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News: Queen James Bible, Joe Biden, ENDA, Sean Hayes

RoadDefense budget bill includes ‘conscience’ provision.

QueenjamesbibleRoadGay Bible published: "The Queen James Bible is a re-working of the King James Bible translated in a way that 'prevents homophobic misinterpretation of God's Word', the book's editors say."

RoadConservative judge and rejected SCOTUS nominee Robert Bork dead at 85.

RoadKe$ha: I was FORCED to sing the lyrics to "Die Young".

RoadStudy: the more hung a man is, the less likely he is to use a condom. “This type of public health research is very important, no matter how politically volatile. Studies like this allow us to better understand sexual health and risk so that we can address effectively the health needs of gay and bisexual men.”

RoadCelebrities blast Instagram for new Terms of Service.

RoadJoe Biden to lead White House response to mass shootings: "Mr. Obama met Monday with Mr. Biden and three cabinet officials, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., Arne Duncan, the education secretary, and Kathleen Sebelius, the health and human services secretary, to discuss possible responses to the Newtown killings. White House officials have cautioned against expecting immediate action, saying it may take weeks to develop a plan. Rather than trickle out a series of small proposals, the officials said they were leaning toward putting together a holistic approach that would address multiple factors involved in mass shootings."

RoadComfort dogs dispatched to Newtown, CT.

OverstreetRoadTrouty Mouth loses his shirt for a new coffee table book.

RoadSean Hayes starring in new NBC comedy: "In the untitled script, Hayes would play the father of a 14-year-old girl who has just moved in. Together, the newly minted dad and daughter must learn how to deal with one another, while Hayes' character also adjusts to a new temperamental boss at work."

RoadBroadway's hottest ginger Andrew Glaszek downloads for Passport's Theater Buff, and is he ever.

RoadChris Geidner talks to Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) about  the fight for LGBT workplace protections: "Merkley and Polis said they see a Senate vote on the bill — regardless of the House leadership — as an important step. Likewise, both have urged and say they will continue to urge Obama to sign an executive order banning federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees. As the 2012 ends, moreover, LGBT advocates appear to be coalescing in agreement on pushing on both of these fronts. There remains, however, the House. Polis, while optimistic about LGBT progress broadly, quickly pointed to Republicans as the sticking point on getting ENDA passed."

RoadTaylor Lautner and Patrick Schwarzenegger are football buddies.

RoadHugh Jackman is returning as Wolverine for an X-Men sequel.

SpacephotoRoadAstronomy image of the year is mindblowing.

RoadLesbian and Gay Band to march in Obama inaugural parade: "The Lesbian and Gay Band Association is a musical organization comprised of concert and marching bands from cities across America that provides a network of lesbian and gay bands. They first were invited to participate in an Inaugural parade for President Obama and Vice President Biden’s first inauguration in 2009, marking the first time an openly LGBT group has been invited to participate in the parade."

RoadGay Australian lawmaker to wed in Spain: "South Australian Social Inclusion Minister Ian Hunter is set to become the first gay Australian MP to marry while in office. Mr Hunter and longtime partner Leith Semmens will marry in Spain early Thursday morning, Australian time. The ceremony will be held in an art gallery in the town of Jun, in the province of Granada, with 17 friends and relatives attending."

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Boehner Gives 30-Second 'Fiscal Cliff' Press Conference, Runs: VIDEO


Here's today's "fiscal cliff" face-off.

John Boehner held a 30-second press conference this afternoon, saber-rattling at Obama's morning press conference in which the President said he'd gone far enough in compromising and Republicans should meet him on it.


Then, less than two hours after the president's plea for compromise, John Boehner essentially offered up his middle finger in response, saying that on Thursday, House Republicans will pass his "Plan B" to extend Bush tax cuts for everyone earning up to $1 million per year and that if President Obama refuses to support it, he "will be responsible for the biggest tax increase in American history."

And, according to polls, most folks will blame Republicans if a deal fails.



