1. db says

    I think these segments show a little bit about why the show failed. I love Anderson Cooper and I actually like Hoda and Cathy Lee somewhat but I don’t really want to see Anderson Cooper discussing reality shows about cougars.

  2. bambinoitaliano says

    I wanna be stuffed by you, just you, no body else but you…I wanna be stuffed by you all alone poo poo be doo….

  3. says

    Since coming out, Anderson Cooper has really come into his own. Yesterday he was dodging bombs in Israel, today he is getting his crack filled by two lushes. You can’t make this stuff up. He is just too cute. I love all of the innuendos, his feigned denials “Let me fill your crack… I don’t know what that means…” The guy has a serious side and a very funny fun side.

    BTW, his show wasn’t cancelled because of ratings. He sought the cancellation because his multiple jobs and working schedlue is just too taxing. Think about it. Yesterday he was sent to Israel on an all nighter flight to stand on rooftops as bombs and buildings blasted behind him. Less than 24 hours later he is back in a studio facing a live audience having fun, getting soused and allowing two drunken nitwits mess with that gorgeous face. He has a full-time nightly news show (360), is a working member of 60 Minutes and does countless interviews and appearances.

    The day-time show was an opportunity to test his like-ability and drawing power. For an openly gay man we should stand and applaud the guy.

  4. UFFDA says

    Totally agree with OS2, an excellent sum up. No one’s busier than Coop.

    And really, it’s adorable how women sometimes like to fuss over men. And these two are fussing over one of the best.

  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    @OS2Guy: I think he was too soused to realize the innuendos – even for someone as bright as Cooper. I’m sure the staff will have a field day with this.
    On the Tonight Show, Johnny Carson, who certainly knew about working blue, totally missed something and couldn’t understand why the audience was laughing until someone explained it to him during a commercial break. When they came back, it was clear he wasn’t happy about the audience’s (mis)interpretation.

  6. THRILLER says

    Please. His show was cancelled due to poor ratings. Ratings are pretty public and can be easily googled. His show is not good. People are not watching save the few gay guys who need a role model. Not being mean, just stating a fact. Nobody pulls out of a successful show after one year because they are “busy”.

  7. andrew says

    I like Anderson, especially since he came out publically. He seems so much more fun and real. I’ve never watched the Hoda and Kathie show, but they seem like fun gals.

  8. says

    “No one wants to be with a man you can snap over your knee…” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Then again, the only thing better than a long-legged man wrapping his thighs around your hips is a short-legged man trying!

  9. Rex says

    I wish more people had tuned into AC’s show, he’s actually very funny and since he’s come out publicly, he’s been far more comfortable and relaxed and fun to watch. I liked that I could see serious AC at night and the not so serious daytime AC. I will miss watching his talk show when it’s gone.

  10. says

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  11. BrokebackBob says

    After that fat older man comment, I so so hope that Anderson blows up like the Goodyear blimp. Love ‘ya Anderson