1. Steve Scarborough says

    Now that he is out I think we are duty-bound to shout, “Meowwwwwrrr” whenever he reads someone like that.

  2. rjp3 says

    Andy is vile. The worst of the Hollywood Gays. Produces crap TV… and seems like a smug elitist prig — that Anderson is friends with him does not say much for Anderson.

  3. rjp3 says

    As for Anderson — what you taught young people was to hide in the closet UNTIL you were successful.

    Not impressed with either of these privilaged yahoos — and he 100 percent came out because he could not have his talkshow be a success while hiding in the closet with the door half open…..

    two bitchy queens is what I see — “I did not mean to talk about this” … then says he invited her on the show.

  4. MATHMAJOR says

    RJP3 – Give it a rest. He owes you nothing. People come out when THEY want to come out, not when YOU want them to come out.

  5. MATHMAJOR says

    BTW – why is having a succesful talk show dependent on coming out? Rosie had a very succesful talk show and dhe didn’t publicly come out until well after it went off the air. You sound like the bitchy queen.

  6. M. Scott Hernandez says

    Not everyone has to come out of the closet screaming “I’m here, I’m queer, deal with it!”
    Star is a media whore, without a doubt. Don’t be a hater of successful gay men or women. That mentality defeats us all, when public opinion seems to be the only thing that matters.

  7. Diogenes Arktos says

    I love Cooper and his sense of humor. I particularly like anyone who takes someone down on their own idiocy and hypocrisy.

    @RJP3: Give Cooper at least a partial break. He has spent enough of his career reporting in places where it is not safe to be LGBT (to put it mildly).


    Both Anderson and Andy should be ashamed that it took them so long to recognize the Armadillo cake. “That looks like an autopsy.” CLASSIC.

  9. Monrob says

    Andy is really cute.

    I always remember Keith Olbermann playing a video of a football hitting Star Jones on the head-in a loop. Funny.

    Star Jones wasn’t as bad as that woman of faith, Sherrie Sheppard, right?

  10. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I like Anderson and Andy together. That’s the first time there’s been two openly gay cohosts for a talk show, that I recall, and I want more.

  11. Zee says

    Star Jones is a joke who still thinks she’s relevant. Good for Anderson for calling her out.

  12. mikeflower says

    if anyone was looking for a p.r. tweek it was Star Jones. Is she still married to a closet case?

  13. Alfred says

    @DASTIUS KRAZITAUC: I agree!!! Those 2 (gay) guys would really make fabulous daytime talk show hosts together!

  14. keating says

    I have respect for Anderson but why does he have to let Andy Cohen share his microphone? Even on daytime television, it really drags Cooper’s show into the gutter.

  15. Diana says

    I can’t STAND that Andy Cohen! He is such a pot-stirrer – just watching this clip proves it. And his facial expressions are ridiculous for a 44 year old man.

  16. MaddM@ says

    Oy I am so in love with AC even more now – you toss that shade right back at Ms Jones. The library is now closed.

  17. Van Buren says

    I love how the media is completely exaggerating this non-story. First off, the only thing that destroyed Star Jones was her own egomaniacal mouth. He made the comments nearly in passing. With some well-reasoned wit he pointed out the flaw in her opinion. This wasn’t a nails-out celebrity smackdown with weave-pulling like everyone is making it out to be.