Posts from November 24, 2012

News: Natural Gas, Exhuming, Another Bush, Manbar


90s stars we still know and love today. Deceased Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's remains will be exhumed on Tuesday as officials investigate yet another rumor that the Israelis poisoned him. Great, just what the region needs: the ghost of Araf…

Concerns Remain Amid Anti-LGBT Violence In DC


Washington DC’s police department recorded 51 anti-LGBT attacks between the beginning of the year and October, down just two from 2011. That includes the three separate attacks in Columbia Heights last March. The consistency in these numbers hi…

Actor Larry Hagman, AKA JR Ewing, Dead At 81


Larry Hagman, the actor made famous playing Major Nelson on I Dream of Jeannie and then made even more famous playing scheming JR Ewing on Dallas, has died. [Hagman] had a long history of health problems and died Friday due to complications from his…