News: Baldwin Style, Spidey, Christie’s Flip, ‘NYDN’

1NewsIcon Nope, Mitt Romney won't be teaming up with Spider-Man if he wins the White House.

Ohio1NewsIcon Republican House Speaker John Boehner, who hails from Ohio, thinks that President Obama will win the Buckeye State. "The auto bailout
may help the president in Ohio a little," he said.

1NewsIcon Rosario Crocetta, the new gay governor of conservative Sicily, promised voters not to have sex while in office.

1NewsIcon LGBT groups plan on protesting anti-gay singer Beenie Man's upcoming concert at Ocean Grove Lodge in Trinidad, California.

1NewsIcon After endorsing President Obama in 2008, the New York Daily News today backed Mitt Romney. "Offering a rosy vision of a country already on the rise, Obama argues
that he would lead a resurgence by staying the course," the editors write. "He posits that
spending in areas such as education and clean energy would be
beneficial, and he sees raising taxes on high-income earners as key to 'balanced' deficit reduction. Each on its own is attractive, but the
whole comes up short."

1NewsIcon Openly gay Rep. Tammy Baldwin's popular Senate campaign is profiled in the New York Times Style section today. Why style and not National? Who knows, but here's a taste: "Though a victory by Ms. Baldwin on Tuesday would represent the election
of the first openly gay or lesbian person to the Senate, gay groups have
been surprisingly low-key about their public support. Fund-raisers have
largely been intimate affairs at people’s homes; no giant fund-raising
galas in gay enclaves like West Hollywood or the Castro in San


1NewsIcon New York magazine takes post-Sandy Manhattan.

1NewsIcon A judge tossed gay man Stephen Hank's defamation lawsuit against Bristol Palin and ordered him to pay all legal fees connected to a nightclub altercation in which Hank called Palin's mother, Sarah Palin, a "whore" and Bristol responded by calling him gay.

1NewsIcon Wreck-It Ralph topped the weekend box office with $49.1 million.

1NewsIcon PeTA says being a vegan makes your penis bigger. I doubt the veracity of that statement, because, c'mon, we men-folk would have figured that out ages ago!

1NewsIcon 10 random quotes from Ellen DeGeneres.

1NewsIcon Joe Simpson still says he's not gay.

1NewsIcon Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon Fox says that his state will vote on marriage equality next month.

1NewsIcon The economy tops equality as the most important issue for Grindr users: "Forty-six percent of gay men who responded to the nationwide survey, conducted by hookup app Grindr, voted for the economy and job creation as the No. 1 priority in the race between the Democratic incumbent, President Obama, and Republican challenger Mitt Romney. The second-highest-ranked issue was equality (29 percent). In third place was health care (11 percent.)"

Obamachristie1NewsIcon After loving up on President Obama during the post-Sandy media storm, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie reaffirmed his allegiance to Mitt Romney.
"The fact of the matter is what New Jerseyans expect from their
governor is to work for them, not to work for any particular political
party. I'm a Republican and I have endorsed Mitt Romney, I support him
and I intend to vote for him on Tuesday," he told an Israeli television

1NewsIcon Maine GOP State Rep. David Johnson uses dead gay brother to rail against marriage equality: "I miss my brother and stay in contact with his partner because I love them both and know many other gay couples and love them dearly as well. The fact remains that God intended marriage to be between one man and one woman, and we have no right to redefine marriage. It has taken me a while, but I have finally figured out that God’s plan is better than man’s plan in all aspects of life. He constructed marriage this way for a reason."


  1. bobbyjoe says

    So Maine GOP State Rep. David Johnson is tossing his hat into the “evil family-exploiting bigoted creep of the year award” ring?

    He’s still gonna have to work mighty hard to catch up with Franklin Graham.

  2. Bob R says

    I’m not surprised at Christie’s reaffirmation of support for Romney. Murdoch’s threat carries weight with anyone who has Presidential ambitions. So, Christie isn’t as bold and independent as he’d like people to think, the Tea Party will try to make him knuckle under and he will.

  3. Bob R says

    I think Obama will carry Ohio, but Boehner could be right. Polls show Obama ahead in every metric except enthusiasm. The GOP voters are much more motivated than Obama supporters, if those polls are to be believed. Also, Husted, the OH Secretary of State is hard at work doing all he can to purge votes and voters and to make it very hard for voters once they get to the polls. Ohio is not going to be an easy win because the GOP is pulling every trick in the book. Unless Ohio Democrats get angry and riled up, keeping in mind that voting is the best revenge, Romney could steal Ohio.

  4. Graphicjack says

    Crocetta says he’s married to his country now and won’t have sex while in office. He clearly thinks he’s Elizabeth I, who said the same thing all the time… Ladies and gentlemen, behold the new Virgin Queen!

  5. jason says

    Rihanna appeared on stage with the homophobic Beenie Man just recently.Why aren’t gay groups protesting against her, too? Maybe they like her music too much.

  6. GregV says

    The PETA ad doesn’t say that veganism increases penis size. It says that it increases sexual staimina.

    Re: Joe Simpson: i don’t know why anybody but Mrs. Simpson cares who he is or isn’t having sex with but, FWIW, when a straight or bisexual man says “I’m not gay,” that does not suggest that he did or fid not have sex with a bunch of men.
    Likewise, “No third party was involved with our breakup” does not suggest that he did or did not have sex with a third party (but just that, whether he did or not, that wasn’t the cause of the breakup).
    So many headlines jump to conclusions that aren’t supported by anything they’re actually quoting from him.

  7. Michael says

    There’s something super fishy about the Daily News. Did I miss the part where Romney’s plan is mathematically possible? I wonder how many zeroes were in the payout the News took to make that endorsement.

  8. Read Between the Lines says

    The Daily News is owned by virulently consdervative, virulently pro-Israel, real-estate billionaire Mortimer Zuckerman. Read between the lines.

  9. rick scatorum says

    Ohio republicans will probably steal Ohio like they stole Fla in 2000: Ex-bain executives own voting machines in Ohio…

    The biggest thing on Christies mind during last Weds presser was that he got to fly on marine one

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    Maine GOP State Rep. David Johnson is just the latest casualty in a new anti-marriage equality push. They think our mushy family ads are being too effective. Therefore they double down: Ignore real family values, such as love for your friends and family, and stand up for “family values” such as igorant hatred.

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