1. jtaskw says

    I love Marina and the Diamonds! First ran across her by seeing the video for “I Am Not a Robot” posted here so thanks for that! “Primadonna” and “Teen Idle” are probably my current favorites off her new album.

  2. Bill says

    For those who are interested, Marina just announced this week a North American tour for the end of 2012.

    I saw her on the last tour and I really enjoyed it. She’s fun, has a great voice, and generally playing smaller venues.

  3. santino says

    Some of you may not realize this, but Marina’s latest album is a concept album. Electra Heart is the character she is playing. The lyrics are tongue in cheek. Also, the heart is not a real tattoo. Marina is extremely talented artist, writes her own stuff and has a an amazing voice. She’s also very intelligent and is very kind.

  4. Toto says

    Marina isnt a stereotypical pop singer. Like Santino said she composes, plays and sings a majority of her material. Her newest album is a response to her earlier album’s dismissal of traditional pop divas and she is experimenting with it to see what she may be missing. A lot of the songs recognize the manufactured nature of her persona. She is playing a Devil’s advocate more than Blissfully ignorant. Really loving “Lies”, “Starring Role” and “Teen Idle” the most off of the new album. Youtube some of it if you get the chance.

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