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Russian Gay Rights Protesters Egged, Attacked at Kiss-In Protesting Oppressive, Homophobic Censorship Laws: VIDEO


Here's more info on the protests in Russia today against laws that would ban "gay propaganda", along with better video showing the egg-throwing, the attacks on the demonstrators and the kiss-in.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

Russia2And more info from the Russian LGBT Network:

Today, 19 December 2012, Russian LGBT activists in different cities took to the streets protesting against a new amendment (article 6.13.1) to the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation which creates administrative responsibility for so called 'propaganda of homosexualism". The protests were took place despite the fact that the State Duma moved the first reading of draft law at the very last moment to 22 January 2013.

In Moscow 20 activists from Russian LGBT network and Equality March gathered for a series of one-man pickets with banners "We are against article 6.13.1", "For freedom of views and believes, against totalitarian law" and other. The pickets took place from 9:00 till 11:00 near the Russian State Duma building. And although at the same time the pickets of so called Orthodox activists took place nearby, there were no one arrested.

At 12:00 LGBT activists approached the Duma to hold a "Propaganda of love" protest act involving couples kissing in front of the Duma building (homosexual as well as heterosexual ones). In several minutes the Orthodox activists started to throw eggs at the LGBT activists, some of aggressive men attacked the couples. The police arrested 18 people around 12:30. Among them were 11 participants, 5 Orthodox activists and 2 journalists. All arrested were handed into a prison truck, where they were kept for more than two hours without being informed about the reason of their arrest. Now they are still in the police station.

In Saint Petersburg there were also one man pickets. 5 LGBT activists from "St.Petersburg LGBT-organization Coming Out" and from the "Straights for the LGBT equality Alliance" protested in Malaya Sadovaya Street. The police watched the pickets but arrested no one.

In -35C frozen Tomsk Russian LGBT network activist Natalia Mizina protested in front of the regional Administration building for 30 minutes. She wasn't arrested as well.

There was an approved protest rally in Samara. It's interesting that the city government rejected the rally in the proposed place but approved it in the Safono's boulevard near a school. Six people took place in a rally, there were about the same number of policemen and journalists. Some of people passing by took side of the activists. No one was arrested in Samara despite the fact that there is a law prohibiting so called "propaganda of homosexuality".

In Arkhangelsk there were 3 pickets near the Regional Deputy Assembly for the Russian LGBT network campaign "Against article 6.13.1".

Here's the group's Facebook page where you can find more photos.


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From the folks who brought you last months clip on folks obsessed with being "liked" on Facebook, comes a new clip about two bros who are really into one another.

Watch (warning: language), AFTER THE JUMP...

(via jmg)

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Liverpool Footballer Fined $16K for Calling Teammate 'Gay' on Twitter

Liverpool footballer Suso has been fined approximately $16,000 for referring to a teammate as "gay" on Twitter, Sky News reports:

SusoSuso last month posted a photo of Enrique having his teeth whitened with the comment: "What f*** is he doing? This guy is gay... he does everything except play football."

The attacking midfielder later deleted the tweet and uploaded the photo with a different comment: "I dunno what to say..."

Suso has been reprimanded for the remark.

The FA said in a statement: "Following an independent regulatory commission hearing Monday, Liverpool's Jesus Fernandez Saez (Suso) has been fined £10,000 and warned as to his future conduct for a comment posted on Twitter.

"The charge, which the player admitted and requested a paper hearing, was that
he acted in a way which was improper and/or brought the game into disrepute in that the comment was posted on his Twitter account and included a reference to a person/s sexual orientation and/or disability."

Enrique defended his teammate: Is amazing how FA can fine my friend Suso Fernandez for a banter thing. Was just a joke!!!’

The photo Suso was referring to in his tweet, AFTER THE JUMP...


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New Pedro Almodovar Film 'I'm So Excited' Features Mid-Flight Diva Breakdown: VIDEO


Pedro Almodovar's next film I'm So Excited (originally titled Los Amantes Pasajeros) takes place aboard an airplane traveling to Mexico City. When the flight encounters trouble, the passengers begin to confess their innermost secrets.

If you're an Almodovar fan, or even if you're not, the teaser may get you very excited.


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