Florida Parents Claim Straight Teacher Helped Turn Their Daughter into a Lesbian

A straight teacher at Florida's Deerfield Beach High School is  filing a case with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the Broward school district after being accused by parents of facilitating the process of turning their daughter into a lesbian, the Sun-Sentinel reports:

HibbsAccording to the district's investigative report, the incident began last year while the student was in Hibbs' class. She was suddenly barraged with incendiary messages from her stepdad on her Twitter feed after he discovered the girl's orientation.

"As each message came, she got smaller … I watched her get destroyed," Hibbs said, who reported the incident as child abuse and cyberbullying. The girl, 18 at the time, never returned home.

The parents told investigators they were upset that Hibbs had not told them about their daughter's orientation. They accused her of possibly contributing to their daughter being gay and believed Hibbs had told the girl to not come home.

But in the district report, the daughter said an abuse counselor told her she didn't have to go home because she was of age. Of Hibbs, she said the allegations were far-fetched since a straight woman couldn't make someone become a lesbian. Hibbs said the complaint should have been handled by the school and she believes the district investigation was an attempt to bully her for being too outspoken on other school issues.

Hibbs says her career has been ruined.


  1. anon says

    Yeah, bizarre. Everyone in denial except maybe the teen. You can’t bring your own insecurities as a case to be made in a court of law. For example, if you fear your neighbor might harm you, but don’t have any evidence, this is not a case a judge will accept. So, here we have parents that heap their own problems on an innocent teacher and a teacher that tries to move that onto the school system. A complete waste of time for everyone involved.

  2. snightsp says

    When will people learn you can’t just turn or make someone gay? The only thing she did was help an adult get away from someone who was abusing her and shame on her father for doing that!

  3. flori-duh says

    How ridiculous. Everyone knows a straight person can’t turn anyone gay. Only a gay person can do that.

  4. was she bitten? says

    It’s like with vampires. Only a vampire can make you a vampire. The most a straight person could do is give you rabies.

  5. Mary says

    How do you MAKE someone gay? Tie her to a chair and make her read Towleroad maybe? Buy her the cast album of “La Cage”? If there were a way to make someone gay/lesbian it would have been discovered by now.

  6. Bernie says

    if this wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable, it’s like someone “catching” being gay from another person… just get the lysol and hand gel out and stop those gay germs…..

  7. was she bitten? says

    I think Mary’s revealing her Christmas Wish List early. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!

  8. Vixen Darkfairy says

    Dear misguided parents,

    One can not “turn” someone gay. They are what they are. You birthed a lesbian. Maybe you wanted a son, but you got a daughter. Maybe you wanted a heterosexual, but you got a homosexual. She’s still your child either way. Are you really going to stop loving her, NOW, after 18 years of caring, just because when her hormones finally kicked in she found herself attracted to girls instead of guys? You should be ashamed of yourselves for being so bigoted that she had to look outside of her home for acceptance. She turned to a teacher AND a Guidance Counselor not just for acceptance, but for PROTECTION against those whose duty it was to protect her. Her own father verbally abusing her over cyberspace?! Can you even imagine how betrayed your poor daughter feels right now?

  9. DC Arnold says

    Discovered, in my book, means he snooped around and found what he was looking for then harassed her until she no longer felt safe in that home. Smart choice on her part. Ashamed to admit I’m from Florida.