1. SC David says

    From the film’s website, it appears that release is Dec 14 in 17 cities with large gay populations: New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, LA, and so on.

    In other words, it’s not being marketed to the general cinematic public but to the niche gay film market.

  2. says

    ok i just BAWLED.

    i truly hope that Sarah Palin champions this film. after all, it’s a film about the worth and beauty of a raising a special needs child, particularly one with Down Syndrome.

    I’ve been beyond disappointed with her in that regard – i thought she’d have used her experiences as a mother of a child with Down Syndrome to be a real champion for their community. It aint happened.

    Here’s a film that could reach millions and help improve the lives of people like her son. Here’s hoping she lends her voice, that millions of people (alas) listen to, to champion it.

  3. Jbaker says

    I saw this at the Chicago International Film Festival and it was really moving. Alan delivers such a remarkable performance I hope he gets some Oscar attention next year.

  4. Cantabrigian says

    Not so fast there, Icebloo. We all thought the same thing about “Brokeback Mountain” and lo and behold…even the theater in my southwestern Virginia college town with two Super Wal-Marts a mile apart from each other dedicated a screen to it. =)

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