal she was working at, which is supported by the government.

    She will soon be the new director of Radio Free Europe.

  2. says

    Nathan is one of the smartest and most hard-working people I know. He will do amazing things at the Pride Agenda, and brings a breadth of knowledge about HIV/AIDS, as well as substantial experience with regard to the concerns of seniors.

  3. Pommie says

    These f*king jihadis. Are the still living in the dark ages. Delusional fools. Murderers. Why don’t they just kill each other in suicidal bombings if they are so fond of it and leave the world for us to make a peaceful place to live in.

  4. Don says

    Everybody knows that it is the anti-gay
    Christians and their hate groups who spend millions of dollars and work to stop gay marriage and stop LGBT people from getting their equal and Civil Rights. How come they don’t expose more about what the anti-gay Christians are doing?

  5. wds says

    With all that is going on in the world, the media’s fascination with the possibly future Queen of England’s breasts boggles my mind. We’ve got an election, wars, rumors of ward, trouble, financial issues, people who could end up hopeless, a employment situation that sucks…and media is swooning over Kate Middleton’s BOOBS?
    Makes me think of that saying: “More money has been poured into research and development of breast enhancement and erectile dysfunction than has EVER been given to Alzheimer’s and mental illness research … soon we’ll be a world of perky breasts, raging erections and absolutely no idea what to do with either of them.”

  6. ratbastard says

    That attention seeking little sociopathic punk in Chicago needs to be locked up for a good long time. Let him try posing being a tough guy in prison.