News: David Mixner, Ikea Monkey, Mario Lopez, Donkey Cheese

RoadFOX News accuses Obamas of celebrating their dog, not Christmas.

RoadLongtime activist David Mixner just returned home from a too-long stay in a NYC hospital and turns in a powerful piece about how city hospitals are still being affected by Hurricane Sandy, and dealing with it with courage and compassion. Welcome back, David.

MonkeyRoadMonkey visits Ikea in shearling coat.

RoadVoice of Elmo Kevin Clash sued by 4th accuser: "We've learned … the accuser, who filed the lawsuit in federal court in NY under the name John Doe, claims he first met Clash in Miami Beach in 1995 or 1996 … while Doe was 16 or 17 and Clash was in his mid '30s. Doe claims … Clash eventually flew him out to NYC and gave him money and a place to stay. During the trip, Doe claims the two had sex on multiple occasions."

RoadSyphillis rife in Chelsea.

RoadMichelangelo Signorile not afraid of the Supreme Court: "I am completely prepared for the worst possible outcome while hoping for the best. The court can't hold us back, nor can it stop a movement, even if it becomes an ugly impediment."

RoadSkyfall back on top at box office.

LopezRoadMario Lopez's tree-trimming attire (or lack thereof).

RoadRep. Allen West: I lost because my opponent cheated. "I’m a warrior and I’m a statesman and I’m a servant of this republic. I’m not going away just because of a congressional race where he seems to have to cheat to beat me."

RoadMan shot in the head in broad daylight in midtown Manhattan.

RoadAngelina Jolie and Brad Pitt donate $50,000 for tents as Jolie travels to Jordan to meet Syrian refugees: "I'm sickened by how long and how bloody this conflict has become, devastating a nation and the lives of millions of innocent civilians, and threatening to destabilize the entire region," said Jolie, according to a UNHCR press release. "I call on the international community to do everything possible to find a solution to this tragedy and support the struggling humanitarian operations both inside Syria and in Jordan and the other surrounding countries."

RoadMale model fix: Matt Raimo.

2_novakRoadNovak Djokovic buys up world's supply of donkey milk cheese: "The cheese, known as pule, will be one of the key attractions at a chain of restaurants the Wimbledon champion and world number one is opening in his Serbian homeland. By agreeing to buy the entire supply, he hopes to ensure there will be enough to go round – although it is not clear how much he will charge for a portion. The delicacy is produced on a donkey farm in Zasavica, set amid one of Serbia’s most famous wildlife and nature reserves."

RoadAnonymous planning cyber attack on Uganda over "kill the gays" bill.

RoadPoint Loma Nazarene University tells students that the “administration will shut down any club centered around sexual orientation that makes it through the club chartering process.”

RoadObama attends performance by Psy: "President Obama  and his family saw 'Gangnam Style' rapper Psy perform at a charity concert Sunday night, days after the South Korean pop star and Internet sensation apologized for a song in 2004 that called for killing 'Yankees' in Iraq."


  1. AriesMatt says

    I regularly check out the male model of the day and I must say that Matt Raimo’s pics on Social Life are some of (if not THE) hottest ones I’ve ever come across. The things I could do… Whew! Need a cold shower.

  2. Fenrox says

    Man, I am really starting to hate anonymous, How immediately did they become another villain? Like they didn’t even have a murky phase, just straight to judge, jury, ex.

  3. Doyle Tobin says

    Nazarenes are a conservative lot and some of the famous ones like James Dobson are real losers.

    But there are far more Alumni of PLNU who support LGBT rights than most Nazarenes realize.

    Class of 85

  4. graphicjack says

    Fenrox… I think oyu are missing the point on Anonymous’ planned cyber-attack on Uganda. They are targeting companies, politicians and those otherwise in power over others who are corrupt, greedy and “villain”-like. I think we can agree that Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill is basically genocide. It’s evil in it’s purist form, and if Anonymous can hit them back, it’s possible it could save lives. I am all for them being judge, jury, and executioner in a virtual way to those who are judges, juries and exectioners in the real world. Get those fuckers, Anonymous!

  5. says

    Mario Lopez’s exposed buttcheeks really convey the majesty of Christ’s birth and the spirit of the holiday season.

    Figures Faux Noise would find some BS thing to accuse Obama of, especially since they couldn’t make Benghazi a “scandal” (and lord knows they tried their hardest).

  6. Erik says

    Someone who decorates their Xmas tree in underwear is odd enough, but then circulating it? Sadly desperate.

  7. ratbastard says

    Brandon Woodard shooting an obvious kit. Pretty ballsy to do it midday in midtown.

    Psy doesn’t surprise me; anti-American attitudes among especially young Koreans is very widespread. Don’t know why we still have such a large military presence there, let the Koreans sort it out. Of course the smaller Asian countries use the U.S. as leverage against China, whom they all fear. They’d of course expect the U.S. to come immediately to their aid if China made untenable demands. Ridiculous. It’s a situation that will come to a head sooner than later.

  8. iban4yesu says


    Pleading ignorance much? U think Koreans, who have come of age as a ‘democratic’ nation IN SPITE OF US’ best efforts in the past to prevent that through the supports of dictators, like almost everywhere in the former and current third world, should always praise its master?
    Why “we still have such a large military presence there” ? How about the MILITARY INDUSTRY COMPLEX which has been incredibly lucrative since the conducting the surrogate war against USSR so conveniently in the Korean Peninsula?
    Can’t believe someone still subscribes to and propagates the doe-eyed theory of US as the protector of world, the global police!