1. UFFDA says

    This has totally brightened my day. At the very end when he says “Where’s that hypocrit?” I laughed my head off. Almost as bad as everything else, these evangelicals make such outright public fools of themselves. It can be hysterically funny though.

  2. DeeVee says

    Thumper sees man strip off clothes, immediately thinks of lesbians. I meeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…..

  3. DaBibbuhSez says

    Pastor Tubby is all enraged about all the lesbians. If he’d lose 60 pounds, tone up, spiff up his wardrobe a bit, get a personality transplant and learn to talk about something beside what dabibbuhsez, he might find a woman who’d actually go on a second date with him. Pathetic god-besotted wretch.

  4. Matt26 says

    So a man is stripping and women turn lesbians. How logical!! Poor “preacher”, misguided and full of anger.

  5. MaddM@ says

    hmm, this guy has passed “screaming jews” as my favorite way of seeing idiot campus preachers disarmed…. and yeah rev jim, the audition for newsies was last week

  6. Will says

    LOL yup that’s the reason we have “soooo” many lesbians! That preacher doesn’t know a cock from a toothbrush

  7. says

    Ha ha ha ………these preacher guys are such uptight sexually frustrated cowards.
    Was this a serious person ?
    I have never seen this kind of idiocy anywhere else in the world.
    Why was he not preaching about feeding the poor, clothing the naked………

    But he did remind me of The Sound of Music; I kept expecting a burst of “The Hills are Alive”………….it must have been the braces or as you say, the suspenders…..

  8. Jason in SoFla says

    The University of Florida supposedly invited these morons to do their silly act during dead week. I guess they thought was a good bit of comical relief during study breaks. Ours were Brother Jed and sister Cindy. Jed wore a Rolex, always wondered if they were really religious and not just .an act. They didn’t focus on gay issues much, they were against all fornication, equal opportunity sex haters.

  9. andrew says

    @MAWM: The preacher is dressed like he is living in the 19th century, because he is. He wants his clothes to match his mind.

  10. Jay says

    I thought I might be making assumptions but I just confirmed with my lesbian co-worker… nope, that hot boy getting naked is not anywhere near a reason for her to want to go to that school.

    I think that preacher needs to revisit his “so many lesbians on campus” sermon.

  11. strange bedfellows all around says

    So THAT’S how you get rid of lesbians! You threaten to show them your c*ck!

    Well, it makes sense, sorta.

  12. Bill says

    Re DeeVee’s comment, “Thumper sees man strip off clothes, immediately thinks of lesbians.” Thumper is desperate and figures his only chance is if all the women are straight because that thumper is the last male they are going to pick.

    He needs to give his bible to a personal trainer who won’t give it back until he loses at least 50 pounds. He better “praise Jesus” by getting in a 6 mile run each day for the next two months at least.

  13. Bill says

    Nice to see Jaragon’s comment about it being the right idea – I once did pretty much the same thing (but no lying down) when some bible thumpers were picketing a gay event. The main difference is that my underwear was a lot skimpier, but still covered everything anyone would object to. It was pretty funny.

    If you want to get a picture and there are several thumpers, have multiple photographers. The thumpers are used to being made fun of and may try to block the picture, but they can only block so much.

  14. BurningRiver says

    We had Brother Jed and Sister Cindy, too! My best memory was a friend of mine (who happened to come from an Orthodox Jewish family) who would dress up as Dr. Frankenfurter. He’d have on his yarmulke and black lingerie, peyos swinging as he argued with Jed and Cindy. It was great.