Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1270

SEASON'S READINGS: Mike Diamond and Greg Scarnici wish you a happy holiday.

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY: Actually, it's Fifty Shades of Takei.

TO THE WONDER: Terrence Malick's forthcoming film.

GUYS ON GIRLS: The guys of Lena Dunham's Girls talk about what's coming up for their characters, including lots of new relationships and the snorting of B12 vitamins.

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  1. iban4yesu says

    Certainly Ben has redeemed himself big time this year! Thanks to his lovely wife who anchored his life securely, I am sure! Every sane straight man should clear out of the likes of Jblow! Yikes, vile maneaters!;-P

    Run, Ben, run!! Good Ben Running!! Good Ben Hunting the Tea Party out of the Hill!!! LOL

    The best way of taking off the at best dubious Bondgirl tag is a Malick! Well done, Olga!
    Rachel looks so lovely; if she can save a schlockfest like The Notebook, she can do anything, no? LOL

    The Tree of Life Growing Up, only without that regressive and revolting redhead!

    Can hardly wait!

    And Javier better expiates that gross B.S. Skyfall offense, with this!

  2. James says

    Andy, Andy, Andy. You linked to a low-quality trailer of a Terrence Malick film? There’s plenty of high definition links to this trailer on YouTube — which is how his trailers should be seen! ;]

    Anyway, I’m incredibly excited for it. He really does know how to tell a story, doesn’t he?

    I hope we’re lucky enough to get a film from him with love and two men being the subjects. I would die.